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World of Warcraft WotLK - PvP Restoration Druid Rotation, Cooldowns, & Abilities Guide

In this guide, we will discuss PvP rotation in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and the spells/abilities in detail. PvP (Player-versus-Player) is quite different from PvE (Player-versus-Environment), as it needs strategy instead of a well-planned rotation. In the PvP scenario, players need to think faster, react faster and adapt to any situation instantly. The encounters in PvP are not planned; enemies can do anything. Still, we can't say that the enemy's actions cannot be predicted.

Druid class is versatile and excels in hybrid roles like giving good damage, crowd controlling, healings, and debuffs. Druids also proved many spells that healed them and their allies over time.

Even though Restoration does not give serious damage output, this specialization has many debuffs and crowd-controlling effects that critically hamper their enemies.

This guide will cover Restoration Druid Build's abilities, fighting strategies, and how to utilize the Line-of-Sight mechanic properly.

World of Warcraft: WotLK PvP Restoration Druid

WoW: WotLK - Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting is the trademark of the Druid category. This ability helps remove damage during movement but also gives high adaptability to this class overall. Players will have many forms which have different roles and bonuses.

All these forms are discussed as follows:

  • Bear Form - This is the first form. This ability helps in maximizing a player's survival ability.

  • Cat Form - This one is the second form. Cat form is very useful as Restoration Druid in different situations.
    The second situation is when the Cat Form is used to reset encounters.

  • Travel Form - This is the third form that allows for increased movement speed. This spell is the same as the Ghost Wolf spell. This ability helps in breaking the line of sight.

  • Tree of Life - This is the Restoration Druids' main and final form. It helps boost all the healing effects by 6% that are being applied to everyone.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Shapeshifting

WoW: WotLK - Power-Shifting

This term is very common in WoW: WotLK community. Power-Shifting is done when players constantly shift their forms to break any spells affecting them.

Power-shifting helps keep the enemies away, keeping them around the pillars of the arena or carrying flags on the battlegrounds.

WoW: WotLK - Healing Spells

Now we will discuss the Restoration specialization abilities, i.e., Healing Spells:

  • Rejuvenation- This is the first ability players learn when playing the Druid class. This ability helps by healing players over time which also empowers other abilities.

  • Regrowth - This spell provides direct healing and a powerful HoT effect lasting around 12 seconds. This is a very strong spell that players keep on spamming.

  • Lifebloom - This new spell comes with WoW: WotLK expansion. This ability stacks up to 3 times, providing a very powerful HoT effect. This ability heals the target by an additional amount and fills half of the mana to the Druid when the HoT is complete.

  • Nourish - This is a direct healing type spell that provides 20% additional initial healing.

  • Healing Touch - This healing spell provides the maximum base healing to players. This spell is very useful during clutch situations, but it takes time to cast.

  • Tranquility - This is an AOE healing spell that stays for 8 seconds and heals in 2-second intervals.

WoW: WotLK - Utility Cooldowns

  • Abolish Poison - This ability buffs players and instantly removes the Poison effect, lasting 12 seconds.

  • Remove Curse- This ability helps in removing curses from friendly targets. This is every player's go-to spell when going against Warlocks.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Utility Cooldowns

WoW: WotLK - Defensive Cooldowns

  • Barkskin - This is players' main defense ability whenever they are in any critical situation. This spell can be used in any form, like when stunned, frozen, feared, etc. Barkskin can combine with the Dire Bear Form to produce a huge amount of damage to the enemies.

  • Nature's Grasp - This is a crowd control type of spell. It is a very useful spell for players as they can use it to distance themselves from the target.

  • Innervate - This ability can be used when players are low in mana because this spell helps regenerate mana at a very high speed. But one bad side of this spell is that it can be stopped, leaving players in a bad position.

WoW: WotLK- Crowd Control Abilities

  • Cyclone - This ability helps make enemies invulnerable for around 6 seconds, but in exchange, this ability prevents them from using any spell or doing any action. But this ability has one downside, i.e., its duration reduces with each cast and has a limit. Once it reaches that limit, enemies become immune to this ability.

  • Entangling Roots - This is a control-type spell that helps in holding enemies for 9 seconds.

  • Hibernate - This ability forces the enemy's beast/dragonkin to sleep, lasting for 30 seconds (if the target is hit, it will instantly wake up).

It stops enemies from using invisible ability and reduces armor by 5%. In addition, players can get advanced armor penetration with Faerie Fire (Feral) variant.

WoW: WotLK- Battle Strategy

Healers can initiate encounters in many ways. Restoration specialization also controls the battle and keeps the players and their allies alive.

The first part of the battle strategy is to stay in Prowl and wait till the player's allies engage. By doing this, players can observe the difficulty and choose the best approach to engage in battle.

Cyclones can be used to leave the targets useless and then cast Entangling Roots to prevent them from escaping.

Another option to use in the beginning is that players can start Tree of Life and apply HoTs on their allies (known as pre-hosting).

Because of the mobility, players can fight in their desired environment. Therefore, using LoS is one the most impactful option and should be considered by players.

One of the important jobs of a healer, other than keeping their allies alive, is to become annoying to their enemies.

Spells must be cast as much as possible, like spamming them. They are Moonfire, Faerie Fire, Cyclone, and Entangling Roots.

Use a class that can rotate and heals over time. This will help players have the freedom to change their positions anytime they want. Unfortunately, this creates difficulty for their opponents.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Battles


This is our guide's end, and we hope this helps you improve in the game. Restoration Druids are useful in WoW: WotLK, and you should use them. Thanks for staying till the end of our guide. Enjoy the game, and let us know how our guide helped you.

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