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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Leatherworking Guide

Leatherworking is a profession for players who need to make leather and mail armor. They can do this by working on leather hides, tanned animal hides, and various types of leather. These leathers can be used to make mail armor using leatherworking and other materials such as waterproof boots and gloves. Leatherworkers can also dye their leather and create strong belts made from durable leather.

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Leatherworking quest is a long, four-part achievement (if you're tackling it solo). The rewards are excellent, with tons of leatherworking gear to boost your crafting efficiency. And while there's no levelling up involved players can stop at level 100 in this scenario, once you've acquired all of the recipes, you'll be able to repeat the entire process over and over again for more leatherworking gear.

Arm yourself with the power of leatherworking, and create powerful and invaluable armaments with the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Leatherworking guide. The guide features detailed modelling techniques that offer an authentic drafting experience, with step-by-step instructions on tools, processes, materials, and more.

Leatherworking is the Craft skill that enables players to make leather armor, shields, backpacks, and other gear. Leatherworking is unlocked at level 50. Leatherworkers can use a variety of leatherworking recipes to create all types of leather gear, such as boots (crafted from cowhide), body armor (crafted from juniper), and a variety of cloaks/hoods.

There will definitely be a requirement of purchasing equipment and items from the store for crafting items. These equipment can be purchased using Gold Coins only. So if you need Gold Coins, the best way is to get them for real money.

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Training Leatherworking

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King training leatherworking guide shows an easy way to learn how to craft new legendary armor sets for your character. Whether you are level 1 or level 100, questing and levelling up in World of Warcraft could take months or even years, so it's essential to be able to afford those epic new weapons when they're available. One of the best ways to do this is by crafting them yourself!

Old World

The world of Azeroth has changed. The great hero Arthas Menethil, now a powerful lich, has slain his mentor, the king of the undead. But, in his quest for power and immortality, he stumbled upon an artefact from the ancient past that he used to create the most potent soldiers ever known: death knights.

Wrath of the Lich King Leatherworking old-world features is an optional quest, allowing you to learn the ancient art of leatherwork in your tannery. You will also gain access to a new craft - leather working. In addition, our latest UI update allows you to drag and drop items from Tyrael's storage tab directly into the crafting window.


The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Leatherworking Outland game is an excellent addition to your collection. This collectible game has been designed to be played on the ground rather than being glued together. This collectible game aims to capture new zones for your player base to help you take down the corrupted Ashenvale, Orgrimmar, and Undercity zones. How well do you know the lore behind WoW? Do you understand the dangers this expansion can bring? Well, put yourself to the test and earn some trophies along the way!

Alliance players must find Brumman in Thrallmar as soon as they reach Honour Hold. The Horde needs to find Barim Splithoof in Thrallmar. One can learn from Darmari in the Lower city too.


After the fall of Quel'Thalas, the Lightbringers returned to their home world only to be betrayed and enslaved by Archbishop Benedictus and his followers. Moved by the plight of their fellow Sunwalkers, many Dark Iron dwarves and humans uprooted their settlements and joined the Horde. However, as an iron army poured through the Dark Portal into Azeroth's shattered northern regions, a few groups stayed behind as laborers in camps outposts such as Frostback Mountain and Suramar Vale. Among these prisoners were Tauren mages who had been captured during the First War. Even now, these Tauren mages languish in cages within Gul'dan's fortress - long enough for their magical aura to seep like a stench from their skin!

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Leatherworking Northrend is a leatherworking crafting profession. A pair of gloves and a shoulder pad requires two pieces of leather to craft, while boots and a shoulder pad need four parts. Leatherworking can be learned on level 90 characters in two separate directions: Skinning and Tanning. The only requirement is a Journeyman skill level in both disciplines.

Levelling Leatherworking

Wrath of the Lich King Leatherworking Leatherworking has always been a very important part of World of Warcraft. Whether making armor and weapons or upgrading them with enchantments, leatherworking is an essential profession in a WoW player's arsenal. Now with the introduction of new Crafted items in Wrath of the Lich King, affixes will take on whole new importance.

    • 1-20: Light Leather

    • 20-30: Light Armor Kit

    • 30-50: Handstitched Leather Cloak

    • 50-55: Small Leather Ammo Pouch

    • 55-85: Embossed Leather Gloves

    • 85-100: Fine Leather Belt

    • 100-115: Cured Medium Hide

    • 115-130: Dark leather Boots

    • 130-145: Dark Leather Belt

    • 145-150: Hillman's Leather Gloves

    • 150-155: Heavy Leather Ball

    • 155-165: Cured Heavy Hide

    • 165-180: Heavy Armor Kit

    • 180-190: Barbaric Shoulders

    • 190-200: Guardian Gloves

    • 200-205: Thick Armor Kit

    • 205-235: Nightscape Headband

    • 235-250: Nightscape Pants

    • 250-275: Rugged Armor Kit

    • 275-300: Wicked Leather Bracers

    • 300-310: Knothide Leather

    • 310-325: Knothide Armor Kit

    • 325-335: Heavy Knothide Leather

    • 335-340: Thick Draenic Vest

    • 340-350: Scaled Draenic Boots

    • 350-380: Borean Armor Kit

    • 380-390: Arctic Boots

    • 390-405: Heavy Borean Leather

    • 405-420: Dark Footscale leggings

    • 420-435: Overcast Bracers

    • 435-440: Frosthhide Leg Armor

    • 440-450: Any Epic Gear

Endgame Leatherworking

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Endgame Leatherworking guide covers all of the leatherworking profession's new recipes, mechanics, and benefits. It provides information on how to create powerful leg guards and bracers and craft an exotic array of equipment. Plus, it details valuable tips on preparing and advancing through the endgame raid tier: Ulduar. For level 70 players who want to learn more about upgrading their high-level characters with new armor sets, this is the place to learn more about it.

Ulduar is the final battleground in the new continent of Northrend. Defeating the Lich King and his Death Knights will require strength and bravery to wield powerful weapons and armor, but beware -- you may find yourself losing your own life in the process.

Leatherworking was an art form practiced by the earliest of the old gods to create armor for their slaves. With time, these skills were forgotten, and leatherworking went out of use. After the destructive end of the world of Azeroth and its salvation through the great hero, Arthas Menethil, these lost arts were rediscovered and began to be used for crafting new items.

This leatherworking kit and its companion leatherworking workshop and Blizzard Leatherworks present a whole new approach to crafting. The basics are the same, but you won't need to rely on other materials here. Leatherworking is easy to learn, and your journey will unfold before you. Don't miss the opportunity to join with friends or fly solo on the road towards building your perfect gear set!

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