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WotLK Dungeons – Comprehensive Guide

WotLK Dungeons by MMOPIXEL

In World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, you’ll find several dungeons with different level requirements. The expansion adds plenty of new content to the game, and now it has a second life thanks to the Classic server. Each dungeon is filled with monsters, valuable loot, and some lore about Lich King himself. As in every MMO, every dungeon has level and item requirements before you might enter. You can complete each of them alone, but we strongly advise taking someone with you to make things less difficult.

We’ll cover each dungeon entirely, including all rewards and bosses you will face. Luckily, the time you have to spend inside each dungeon is very rewarding, and you’ll never feel disappointed. Apart from experience, you’ll be rewarded with several powerful items to help you progress further. With our guide, your journey to reach level 80 will be much easier and very satisfying.

Table of Contents

Dungeon List by Level

Utgarde Keep

The Nexus


Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

Drak’Tharon Keep

Violet Hold


Halls of Stone

Halls of Lightning

The Culling of Stratholme

The Oculus

Utgarde Pinnacle

Forge of Souls

Pit of Saron

Halls of Reflection

Trial of the Champion

Dungeon List by Level

Below, you’ll find a list of every dungeon in Wrath of the Lich King with minimum and recommended levels and all rewards for completing them. 

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Utgarde Keep

Utgarde Keep zone

  • Minimum Level: 67

  • Recommended Level: 69 - 72

  • Location: Howling Fjord

  • Bosses: Prince Keleseth, Skarvald the Constructor, Dalronn the Controller, Ingvar the Plunderer

Utgarde Keep is located in Howling Fjord, atop the cliffs. It’s the easiest dungeon but beware of underestimating the waves of undead here. Don’t pull too many of them, or you'll get easily overwhelmed. The path is pretty straightforward, so there’s nothing to explain here. Bosses aren’t too hard either, only vampiric prince Keleseth and Ingvar the Plunderer might trouble you. 


  • Vrykul Schackles

  • Skein Woven Mantle  

  • Keleseth’s Blade of Evocation

  • Reinforced Velvet Helm 

  • Dragon Stabler’s Gauntlets

  • Arm Blade of Augelmir  

  • Skarvald’s Dragonskin Habergeon 

  • Chestplate of the Northern Lights

  • Ingvar’s Monolithic Cleaver

The Nexus

The Nexus zone

  • Minimum Level: 68

  • Recommended Level: 69 - 73

  • Location: Coldarra (Borean Tundra)

  • Bosses: Commander Kolurg/Commander Stoutbeard, Grand Magus Telestra, Anomalus, Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, Keristasza

The Nexus is located in the Borean Tundra, in a magical place named Coldarra. Here you will find remnants of alliance or horde expedition, depending on your faction. Your main task is to defeat Keristasza, the great dragon imprisoned in the middle of the palace. This dungeon is non-linear; you can choose between going left or right. Nevertheless, you have to defeat everyone before facing Keristasza, so it won’t matter much.  


  • Belt od Draconic Runes

  • Insulaing Bindings

  • Wand of Shimmering Scales

  • Drakonid Arm Blade

  • Greaves of the Blue Flight

  • Chiseled Stalagmite Pauldrons

  • Cleated Ice Boots

  • Gauntlets of Serpent Scales

  • Tome of the Lore Keepers

  • Glacier Sharpened Vileblade

  • Attuned Crystalline Boots

  • Shoulderplates of the Beholder

  • Band of Glittering Permafrost


Azjol-Nerub zone

  • Minimum Level: 70

  • Recommended Level: 72 - 74

  • Location: Dragonblight

  • Bosses: Krik’thir the Gatewatcher, Hadronox, Anub’arak

You’ll find the entrance to Azjol-Nerub through the Pit of Narjun located in Dragonblight. This dungeon is completely linear, similar to Utgarde Keep. There are three boss fights in total. First, you’ll have to deal with waves of Nerubians in the catacombs until you reach Gatewatcher. 

After defeating him, you will find a passage to the city where the second boss awaits – Hadronox. Once again, you're going to reach the depths of Azjol-Nerub and face the last boss. The king itself is quite challenging, but it gets easier if you manage to avoid his mighty spikes.  


  • Cobweb Machete

  • Exquisite Spider-Silk Footwraps

  • Aura Focused Gauntlets

  • Life-Staff of the Web Lair

  • Spinneret Epaulets

  • Treads of Aspiring Heights

  • Charmed Silken Cord

  • Wing Cover Girdle

  • Signet of Arachnathid Command

  • Anub’Arak’s Broken Husk

Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

Ahn'kahet zone

  • Minimum Level: 70

  • Recommended Level: 72 - 74

  • Location: Dragonblight

  • Bosses: Elder Nadox, Prince Taldaram, Amanitar (Heroic Dungeon only), Jedoga Shadowseeker, Herald Volazj

Ahn’kahet can be found in the same location as Ajzol-Nerub, west of Dragonblight in the Pit of Narjun. The Old Kingdom is inhabited by nerubians and cultists trying to end your journey prematurely.

Upon entrance to the kingdom, you will be met with several waves guarding the first boss, Elder Nadox. Upon progressing, you’ll find another vampiric prince, Jedoga Shadowseeker, who is aided by countless cultists.

After dealing with the Twilight Cult, the servant of the old gods awaits. The faceless Herald Volazj is especially dangerous due to his mind tricks. He can trick your group into perceiving themselves as enemies making all of you vulnerable to friendly fire.          


  • Blade of Nadox

  • Ahn’Kahar Handwraps

  • Crawler-Emblem Belt

  • Gloves of the Blood Prince

  • Slasher’s Amulet

  • Talisman of Scourge Command

  • Battlechest of the Twilight Cult

  • Cloak of the Darkcaster

  • Jedoga’s Greatring

  • Mantle of Echoing Bats

  • Pyramid Embossed Belt

  • Volazj’s Sabatons

Drak’Tharon Keep

Drak'Tharon Keep dungeon entrance

  • Minimum Level: 72

  • Recommended Level: 74 - 76

  • Location: Border between Grizzly Hills and Zul’Drak

  • Bosses: Trollgore, Novos the Summoner, King Dred, The Prophet Tharon’ja

Drak’Tharon stands as a keep for Lich King’s forces. Since it was a hold of the troll empire, you’ll find plenty of corrupted trolls inside. Ultimately, you’ll reach the mighty Trollgore, chief of all the corrupted.

Your next encounter is going to be lich Novos, who is attempting a dark ritual. Deal with his minions before focusing on him, as he’s pretty vulnerable without them. After defeating him, you’ll have to deal with King Dred guarding the top of the keep. Once you have slain the beast, you can finally face the Prophet Tharon’ja. He is defended by a group of trolls you shouldn’t underestimate. Once you deal with them, the Prophet itself is significantly easier to defeat.


  • Troll Butcherer

  • Scytheclaw Boots

  • Berserker’s Horns

  • Darkweb Bindings

  • Infection Resistant Legguards

  • Brighthelm of Guarding

  • Summoner’s Stone Gavel

  • Robes of Novos

  • Crystal Pendant of Warding

  • Staff of the Great Reptile

  • Stable Master’s Breeches

  • Scabrous-Hide Helm

  • Tharon’ja’s Aegis

  • Helmet of Living Flesh

  • Muradin’s Lost Greaves

Violet Hold

Violet Hold zone

  • Minimum Level: 73

  • Recommended Level: 75 - 77

  • Location: Dalaran

  • Bosses: Erekem, Moragg, Ichoron, Xevozz, Lavanthor, Zuramat the Obliterator, Cyanigosa

The Violet Hold is located in the neutral mage city of Dalaran. It’s a place for criminals that await judgment or are already sentenced to indefinite imprisonment. Apart from other dungeons, this one is based on randomness. Every run has different combinations of bosses except the last one – Cyanigosa.


  • Bindings of the Bastille

  • Girdle of the Mystical Prison

  • Incessant Torch

  • Trousers of the Arakkoa

  • Screeching Cape

  • Handguards of Rapid Pursuit

  • Spaulders of Ichoron

  • Prison Warden’s Shotgun

  • Lava Burn Gloves

  • Shoulderplates of the Beholder

  • Band of Eyes

  • Riot Shield

  • Xevozz’s Belt

  • Void Sentry Legplates

  • Pendant of Shadow Beams

  • Jailer’s Baton

  • Boots of the Portal Guardian

  • Plate Claws of the Dragon


Gundrak dungeon entrance

  • Minimum Level: 73

  • Recommended Level: 76 - 78

  • Location: Zul’Drak

  • Bosses: Slad’Ran, Drakkari Colossus, Moorabi, Eck the Ferocious, Gal’Darah

Gundrak is located in the western part of Zul’Drak. There are two entrances to the dungeon, but it doesn’t matter which one you’ll choose. After entering, you’ll be forced to fight corrupted, undead legions. To get access to Gal’Darah, you have to defeat his servants first. With each defeat, you have to activate one monument in the center of the location. Upon activating them all, the path to Gal’Darah will open. 


  • Snowmelt Silken Cinch

  • Steel Bear Trap Bracers

  • Witch Doctor’s Wildstaff

  • Embroidered Gown of Zul’Drak

  • Cannibal’s Legguards

  • Drakkari Hunting Bow

  • Shoulderguards of the Ice Troll

  • Hauberk of Totemic Mastery

  • Frozen Scepter of Necromancy

  • Forlorn Breastplate of War

  • Arcane Focal Signet

  • Shroud of Akali

  • Amulet of the Stampede

  • Gal’Darah’s Signet

Halls of Stone

Halls of Stone zone

  • Minimum Level: 73

  • Recommended Level: 77 - 79

  • Location: Storm Peaks (Ulduar)

  • Bosses: Maiden of Grief, Krystallus, Tribunal of Ages, Sjonnir the Ironshapper

Halls of Stone are located in the north part of Storm Peaks, in front of the Great Ulduar. This dungeon doesn’t require a specific approach, so you can start with either of the first three bosses. The dungeon is filled with corrupted Iron Dwarves guarding each of them. Sjonnir is the main villain, but the fight is surprisingly simple.  


  • Unrelenting Blade

  • Rune Giant Bindings

  • Palladium Ring

  • Embrace of Sorrow

  • Chain of Fiery Orbs

  • Ringlet of Repose

  • Leggings of Burning Gleam

  • Hollow Geode Helm

  • Brann’s Lost Mining Helmet

  • Cosmos Vestments

  • Constellation Leggings

  • Linked Armor of the Sphere

  • Static Cowl

  • Ironshaper’s Legplates

  • Amulet of Wills

Halls of Lightning

Halls of Lightning zone

  • Minimum Level: 75

  • Recommended Level: 78 - 80

  • Location: Storm Peaks (Ulduar)

  • Bosses: General Bjarngrim, Volkhan, Ionar, Loken

Halls of Lighting are located in the Ulduar Complex, on the right side of it. Upon the entrance, you have to deal with General Bjangrim guarding the place against uninvited guests. The halls are filled with dangerous elementals guarding their masters. After dealing with them, you must defeat Volkhan and Ionar before facing Loken. The path towards Loken is guarded by Iron Dwarves, which need to be engaged with caution, but once you deal with them, the Titan Keeper is all that’s left.     


  • Sash of the Hardened Watcher

  • Boots of the Terrestrial Guardian

  • Storming Vortex Bracers

  • Hardened Vrykul Throwing Axe

  • Mantle of Electrical Charges

  • Bjarngrim Family Signet

  • Hewn Sparring Quarterstaff

  • Eternally Folded Blade

  • Volkhan’s Hood

  • Kilt of Molten Golems

  • Cape of Seething Steam

  • Thundercloud Grasps

  • Tornado Cuffs

  • Ionar’s Girdle

  • Pauldrons of the Lightning Revenant

  • Ancient Measuring Rod

  • Projectile Activator

  • Raiments of the Titans

  • Hood of the Furtive Assassin

  • Leather-Braced Chain Leggings

  • Fists of Loken

  • Chaotic Spiral Amulet

  • Seal of the Pantheon

  • Design: Eternal Earthsiege Diamond

The Culling of Stratholme

The Culling of Stratholme zone

  • Minimum Level: 75

  • Recommended Level: 78 - 80

  • Location: Caverns of Time

  • Bosses: Meathook, Salramm the Fleshcrafter, Chrono-Lord Epoch, Mal’Ganis

Culling of Stratholme is the name of the fourth Caverns of Time wing. This event is centered around helping Prince Arthas deal with the Undeath Plague that took over Stratholme. You must keep an eye on Prince Arthas as he cannot die, or the quest will fail. The quest ends after defeating the main villain, Mal’Ganis.  


  • King’s Square Bracers

  • Epaulets of Market Row

  • Crusader’s Square Pauldrons

  • Meathook’s Slicer

  • Kilt of Sewn Flesh

  • Slaughterhouse Sabatons

  • Enchanted Wire Stitching

  • Waistband of the Thuzadin

  • Spiked Metal Cilice

  • Flowing Cloak of Command

  • Tome of Salramm

  • Sempiternal Staff

  • Ouroboros Belt

  • Treads of Altered History

  • Necklace of the Chrono-Lord

  • Beguiling Scepter

  • Dreadlord’s Blade

  • Leeka’s Shield

  • Demonic Fabric Bands

  • Gloves of Northern Lordaeron

  • Gauntlets of Dark Conversion

  • Soul Preserver

The Oculus

The Oculus dungeon entrance

  • Mnimum Level: 75

  • Recommended Level: 79 - 80

  • Location: Coldarra (Borean Tundra)

  • Bosses: Drakos the Interrogator, Varos Cloudstrider, Mage-Lord Urom, Ley-Guardian Eregos

The Oculus dungeon is a rescue mission for the imprisoned dragons laying waste to Ley-Guardian Eregos’ plans. After rescuing the dragons, you can choose one to help you with the assault. You and your party will have to deal with Mage-Lord Uron before facing Eregos. 


  • Ring Lord’s Leggings

  • Ley-Whelphide Belt

  • Bindings of the Construct

  • Lifeblade of Belgaristrasz

  • Verdisa’s Cuffs of Dreaming

  • Runic Cage Chestpiece

  • Timeless Beads of Eternos

  • Gloves of the Azure-Lord

  • Horned Helm of Varos

  • Wing Commander’s Breastplate

  • Centrifuge Core Cloak

  • The Conjurer’s Slippers

  • Sidestepping Handguards

  • Spaulders of Skillful Maneuvers

  • Girdle of Obscuring

  • Malygos’ Favor

  • Wyrmclaw Battleaxe

  • Vestments of the Scholar

  • Headguard of Westrift

  • Eregos’ Ornamented Chestguard

  • Helm of the Ley-Guardian

  • Design: Bracing Earthsiege Diamond

  • Dragonflight Great-Ring

  • Tome of Arcane Phenomena

Utgarde Pinnacle

Utgarde Pinnacle dungeon entrance

  • Minimum Level: 75

  • Recommended Level: 79 - 80

  • Location: Utgarde Keep (Howling Fjord)

  • Bosses: Svala Sorrowgrave, Gortok Palehoof, Skadi the Ruthless, King Ymiron

Utgarde Pinnacle is the second dungeon within Utgarde Keep atop of the cliffs of Howling Fjord. At the beginning of the dungeon, you’ll find King Ymiron’s wife, which was granted power by Lich King himself. After dealing with her, it’s time to enter the halls filled with undead and corrupted vrykuls.

After fighting Gortok and Skadi, it’s time for King Ymiron. The king will reach for his ancestors' powers for a devastating attack, so avoid it at all costs. Apart from that, your team shouldn’t have many problems taking him down.  


  • Tundra Wolf Boots

  • Dragonflayer Seer’s Bindings

  • Berserker’s Sabatons

  • Brazier Igniter

  • Ritualistic Athame

  • Tear-Linked Gauntlets

  • Svala’s Bloodied Shackles

  • Trophy Gatherer

  • Reanimated Armor

  • Shroud of Resurrection

  • Seal of Valgarde

  • Silken Amice of the Ymirjar

  • Drake Rider’s Tunic

  • Harpooner’s Striders

  • Amulet of Deflected Blows

  • Jeweled Coronation Sword

  • Tor’s Crest

  • Ymiron’s Blade

  • Ceremonial Pyre Mantle

  • Ancient Royal Legguards

  • Crown of Forgotten Kings

  • Design: Austere Earthsiege Diamond

  • Signet of Ranulf

  • Vestige of Haldor

Forge of Souls

Forge of Souls zone

  • Minimum Level: 78

  • Recommended Level: 80

  • Location: Icecrown (Inside Icecrown Citadel)

  • Bosses: Bronjahm, Devourer of Souls

Forge of Souls is located inside Icecrown Citadel, as one of three dungeons inside the citadel. This place is a part of the quest chain where armies of Azeroth are trying to impair the Lich King’s advance. 

You and your group will have to deal with waves of undead defending the forge. Ultimately, you’ll reach their master, Bronjahm, to end his creepy craft. After dealing with him, it’s time to venture forth and bring down the Devourer of Souls.        


  • Lucky Old Son

  • Minister’s Number One Legplates

  • Seven Stormy Mornings

  • Bewildering Shoulderpads

  • Robes of the Cheating Heart

  • Cold Sweat Grips

  • Papa’s New Bag

  • Papa’s Brand New Bag

  • Heartshiver

  • Tower of the Mouldering Corpse

  • Blood Boil Lancet

  • Lost Reliquary Chestguard

  • Sollerets of Suffering

  • Legplates of Frozen Granite

  • Soul Screaming Boots

  • Essence of Anger

  • Accused Crawling Cape

  • Spiteful Signet

  • Coil of Missing Gems

Pit of Saron

Pit of Saron mine

  • Minimum Level: 78

  • Recommended Level: 80

  • Location: Icecrown (Inside Icecrown Citadel)

  • Bosses: Ick & Krick, Forgemaster Garfrost, ScourgeLord Tyrannus

Pit of Saron is also located inside Icecrown Citadel, just like Forge of Souls. It works as a mine where both undead and humans are working to supply Lich King’s war machine. The first part of the dungeon is filled with necromancers and their minions, so be careful and don’t underestimate them. Went further to face Ick & Krick, two banished servants of Scourgelord Tyrannus.

The second boss is the giant smith, Garfrost. Defeating him is easy, but soon after, you’ll be forced to fight hordes of undead and crawl through a narrow tunnel while running away from the falling ice. At the end of the path, ScourgeLord Tyrannus awaits. He’s pretty challenging if you won't avoid his attacks, so be patient and wait for an opening to strike him down with your team.       


  • Garfrost’s Two-Ton Hammer

  • Unspeakable Secret

  • Polished Mirror Helm

  • Flayer’s Black Belt

  • Ice-Steeped Sandals

  • Ring od Carnelian and Bone

  • Krick’s Beetle Stabber

  • Bent Gold Belt

  • Scabrous Zombie Leather Belt

  • Black Dragonskin Breeches

  • Wristguards of Subterranean Moss

  • Purloined Wedding Ring

  • Rimebane Rifle

  • Protector of Frigid Souls

  • Skeleton Lord’s Cranium

  • Scourgelord’s Frigid Chestplate

  • Horns of the Spurned Val’Kyr

  • Gondria’s Spectral Bracer

  • Shroud of Rime

  • Shaggy Wyrmleather Leggings

  • Rimewoven Silks

  • Cloak of the Fallen Cardinal

  • Painfully Sharp Choker

Halls of Reflection

Halls of Reflection zone

  • Minimum Level: 78

  • Recommended Level: 80

  • Location: Icecrown (Inside Icecrown Citadel)

  • Bosses: Falric, Marwyn, Escape from Arthas

The final dungeon inside Icecrown Citadel. It consists of two prominent phases, where the first one forces you to fight ten waves of resurrected souls from Frostmourne. Waves five and ten are boss fights. You’ll be battling Falric and Marwyn, one at a time.

The second phase is not really a fight but an escape. Arthas is aided by either Jayna Proudmore or Sylvanas Windrunner. You must flee from the dark lord while fending off evergrowing waves of undead until you reach the exit.      


  • Ghoulslicer

  • Valonforth’s Tarnished Pauldrons

  • Muddied Boots of Brill

  • Fallen Sentry’s Hood

  • Marwyn’s Macabre Fingertips

  • Eerie Runeblade Polisher

  • Splintered Door of the Citadel

  • Splintered Icecrown Parapet

  • Frostsworn Bone Leggings

  • Mitts of Burning Hail

  • Carpal Tunnelers

  • Frayed Abomination Stitching Shoulders

  • Hate-Forged Cleaver

  • Crypt Fiend Slayer

  • Chilled Heart of the Glacier

  • Bone Golem Scapula

  • Mourning Malice

  • Greathelm of the Silver Hand

  • Crystalline Citadel Gauntlets

  • Legguards of Untimely Demise

  • Blackened Geist Ribs

  • Grim Lasher Shoulderguards

  • Tattered Glacial-Woven Hood

  • Tapestry of the Frozen Throne

Trial of the Champion

Trial of the Champion zone

  • Minimum and Recommended Level: 80

  • Location: The Argent Tournament (Icecrown)

  • Bosses: Grand Champions, Eadric the Pure, Argent Confessor Paletress, The Black Knight

Trial of the Champion is located in Icecrown on the Agent Crusade’s grounds as a part of the Argent Tournament event. It’s held by the Agent Crusade to find the most powerful Champions capable of fighting the Lich King.

First, you and your team must prove yourselves in mounted combat against the Grand Champions. Then, you will have to face either Eadric the Pure or Argent Confessor Paletress for the second test. In the last phase, the tournament is abruptly interrupted by the Black Knight, the right hand of the Lich King, that seeks to prove there’s no match for the Lich King. Time to prove to him how wrong he is.


  • Belt of Fierce Competition

  • Bindings of the Wicked

  • Helm of the Bested Gallant

  • Legguards of Abandoned Fealty

  • Scale Boots of the Outlander

  • Binding of the Tranquil Glade

  • Tears of the Vanquished

  • Abyssal Rune

  • Mantle of Gnarled Overgrowth

  • Gloves of the Argent Fanatic

  • Leggings of the Haggard Apprentice

  • Signet of Purity

  • Breastplate of the Imperial Joust

  • Greaves of the Grand Paladin

  • Banner of Victory

  • Gauntlets of the Stouthearted Crusader

  • Boots of Heartfelt Repentance

  • The Black Heart

  • Girdle of the Pallid Knight

  • Belt of Merciless Cruelty

  • Girdle of Arrogant Downfall

  • Helm of the Violent Fray

  • Leggings of the Bloodless Knight

  • Handwraps of Surrendered Hope

  • Mantle of Incosolable Fear

  • Shoulderpads of the Infamous Knave

  • Uruka’s Band of Zeal

  • Drape of the Undefeated


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