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WotLK Profession Bonuses – A Guide to Classic WoW

Apart from character classes, WotLK Classic has several professions to which you can dedicate your time and resources. All professions will boost your character in stats, but knowing which is the most suitable for you is crucial. Some are more useful than others, while certain ones are more suitable for specific classes. Wrath of the Lich King also introduces a new profession – Inscription to make things even more complicated. Check our list, where we explain WotLK Classic profession bonuses and help you decide which profession to choose!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Recommended Professions

Best Professions Overall

Other Professions


The deciding factor when choosing a profession is your playstyle. PvP and PvE players will benefit from different bonuses, so choose accordingly. 

For PvE content, we recommend the following:

  • Physical DPS & tanks: Engineering + Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing

  • Caster DPS & healers: Engineering + Tailoring   

PvP is more straightfoward:

  • Everyone: Engineering + Blacksmithing

Best Professions Overall

While WotLK is pretty balanced overall, some professions are better than others in terms of usability. Remember that you can specialize in two professions simultaneously; for example, you can choose Engineering for the first profession slot and Tailoring for the second. Here are the best professions overall, suitable for every class.

WotLK Engineering

Engineering is the one profession which is recommended for every character

The most popular choice out of all professions, and not without reason. The main benefit of going with Engineering is the unique gadgets it provides. These replace the regular glove enchants, but it's worth the sacrifice. The unique enchantments are so powerful you won’t even miss the regular ones. Considered by many the best profession in the game.

  • Hyperspeed Accelerators. On-use effect granting +340 haste rating for 12 seconds with 60 seconds cooldown. On average, it grants a +68 haste rating over a fight’s duration, meaning it's the best overall glove enchant for most classes. To unleash their full potential, stack multiple cooldowns together for a damage boost which is ideal for PvE content.  

  • Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket. On-use effect dealing 1654-2020 fire damage to an enemy with 45 seconds cooldown. It translates into ~92 DPS for most classes without any other modifiers. Choose it primarily for PvP. 

  • Reticulated Armor Webbing. A passive enchant granting +885 armor. Especially useful for tank builds.

Engineering for other slots besides gloves:

  • Nitro Boosts. Enchants your boots with a +24 crit rating as a passive bonus. Active effect massively boosts your movement speed for 5 seconds with a 3-minute cooldown. It’s especially useful in PvE content like raids but falls short in PvP since you can’t use it in the arena. It doesn’t stack with regular boot enchants. 

  • Mind Amplification Dish. Enchants your helmet with a passive bonus of +45 stamina. It also has an active effect that (potentially) allows you to mind control your target with a 10-minute cooldown. Sadly, this ability isn’t viable in raids and cannot be used inside the arena. However, the enchantment provides 8 more stamina than tanks' regular head enchantment. This a viable option if you don’t need more defense rating.    

  • Frag Belt. Enchants your belt with an on-use effect that allows you to throw Cobalt Frag Bomb, dealing 750 to 1000 fire damage with a 6-minute cooldown. Useful in raids for some AoE damage and stacks with Eternal Belt Buckle. It can't be used in the arena.

  • Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator. Enchants your belt with an active effect that allows you to stun every mechanical enemy within 30 yards for 3 seconds with 60 seconds cooldown. Not very useful compared to Frag Belt.

  • Springy Arachnoweave. Enchants your cloak with passive +27 spell power and an active effect, slowing your falling speed for 30 seconds with a 60 seconds cooldown. This cloak enchant is very useful for avoiding fall damage.

  • Flexweave Underlay. Enchants your cloak with the same ability as above but grants you +23 agility instead. It’s the physical version of Springy Arachnoweave but not very useful. Agility isn’t the most desired stat in the game. 

With Engineering, you can also acquire epic helmets with item level 200. I would say it’s essential when starting off your character since all materials can be acquired outside of raids. However, they’re easily replaced by raid gear later on, as there is no better variant of them whatsoever. They become obsolete from phase 2 onwards.

  • Visage Liquification Goggles (Cloth, Spell Power)

  • Weakness Spectralizers (Leather, Agility)

  • Greensight Gogs (Leather, Spell Power)

  • Truesight Ice Blinders (Mail, Agility)

  • Electroflux Sight Enhancers (Mail, Spell Power)

  • Charged Titanium Specs (Plate, Strength)

  • Armored Titanium Goggles (Plate, Defense)

Engineering gives you access to various explosives like Saronite Bombs, Cobalt Frag Bombs, Global Thermal Sapper Charges, Explosive decoys, and the powerful Gnomish Lightning Generator trinket. Very useful for PvE content but sadly locked for PvP arena battles. You’ll also get access to a special bot called Jeeves – your personal vendor and repair bot, which can be summoned once per hour for 11 minutes. 

Lastly, engineers can access two special mounts: Mekgineer’s Chopper for the Alliance and the Mechano-hog for the Horde. They’re also quite popular, mainly because of their unique look.

WotLK Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting provides the best stat bonuses in the game

While Engineering is the most popular primary profession, the secondary one is Jewelcrafting. It’s the most obvious choice for tanks and physical DPS classes due to the raw stats it offers. They also synergize well with Tailoring, but opinions are divided on which is better.

To start off, Jewelcasters are getting item level 200 rare trinkets. As mentioned above, these are useful for tanks and DPS casters, especially for level 80 characters.

  • Figurine - Twilight Serpent (Caster DPS)

  • Figurine - Sapphire Owl (Healer)

  • Figurine - Emerald Boar (Physical DPS)

  • Figurine - Monarch Crab (Tank)

  • Figurine - Ruby Hare (Tank)

The main reason for Jewelcrafting being superior to other professions is the unique Dragon’s Eye gems. You can socket up to three gems into your gear for a massive stat bonus. Here are some examples:

  • +214 attack power

  • +117 spell power

  • +153 stamina

  • +102 boost to strength, agility, spirit, or any rating stat 

By choosing Jewelcrafting, you’re replacing normal gems in your gear with unique ones. However, in Phase 3, epic gems are available to all players, which decreases the value of this profession a little. Nevertheless, you will have access to them much earlier, so you’re still on the upper hand.

  • Phase 1 & 2: + 108 attack power / +60 spell power / +81 stamina / +54 any rating stat

  • Phase 3 & 4: +84 attack power / +48 spell power / +63 stamina / +42 any rating stat

Other professions typically offer +80 attack power / +46 spell power / +60 stamina / + 32-42 any rating stat. As you can see, Jewelcrafting is superior to other professions in terms of bonuses at every stage.

Here are some Dragon’s Eye gems you can craft as a Jewelcrafter:

  • Bold Dragon’s Eye (+34 Strength)

  • Delicate Dragon’s Eye (+34 Agility)

  • Bright Dragon’s Eye (+68 Attack Power)

  • Fractured Dragon’s Eye (+34 Armor Penetration Rating)

  • Runed Dragon’s Eye (+39 Spell Power)

  • Rigid Dragon’s Eye (+34 Hit Rating)

  • Solid Dragon’s Eye (+51 Stamina)

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WotLK Tailoring

With Tailoring you can create Flying Magic Carpet mount

Tailoring is the 3rd best second profession, especially viable for healers and caster DPS classes. For tanks and physical DPS, we strongly recommend going with Jewelcrafting instead since they won’t benefit much from Cloak enchants it provides. 

These exclusive Cloak enchants don’t stack with regular ones, but the bonuses you’re getting in return are very rewarding. These enchantments are called Embroiders and can be applied only to cloaks.

  • Lightweave Embroidery. Activates randomly, giving +295 spell power for 15 seconds with 45 seconds cooldown. If it procs exactly every 45 seconds, you’re getting +133 spell power, and if it’s 60 seconds, you’re getting +74 spell power.

  • Swordguard Embroidery. Works similarly to Lighweave Embroidery but gives you attack power instead. You can get up to +400 attack power for 15 seconds with 45 seconds cooldown. If it procs exactly every 45 seconds, you’re getting +133 attack power, and if it’s 60 seconds, you’re getting +100 attack power.

  • Darkglow Embroidery. Activates randomly and restores 400 mana with 45 seconds cooldown. If it procs exactly every 45 seconds, you’re getting +44 mana per 5 bonus on average or +33 mana per 5 bonus on average if it procs every 60 seconds.

While other professions significantly boost your stats in all phases, attack power and mana regen embroideries aren’t that good. However, spell power bonuses are insane, almost double the amount of what you’re getting with Jewelcrafting. That’s the main reason why caster DPS and healer characters should pick it as the second profession.

Lastly, Tailors will get access to two upgraded versions of the Flying Carpet mount:

  • Magnificent Flying Carpet

  • Frosty Flying Carpet

Other Professions

While the professions mentioned above are certainly the best, it doesn’t mean others are completely useless. These are viable options if you don’t care much about optimizing your character and looking for a fun profession. In this section, we’ll focus on the essential bonuses they provide.


Blacksmithing provides substantial stamina bonus and attack power

With Blacksmithing, you can add an extra socket to your Gloves and Bracers, which will provide the following benefits:

  • Phases 1 & 2: +64 attack power / +38 spell power / +48 stamina / +32 any rating stat

  • Phases 3 & 4: +80 attack power / +46 spell power / + 60 stamina / + 40 any rating stat 


Inscription is a great money-maker

It’s an average profession when it comes to character stat bonuses, but great for making some gold. Inscription uses unique shoulder enchants that do not stack with regular shoulder enchants.

  • Master’s Inscription of the Axe: +120 attack power & +15 crit rating

  • Master’s Inscription of the Storm: +70 spell power & +15 crit rating

  • Master’s Inscription of the Crag: +70 spell power & +8 mana per 5

  • Master’s Inscription of the Pinnacle: +60 dodge rating & +15 defense rating


Enchanting significantly improves your combat stats

Similar to Inscription, Enchanting is great for making gold. The main benefit of going with this profession is ring enchants. There is no other way of enchanting rings than through Enchanting, so it’s easy to make a profit out of it.

  • Enchant Ring - Assault: +40 attack power per ring

  • Enchant Ring - Greater Spellpower: +23 spell power per ring

  • Enchant Ring - Stamina: +30 stamina per ring


Pick Leatherworking if you want superior offense or defense capabilities

At the time of writing, Leatherworking is sadly an average profession with decent stats and poor money-making potential. It offers three unique bracers enchants which don’t stack with regular ones.

  • Fur Lining - Attack Power: +130 attack power

  • Fur Lining - Spell Power: +76 spell power

  • Fur Lining - Stamina: +102 stamina

Resistance-boosting Fur Linings:

  • Fur Lining - Arcane Resist: +70 Arcane resistance

  • Fur Lining - Fire Resist: +70 Fire resistance

  • Fur Lining - Frost Resist: +70 Frost resistance

  • Fur Lining - Nature Resist: +70 Nature resistance

  • Fur Lining - Shadow Resist: +70 Shadow resistance                  


Alchemy is great for temporary buffs

This profession increases the effectiveness of potions you make. It provides average stat bonuses, but it’s an excellent profession for money-making.

  • Flask of Endless Rage: +64 attack power

  • Flask of the Frost Wyrm: +47 spell power

  • Flask of Pure Mojo: +13 mana per 5

  • Flask of Stoneblood: +650 HP 

Alchemy-exclusive trinkets:

  • Mighty Alchemist’s Stone: +100 attack power

  • Mercurial Alchemist Stone: +59 Spell Power

  • Indestructible Alchemist’s Stone: +75 stamina


Mining is most beneficial for tanks

Minimalistic profession with average stat bonuses and decent passive ideal for tanks. It’s also a good money-making profession, as the ore you mine can be sold to Blacksmiths and Jewelcrafters.

  • Toughness (Passive): +60 stamina 


Take Skinning for DPS characters

This profession can be useful for characters that rely on a passive critical strike bonus. Skins aren’t great for selling because the Auction House is full of them.

  • Master of Anatomy (Passive): +40 critical strike rating 


Herbalism is only good for business purposes        

The only profession we strongly advise against unless you have a secondary character. However, Herbalism is one of the best gathering professions for money-making since Alchemy and Inscription users will buy them in bulk. The passive ability it provides might be good early, but it doesn’t scale well into the game's later stages.

  • Lifeblood: On-use effect which heals you for 3600 health (increased by maximum health) over 5 seconds.     


In summary, if you want the optimal experience in both PvP and PvE, choose Engineering, Jewelcrafting, or Tailoring. However, other professions can also be viable for certain builds if you're playing strictly for fun. We encourage you to check our site for other WoW-related guides!           

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