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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Best Levelling Classes Tier List for Phase 2

In Phase 2 of the World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery, choosing a potent levelling class is crucial. A strong levelling class is adept at eliminating opponents with speed and effectiveness. An essential part of the game, levelling lays the groundwork for a character's success and advancement in later content, such as raids and end-game events. Quick levelling enables players to access end-game content sooner and take part in dungeons and other group activities with friends. 

With Phase 2 of Season of Discovery, comes several balancing adjustments as well as the ability to unlock new skills. The present class meta and tier list rankings set in Phase 1 will surely be upset by this. Levelling up is a crucial aspect of the game since it sets up a character for success and progress in more advanced material, like raids and end-game events.

Tier list 



Of all the classes, their experience with levelling up is the quickest. Fire offers a crit boost that might see it push some scary figures, while Arcane looks especially good at the final fight because of its hit-chance skills. It's also enjoyable that you can now heal as a Mage. In addition to being able to summon food and water, mages may also conjure themselves, which eliminates the need for recovery periods in between battles. They are therefore a fantastic option for gamers seeking a quick and easy levelling process.


Hunters are equipped with new skills that increase their damage and endurance. In Phase 2, proficient Hunter gamers will carry on devastating rivals. Hunters are exceptionally strong early on because of their high base damage, which is largely independent of gear. Additionally, their dogs are responsible for nearly half of the damage, which is far more than was anticipated. With skills like Tranquilizing Shot and Misdirection, they are quite useful.

The power to call one's demons, which can be deployed as extra damage dealers or tanks, is one of Warlocks' greatest benefits. Because of this, they are fantastic for both solo and group play, where they can do damage and offer support.

WoW Classic SoD Hunter



Shaman experience is A tier. They are especially useful, especially when combined with Druids and Hunters in ghost form. The only ones who experience any movement speed are them. They receive their dual-wield specialised rune, which makes levelling them far more engaging than it was in Classic. Most content can be handled by them alone.

With abilities like Elemental Focus, Elemental Shaman's damage potential increases and their cast times decrease, but they still require mana.


While Restoration gains more powerful healing spells over time, Druids receive much-needed damaging boosts. We will place them in a strong A tier when it comes to levelling. They have a lot of runes, which only make them stronger, thus they're going to be a formidable levelling class in Season of Discovery Phase 2. They simply don't deal enough damage in PvE to be competitive.


On our list of WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Leveling tiers, Paladin is yet another strong A-tier class. They are still essentially a weight class and auto-attack even though they got a lot of bonuses. They do receive a great deal of benefits, including bubbling, self-healing, etc. They did receive a lot of benefits from Season of Discovery. However, as a general education course, they can be very dull. Due to their plate armour, heals, and group buffing abilities, paladins have a high survival rate.


Warlocks can cast a wide range of potent damage-over-time spells and are quite resilient while using their pets. In Season of Discovery, they have many advantages that enhance the questing experience, such as Life Tap not functioning as a channel and the ability to level up quickly thanks to their pets. 

They can withstand heavy packs. They were one of the most potent levelling classes before Season of Discovery. Warlocks are limited by resists and lack of hit at lower levels, but they still have a great deal of potential for single-target damage. When it comes to Healthstones, Soulstones, and Curses, they are incredibly useful.

WoW Classic SoD Warlock



So, Rogues have been a pretty powerful class since before but they still ended up as B-tier in our list due to various reasons, one of them being the low-level self-healing capabilities and also the need to constantly eat to buff up. This makes them a not-so-good option while levelling up. Because of its excellent scaling from weapons and lack of resistance, which results in extremely high consistent damage, this is also the best DPS in Season of Discovery Phase 2.



In the WoW Season of Discovery phase 2 world, priests are extremely powerful and hard to kill. The majority of quests and content can probably be completed alone, however the gameplay is incredibly slow and monotonous. Most of the time, you'll find yourself wanting things to death. Penance and other powerful spells were added in Season of Discovery.

Priests are a popular choice for group play because of their potent healing abilities, which make them an excellent choice for levelling. In addition, they possess strong crowd management skills like Mind Control, which can facilitate the completion of challenging missions. Priests are a fantastic choice for solo play because they can survive long due to their healing skills.



Due to their powerful single-target damage and plate armour, warriors have a high survivability rate. If you choose to use a Warrior as your alternative, you can purchase green and even blue weapons for them to use throughout levelling. Due to their extreme power, these weapons could easily be used by an A-tier class.

WoW Classic SoD Warrior

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Because of their powerful damage output, high resilience, and usefulness, the top-tier classes are perfect for Phase 2 levelling. Hunters are a popular choice for solo levelling since they can use strong ranged attacks and have access to their pets. Warlocks can level up with the help of their pets and a wide range of potent spells, Mages are effective at eliminating large clusters of monsters. Rogues can stealth to evade pointless battles and do a lot of burst damage. In the end, the most enjoyable class to play is the optimal choice for levelling up. In the first phase of WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, every class may be effectively levelled with the correct approach and commitment.

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