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Wow Classic Season of Discovery Enchanting Guide

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To embark on a journey of professions, you need the right strategy and planning. There are many professions and Enchanting is one of them. Enchanting is one of the crafting professions in WOW Classic SOD, where to be a great enchanter, you need to be skilled in imbuing items with magical properties, enhancing the performance of weapons and armor.

In short, enchanting is a captivating profession that empowers you with magical enhancements for your gear. Enchanting is useful and important whether you are looking to boost your stats, add utility, or unleash additional damage. It plays an important role in preparing your characters for raiding. Understanding enchanting allows you to tailor your gear to suit your playstyle or sell your enchanting services for in-game currency making it versatile and a valuable profession.

Welcome aboard this enchanting expedition—an in-depth guide crafted to unravel the intricacies of the enchanting profession. Within these pages, we'll explore the foundational aspects and critical nuances essential for honing your enchanting skills. From the basics to insider insights, accompanied by valuable tips, tricks, and strategies, this guide is your companion to achieving precision and efficiency in the art of enchantment.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fledgling in the enchanting realm, fret not! This guide extends a friendly hand to beginners, ensuring that by its conclusion, you not only comprehend the fundamental principles of enchanting but also possess the know-how to navigate this mystical landscape adeptly. So, fasten your seatbelt, and let's embark on a transformative journey that will elevate you into the ranks of enchanting virtuosos!

Understanding Enchanting

Enchanting is arguably the most useful profession in the game, offering substantial bonuses to damage and survivability. It is a magical skill that empowers players by enhancing their gear. This skill is essential for you if you are aiming to maximize damage and survivability, especially in the context of preparing for raiding.

Level Up Enchanting

Leveling up enchanting is very important here because you just can't be stuck to the basics. In WOW Classic SOD, you need to level up your enchanting skills to get an edge over other players in stats and abilities. The leveling process is divided into different skill ranges that you can keep in mind to take full advantage of leveling.

There are four enchanting proficiency levels: Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan, each corresponding to specific level ranges. Apprentices start from level 1 and progress up to 75, Journeyman spans levels 75 to 150, Expert covers levels 150 to 225, and Artisan extends from 225 to 300.

As you ascend through these enchanting tiers, you unlock higher levels of enchantment. Elevating your enchanting game requires the acquisition of specific materials corresponding to each level. Therefore, it's essential to ensure you have a diverse array of the right materials on hand for your enchanting endeavors.

Wow Classic Season of Discovery Enchanting Guide

Keep Materials In Check

Having the right material at the right time is very important for your enchanting purpose. Make sure you have all the required materials to reach the level of 300. Materials are very necessary for crafting Runed Rods. Runed rods are necessary tools for applying higher-level enchantments. Crafting these rods requires specific materials, including rods and enchanting components. The process of crafting runed rods itself contributes to skill points and is an important step in the progression of an enchanter.

Some of the materials that you need for your enchanting leveling include strange dust, soul dust, lesser magic essence, black pearl, silver rod, golden rod, and many more. Make sure to go through your inventory and check if every material is there or not.

Trainer Locations

Here comes the role of trainer locations. You can find trainers in different zones for enchanting based on your skill levels. For Apprentice, you can find them in any major city. For Journeyman, you can learn from the same trainer as Apprentice. For the Expert range, you need to travel to specific locations like The Tower Of Azora or Stonetalon Mountains. For the Artisan level, you need to go to Uldaman, a dungeon in the Badlands, to learn from Annora.

Keep exploring and be aware of your surroundings. The fastest way to find these trainers is by exploring the zones as much as you can because the more you explore, the nearer you get to the trainer's location.

High-Level Enchantments

High-level enchantments are not that easy to get. You need to grind a lot to get them In WOW Classic SOD, you can have high-level enchantments in two ways. You can either purchase them from specific vendors or get them by looting powerful bosses in the game. Both ways are fine and it depends on how you want to get them.

In WOW Classic SOD, advanced magical effects known as high-level enchantments can be imbued onto items, granting substantial enhancements to the attributes and functionality of the equipped gear. Executing high-level enchantments typically demands a heightened skill level in enchanting, often involving the utilization of rare and valuable materials.

Enchanters aiming for high-level enchantments must adhere to specific prerequisites. These criteria might encompass attaining a particular reputation level with a faction, securing a designated quest item, or reaching a specific proficiency level in enchanting. It's crucial to ensure that you fulfill these fundamental requirements before attempting high-level enchantments.

Wow Classic Season of Discovery Enchanting


The process of disenchanting revolves around breaking down the items into enchanting materials which can be used further for crafting new enchantments. This is why enchanting can be termed a "Sustainable Profession" because you can always obtain materials by disenchanting the unwanted items.

When you are going for disenchanting an item into an enchanting material, you gain skill points which are directly dependent on the level of the item that you disenchanted. By doing this you can get materials as well as skill points which you can further use in your gameplay.

Tips & Tricks For Better Enchanting

As highlighted earlier, enchanting goes beyond mere crafting; it's a dynamic process. To excel as an enchanter, strategic planning, adept management, and patience are crucial. When delving into enchanting, it's vital to consider key aspects for efficiently enchanting or disenchanting materials for your gear. Below, you'll discover various tips, tricks, and strategies designed to offer you a thorough comprehension of the enchanting journey.

Grouping With Other Players:

Grouping with other players can be very beneficial to you if you are looking for enchanting efficiently. Obtaining high-level enchanting materials from the dungeons can be very challenging to obtain alone. Grouping with others not only makes dungeon runs more manageable but also increases the chances of obtaining the items you need. When you are grouping with other players, make sure there's good coordination and communication to avoid any kind of problem.

Considering The Economic Aspect:

Don't ignore the economic aspect. In WOW Classic SOD, you can enchant items and sell them in the auction house in return for some in-game currency. You can manage your economy in the game by creating a balance between buying and selling items in the game.

Disenchant Unwanted Items:

Disenchant all the items which are of no use or you don't need them at the moment. Disenchanting this way will save a lot of your time and energy. It will also help you in saving more bag space as well as gather materials.

Provide Enchanting Services To Other Players:

As an enchanter, you can offer your services to enchant the armor of other players as they skill up and you can get paid or tipped for the service you provide. Apart from being paid and tipped, it also gives you experience that will only help you in your gameplay and enchanting further.

Be Aware While Disenchanting:

Before disenchanting an item, look and examine carefully so that you don't end up disenchanting valuable or strong items. Disenchanting strong and valuable items might not be good so always double-check the item before disenchanting.

Be Patient:

Well, this is not just with enchanting but every profession in WOW Classic Season Of Discovery. You need to be patient while enchanting or disenchanting items. Time and patience play an important role in deciding the result of your actions.


To conclude, WoW Classic Season of Discovery highlights Enchanting as a pivotal profession, offering players the ability to imbue gear with magical enhancements. This guide underscores the significance of strategic planning, skill leveling, and material management in the enchanting process. It explores the challenges and rewards of obtaining high-level enchantments, emphasizing the importance of meeting specific requirements. The sustainable aspect of disenchanting is highlighted, providing both materials and skill points. Practical tips, such as grouping with players and considering the economic aspect, enhance the overall enchanting experience. Mastery of enchanting demands a combination of skill, strategy, and patience, promising a rewarding journey for dedicated enchanters in this WoW Classic season. Happy Gaming!

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