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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Guide to Completing Allegiance to the Old Gods Quest

In the heart of the lush Ashenvale, strange sound echoes through the air. Not the usual sounds of leaves or flowing streams, but whispers of shadows and things long forgotten. Je’neu Sancrea, a wise oracle, trembles with visions of the Old Gods - incredibly powerful beings craving Azeroth's soul. As a courageous adventurer, you are her defender and hero. Dive into the mysterious Blackfathom Deeps, a twisted labyrinth filled with monsters and lurking darkness. Your mission: find Lorgus Jett, a corrupted cultist entangled in these sinister whispers, and put an end to his unholy pact before it brings chaos upon Azeroth. Your blades are the key, and your bravery is the shield. Get ready to face the eerie whispers, stand strong, and secure victory for Azeroth!

The Call to Action

Je’neu Sancrea needs your help! A cult guy, Lorgus Jett, is listening to creepy whispers from Old Gods and wants to wake up some bad stuff in Blackfathom Deeps. This dark and dangerous dungeon is full of weird sea monsters and scary things. Jett is planning a spooky connection with the void there. Your job, brave champion, is to go into this crazy maze and stop Jett's madness before it causes big problems for Azeroth. Get ready for an epic journey ahead!

Prepare for the Dive

Before diving into Blackfathom Deeps, be smart, not hasty. Make sure you're at least level 34 and decked out in strong gear like a real hero. Get those blades sharp, fix up your armor, and team up with other adventurers as being together is important when facing darkness. Grab some potions and bandages too, they'll be your buddies in the wet depths of the dungeon. Be prepared, be strong, and get ready for an epic journey!

Navigating a Confusing Maze

Blackfathom Deeps is like a crazy maze, but don't worry. If you're careful, you can find your way through its tricky halls. Start from Zoram'gar and go southwest along the river until you see a spooky archway as that's the entrance. Get ready for darkness and creepy tunnels full of weird things. Follow the main path with glowing fungi to start. Watch out because shadows move around, and strange sea monsters hide in the dark water. Beat them fast because they're just the guards. The real scary stuff is waiting deeper inside.

Hunting the Corrupted

Your target, Lorgus Jett, hangs out deep inside the dungeon near the spooky Moonshine Ruins. He might move around, so keep your eyes open. Don't be fooled by his human look as his eyes show he made a bad deal with the Old Gods. This isn't just a fight with a regular person; it's a battle against creepy whispers that mess with your mind. Stay strong, because these whispers might try to tempt you with crazy power. Don't give in, champion, and always remember why you're fighting!

Silencing the Whispers

Once you've defeated Lorgus Jett, celebrate with a victorious cheer; you've silenced a troublemaker from the Void! Head back to Zoram'gar and share the good news with Je'neu Sancrea, the Dryad Oracle. Feel the warmth of gratitude from Azeroth for your brave actions. As a token of appreciation, you get to choose between two powerful artifacts as a reward. Your courage has made a difference, and the spoils of victory await you!

  • The Band of the Iron Fist: Forged in the blazing flames of Mount Hyjal, this formidable ring throbs with untamed power. Crafted especially for warriors who thrive in the midst of sword clashes, it grants an extra edge in battle. Wear it proudly, as it amplifies your strength and emboldens you to face the fiercest foes with newfound vigor.

  • The Frayed Chestnut Mantle: This special cloak is filled with old secrets from the druid group. It keeps you safe and strong, just right for folks who connect with nature's magic. Put it on, and you'll have a shield that helps you stand tough in challenges, especially if you're someone who loves nature's mystical powers.

Pick carefully, as your reward shows your journey. Yet, know this – battling the Old Gods is ongoing. Always stay watchful and brave because their whispers don't really go away. Take your win with you, champion, and let it be a light of hope in the midst of constant darkness. The fight might keep going, but your courage and strength can be a guide for others, even when things seem tough.

Beyond the Quest

Consider "Allegiance to the Old Gods" as a small part of Azeroth's vast story. It's a chance to gain useful experience and understand the lurking darkness threatening the world. Dive deeper into Blackfathom Deeps for greater challenges and valuable treasures. Search for the Lost Pages of Xibala, pieces of an ancient book rumored to contain forbidden knowledge. Keep in mind, every victory, and no matter how modest, pushes back against the encroaching darkness, contributing to the ongoing battle for Azeroth's safety.

Bonus Tips

Mana-thirsty Murlocs and Naga, beware of these creatures lurking and hiding in the dark waters! Magic users, bring more mana potions because these sneaky monsters like to steal your magical power. If you're a Fire Mage, use scorch and flamestrike to quickly handle groups. Frost Mages can try blizzard to slow down enemies. Warlocks, let your imps go first and use your powerful fel spells. Quick moves and smart use of area-of-effect attacks will help you save your magical energy from running out. Stay sharp and use your magic wisely!

  • Lost Pages of Xibala whisper Secrets: Watch out for shiny pages all around the dungeon! These bits are from an old book, and people say it's full of secret info about the naga folks. If you're an adventurer who likes cool stories and trinkets, keep an eye out. Find Narjirr, a smart goblin who knows a lot, in Cenarion Hold. He can read the pages and tell you what's hidden in them. It's like solving a mystery and getting neat stuff for those who are curious!

  • Beyond Jett’s demise, hidden danger awaits: Hold on to your gear! Blackfathom Deeps has more than just Lorgus Jett's tricky plans. Go further into the dungeon, past the Moonshine Ruins, and you might find Lady Nefarian, a scary hydra said to sleep in the dark spots. It's an extra tough challenge for the really brave, giving awesome loot and a chance to brag if you win. But watch out, Nefarian's poison is strong, and her scales are tough, so be careful and get ready for a one of a kind battle.

  • Secrets whisper in the Shadows: Blackfathom Deeps isn't just a bunch of tunnels and creatures. If you pay attention, you might hear whispers in the water, talking about old secrets and stories we forgot. These whispers could guide you to hidden rooms, lost treasures, or meetings with mysterious creatures who might give you tricky clues or mysterious deals. Stay smart and listen carefully, because what you learn from these whispers can be super helpful on all your adventures in Azeroth.

Bonus Point: Emergence from the Abyss

But don't forget, champion, your win is like a small wave in the growing dark. The Old Gods are still active, reaching out from places we don't even know. Take what you've learned and your new strength with you. Tell your story, make others want to be brave too, and stay alert. The whispers might get quieter, but they don't really go away. Azeroth stays safe only when people are brave and always watching out for trouble.

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Advance Tip: The fighting against the Old Gods never truly ends. Remember, the whispers may return! But your courage will be their bane.


You did it! You beat Lorgus Jett, and his whispers are gone forever. Je'neu Sancrea says thanks and gives you a reward: a strong ring for fighters or a magic cloak for nature lovers. Think carefully because what you choose makes you stronger. But remember, this win isn't the end. The Old Gods are still around, always talking. Let your success show how strong heroes are. Take your bravery with you, adventurer. Every fight against the dark, no matter how small, helps keep chaos away. Go ahead, champion, and keep Azeroth safe from the scary whispers! Always remember fellow adventurers as this guide is a compass pointing you towards your journey, and the actual gameplay is a creation of your imagination. Use this guide to achieve the maximum output, exploring the vast land of Azeroth!

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