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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Completing Sharing the Faith Quest

Are you a Priest feeling a bit confused in WoW Classic Season of Discovery? No need to stress! This guide is your buddy, here to help you finish the "Sharing the Faith" quest and unlock your holy powers. Whether you're just starting or you've been playing for a while, this book has everything to teach you how to spread the Light, give blessings to your team, and become a strong champion. So, wear your holy robes, concentrate on your inner light, and get set to stand out in the world of Azeroth! It's like having a map for your journey, helping you become a fantastic Priest and enjoy your adventure in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

Find your Allies

Your journey starts with meeting someone eager to learn about the Light, called the Supplicant. They're waiting near your class trainer. If you're a Horde Priest, like Forsaken or Zul’Aman, you'll find your Supplicant in the Undercity War Quarter or Zul’Gurub. Alliance Priests, champions of Elune and the Holy Trinity, will meet their friend near Light's Hope Chapel in the golden glow of Darnassus. Remember, the Light helps everyone, no matter where they come from. So, don't be surprised if your Supplicant is from a different race than you. Get ready for an exciting adventure in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

Tune Into Your Inner Light

Before you spread the warmth of the Light, you've got to fill up your own lantern. Take a moment to relax and meditate! Go to the special place near your trainer, and activate the blessing there. Feel the calm and holy energy surround you like a comforting hug. Another way to do this is by asking a fellow Priest to share their meditation with you. It's like passing on good vibes. Think of it like tuning your musical instrument, making sure the Light's melody flows through you smoothly and strongly. This meditation step is like charging your battery before you go out and share the Light with others. So, take a deep breath, let the holy vibes in, and get ready to shine your Light in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Sharing the Faith Quest

Connecting Through Kneeling

Now, follow your heart to find your Supplicant. They're waiting for your help, already kneeling in respect. Just aim at them, let the Light flow through your fingertips, and use the "Pray" spell. It's like sending a special message to connect your souls, finishing the quest. You've started the journey of faith, and it's like planting a tiny seed. Watch how it grows into a strong devotion, shining brightly! This special act brings you closer to your Supplicant and makes your bond stronger. So, trust your feelings, cast the spell, and enjoy seeing the faith grow between you two. This is the magic of spreading the Light in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

Journey to Radiance

Your adventure isn't over after finishing the quest. Keep the Light with you, like a bright light in the dark. When you're in dungeons, use your blessings to make your party stronger. It's like giving them extra protection and healing their injuries. In the middle of a fight, use the power of the Light to defeat the bad guys and protect the good ones. Always remember, you're not just a Priest – you're like a pathway that brings hope and guidance to others. So, let the Light guide you and use your powers to help your team. It's not just about completing a quest; it's about carrying the Light with you and making a difference in the world of WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

Basic Tips

  • Race Relations: It's okay if your Supplicant is from a different group! Undead Priests in the Horde have Troll followers, and Troll Priests guide the Forsaken. Alliance Priests, who are blessed by Elune, share their wisdom with Nightelven seekers. So, don't be shocked if your Supplicant is not exactly like you. It's pretty normal to have different kinds of friends on your journey in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

  • Glitches and Fixes: If the quest isn't finishing, don't worry! Sometimes, even the Light has some issues. Just log out and back in, or try finding a new Supplicant. It's like giving the quest a little reset. Remember, being patient is a good thing, and it might just be what you need. So, take a breath, give it a little time, and soon you'll be back on track in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

  • Sharing is Caring: Once you've learned how to share your meditation, keep doing it freely! Give blessings to your party, make your friends stronger, and share the happiness of the Light everywhere you go. Working together makes everything better, and dungeons become much more fun and bright. So, keep spreading the good vibes and making your WoW Classic Season of Discovery journey a joyful one!

  • Open to Adventure: Although this quest is about one thing, being a Priest has a lot more to it! Go out and see the world, uncover its secrets, and tackle the challenges that come your way. Always remember the fun of exploring, driven by the strong Light inside you. Your journey as a Priest is huge and full of wonders, so enjoy every moment of your WoW Classic Season of Discovery adventure!

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More Quests and Paths for your Priest: Beyond “Sharing the Faith”


  • The Cleansing Flame: Assist the Argent Crusade in Stratholme by using holy fire to defeat the undead and make the place safer.

    Tip: Make sure to give the paladins a boost with Power Word: Fortitude; they'll appreciate it!

  • The Blood of Heroes: Head to Scholomance and collect ancient blood samples. Watch out for strange students with blood in them; they might be a bit unusual or creepy. Stay cautious during your mission!

  • The Light’s Champion: Prove your commitment in Blackrock Depths by facing Molten Giants and fiery challenges. Remember to use Renew to heal against those burning attacks and stay strong. Your dedication will shine as you tackle the challenges in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery!


  • Holy Healer: Think of yourself as a healing helper, patching up wounds and keeping your team on their feet. Remember, Lesser Heal is really handy, so be smart about when you use it!

  • Shadow Blaster: Fire dark magic bolts, melting foes with Mind Blasts and Shadow Orbs. Don't forget, you can also heal, but your main skill lies in controlling shadows! Be a master of both in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

  • Discipline Master: Blend light and shadow to boost your friends and attack enemies with Penance. Picture yourself as a holy warrior, playing both defense and offense! It's like being a superhero, helping your team and defeating the bad guys in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Sharing the Faith Quest Guide


  • Friendly Fabricators: Visit your class trainer for affordable green items. Despite being inexpensive, these items are surprisingly effective. They can enhance your abilities and make your journey in WoW Classic Season of Discovery more enjoyable. Check them out to boost your performance!

  • Dungeon Drop: Explore dungeons such as Deadmines and Wailing Caverns for good blue items. Join forces with fellow adventurers to seize your share of loot! These dungeons provide valuable gear, so teaming up enhances your chances of success and improves your equipment.

  • Auction House: Feel free to explore the auction house for budget-friendly upgrades. Seek out items with intellect, spirit, and stamina as these are the power-ups your Priest needs! Enhance your gear wisely for a stronger and more resilient character in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

  • Community and Guild: Always keep in mind that you have companions on this journey! Whether it's fellow players, friends, or even your Supplicant, you're not alone in this adventure. Embrace the camaraderie, share the joy, and face the challenges together in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!


Being a Priest is more than just completing quests; it's about embodying the very essence of the Light. Carry its warmth within you like a shield against darkness and a beacon of hope for those who are lost. In dungeons, let your blessings shower down upon your party, reinforcing their shields and healing their wounds. In the heat of battle, channel the fury of the Light, dispelling shadows and safeguarding the innocent. You're not merely a Priest; you are a conduit of divine power, an instrument of hope and guidance. This guide is a compass, pointing you towards your destiny as a Priest in Season of Discovery! 

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