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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Getting Big Iron Fishing Pole

World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery provides tonnes of equipment to carry out different tasks with each tool having different abilities and stats. In this blog, we will be covering the Big Iron Fishing Pole which is unarguably the best and most valuable item in phase one of the season of discovery, which can be farmed in the game with a good amount of grind. We will be finding out answers to for significance of the big iron fishing pole, where can you find it for yourself, tips to make the grind and lastly, why should you farm one.

About Big Iron Fishing Pole and where is it found?

The Big Iron Fishing Pole solely exists in a remote area near the coast of Desolace in the Azeroth Realm. The region of Desolace is a challenge itself, having enemies varying from 30-to 40 can take some serious grinding to defeat all the hostile mobs. Now, taking down these foes will put up a fight and can easily take time if the player does not have the fighting capability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies.

Now, some prerequisites and tips before starting the grind can be of good use as this farm could take a good amount of time. It is best done by a Druid with travel form due to easy traversal and even with other classes as well, however, one should keep a good amount of Potions of Water Breathing (which you can get through alchemy or by purchasing it from the auction house for a price), to not drown as the grind is going to be underwater. Wait for the Makrura to pass as they petrol the coastal as well as the underwater area of the place where this item is found.

 A good practice can be marking nearby mobs to avoid potential encounters. As a precautionary measure, make sure that you have movement spells at your disposal to flee in case a Makrura spawns near you. There are also more chances of mobs getting in your way through the grind so be ready to flee when needed. Basically, the look for Big Iron Fishing Pole will make you flee and fight for your life multiple times.

To start with the grind, this fishing pole can be found in the underwater area in the south of Shadowprey Village. The area is called “Sar’theris Strand” and is near the coordinates approximately [23, 77]. Now, to get this Big Iron Fishing Pole, start opening the Shellfish Traps till you find it. This is completely random and has chances that you will get it in a couple of traps or even a hundred. But you have to just stay patient as you will get it eventually.

Once again, be careful on your way to farming as the area consists of hostile mobs of high level which can easily kill your character if not paid attention to. To make things even more difficult, there are also more chances of an enemy spawning when opening shellfish traps than of acquiring the big iron fishing pole. But to remind you again, be ready to fight for your life many times in this journey because it will be tedious and tiring in case luck isn’t in your favor.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Big Iron Fishing Pole

Advantages of the Big Iron Fishing Pole

As hard as the grind appears to be, it is absolutely worth it due to the value of the Big Iron Fishing Pole. Here, we will be stating why the grind for this particular item is worth the hassle:

  • First come first, as the player can acquire multiple of these fishing poles, they are worth farming due to their high stats which go for a great value in the auction market. You can farm more of these even after acquiring one for yourself to sell it for a good price of 10 gold each as players are too lazy to grind for it themselves. This will allow you to earn yourself a good amount for the lengthy grind. The another best way to get gold is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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  • The Big Iron Fishing Pole is acquired by the ones who stay persistent even after the chances are low and not in their favor. The process of farming this tool is not complicated to say but can be a hassle, however if one chooses to have a bit of patience, they will be rewarded with the best tool to fish with. And needless to say, getting your hands on one of these Fishing Rods is not rocket science and just opening traps.

  • Now, to explain why the value of these Fishing Poles is this high, it’s because of the stats they bring with them. Just to say the least, this fishing pole has +20 to its fishing ability, making it so that the chances of acquiring juicy loot by the player while fishing get way better. Needless to say, an item with stats as such will of course go for s high price in the auction market, making it a good investment.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Big Iron Fishing Pole Guide


In conclusion, it is not hard, just luck-based. Finding the Big Iron Fishing Pole is a matter related more to luck and not much to skills, even though the area is filled with mobs patrolling the area. So, to say, one can find this rare item with a low rate of dropping by opening just a few trapdoors to not finding it in 100 of them; patience is your best friend here.

Now to conclude this guide, we have discussed all there is to know about the location and reasons for trying to get this fishing pole. Remember to keep steady, have suitable potions and spells at your disposal and make up your mind to stay focused for a good amount of time. Rest all you can do is pray to the RNG Gods to make your farm successful. That is going to be all for this guide and lastly, all the best in finding your own Big Iron Fishing Rod.

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