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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Getting Deer Musk

Embark on an adventure into the untamed wilds of Azeroth during the Season of Discovery, where Night Elf hunters have an exclusive chance to behind noble stag ally. To attain this achievement, you must secure a unique fragrance known as the Deer Musk. But don’t be concerned, brave hunter, as this guide will lead you to lush lands of Teldrassil and beyond, giving you the knowledge, you’ll be well-prepared to explore the overgrown wildlife and secure the reward, forging a special bond with these impressive creatures.

A Guide for the Hunters: Finding Deer Musk in the Season of Discovery

Deer Musk is something players can use for a short period of time to help taming deer as your companions using the Tame Beast ability. These classy animals may not be the strongest fighters but they look special, and some types can even provide helpful things with their abilities.

The primary source of Deer Musk comes from the Gnarlpine tribe, an aggressive race of harpies that have overrun parts of Teldrassil. These flying creatures often drop Musk, and there’s a good chance you’ll get it from them, so they should be your main focus in your hunt. Here are the best spots to focus on:

  • Southwind Village: This ruined elf village south of the Cenarion Enclave is crowded with Gnarlpines, including Ambushers, Pathfinders, and Defenders.

  • Gnarlpine Ruins: Situated in the northwest of Southwind Village, these ruins offer another concentration of Gnarlpines, specifically Shamans and Totemics.

  • Whisperwind Grove: Explore the east of Cenarion Enclave to find Gnarlpine Augurs and Avengers patrolling this mysterious grove.

Basic tips for efficient Musk-Gathering:

  • Party-Up: Working together with other hunter or classes alliances who can handle ads can elevate your killing speed and overall efficiency.

  • Prioritize: Gnarlpine mobs drop different Runecrafting loots, therefore focus on the Ambushers, Pathfinders, and Augurs for the highest chance of Deer Musk drops.

  • Loot and Move On: Don’t get too cocky on the combat. Loot quickly and move to the next mob to maximize you Musk per hour.

  • Skinning: If you have Skinning as a secondary profession, don’t forget to skin the Gnarlpines for the extra profit!

  • Using Gold: Use Gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD as and when required to make faster progress.

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While Gnarlpines are the best way to get Deer Musk from, there are few additional paths you can try to get it. So, as you go with your exploration, make sure to watch for these alternative sources that could lead you with finding the valuable Deer Musk:

  • World Bosses: Lord Ahune in Deadwood Marsh and Azuregos in Azshara have a slight chance of dropping the Musk.

  • Auction Houses: Keep in track about the Auction House, as other hunters might be willing to get the profit by willing to sell the Musk.

  • World Events: Special world events throughout the expansion may award Deer Musk as a rare reward to be claimed by the players.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Deer Musk

Capturing your first Stag

Once done with sufficient Deer Musk, it’s time to make the most of it! Make your path to Cenarion Enclave in Teldrassil and seek out for Relaeron, the Cenarion druid who stands near the Hunter trainer. Use the Musk by applying it, and then use the Tame Beast ability on a nearby Deer. Keep in track about the duration of the effect as it lasts only for briefly 10 minutes, so be quick with your actions! This process allows you to make a connection with these creatures and add them as your allies.

After you successfully tame your first deer, the adventure continues. When you return to Relaeron, an exciting opportunity anticipates for you as you have the chance to trade the deer you’ve tamed for the prized Rune of Carve. This unique Rune is a permanent unlock that grants you the ability to tame a deer at any time, without the need of Deer Musk. This leads you to effortlessly expand your hunting companionship by adding these graceful creatures to your side anytime you wish for. It’s a valuable milestone that amplifies your capabilities as a skilled hunter in the wild landscape of Azeroth.

Make Your Stag Stand Out: Unleash the Potential of Your Deer Buddy!

Capturing an elegant stag during the Season of Discovery marks the beginning of a thrilling adventure! With some clever training techniques, personalized macros, and a sprinkle of creative flair, you can create the power to elevate your stag from a delightful ally to a truly valuable asset in all your adventures. Reveal the full potential of your deer through thoughtful customization, and watch as it becomes an imperative friend of yours, adding a touch of delight and efficiency to all of your quests and explorations.

Deer Training:

  • Tanky Stags: Choose a Forest Stag for their increased Stamina and utilize the abilities like Barkskin and Thorns to absorb the heat of the battle. Macros can help in casting these buffs instantly when your pet takes damage.

  • Supportive Stags: Swift Stags, with their movement speed buffs, can become nimble scouts. Use macros to have those Mark distant targets or Growl to pull aggravation away from vulnerable allies.

  • Offensive Stags: While not the powerhouses, Moonstriders pack a punch with their Savage Charge. Macro this with other pets attacks to grant a surprising burst of damage.

Pet Macros:

Think of Macros as they are the most helpful tools that make looking after your allies and handling battles easier. These special shortcuts simplify pet management and enhance your combat techniques for you to get the most out of your adventures. Some Macros streamline pet management and optimize combats are:

  • Auto-Buff: Type “/cast Barkskin on (your deer name)” casts the buff automatically when your stag engages in a combat.

  • Multi-Attack: Type “/cast Claw; /cast Growl” combines basic attacks with the aggravation generation for efficient tanking.

  • Mark Assist: Type “/cast Mark; /petattack” helps focus damage on your targeted enemy.

Let your creative thoughts shine as you make your deer buddy look super cool and stylish. Use your imagination to personalize every detail, transforming your stag into a unique reflection of your hunter’s spirit. It’s a delightful opportunity to add a touch of style to your adventure partners in the wild landscape of Azeroth! Some of these you can use for customizations are:

  • Dyes: Give your Stag a burst of color by using Moonlight, Emerald, or Shadowy Silk. Match their color to your armor or guild color for a coordinated look.

  • Antlers: Upgrade your stag’s impressive antlers with Moonstalker Horns or Shadowdancer’s Antlers, which you can discover during special events or as a rare finds in the wilderness of Azeroth.

  • Nameplates: Give your buddy a special touch by using distinct nameplates such as “Swiftwind” or “Whisper Glade”. You can buy them from vendors or discover them while completing your quests.

Having a deer as your ally that fits you is getting even better in the Season of Discovery. Try experimenting things around, look out, and enjoy making your perfect stag partner.

Pro Tip: Show off your special deer and macros with the community! Create helpful videos that may inspire other hunting adventurers and build a strong Season of Discovery hunting guild.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Deer Musk Getting Guide

Beyond the Group

  • Sharing the Bounty: Always support your fellow hunters by setting up a guild or a community system for sharing or trading Deer Musk or tips.

  • Endgame Deer Use: Discover on how you can use your deer companion in challenging contents like dungeons and raids, even if they’re not the most popular choice. Remember this is a place where you can experiment as many time you want.

  • Community Economy: In this Season of Discovery, Deer Musk becomes like a special currency for hunters for a huge profit. They can exchange extra Musk for cool stuffs or help for others, making the adventure for majestic companions more social and exciting.

Unique Species and Challenges:

  • Stag Diversity: In the Season of Discovery, there are some new kinds of deer with different looks and skills. One example is the hard-to-find Fallow Deer, which has a captivating antlers. Learning the abilities of each deer and where they might struggle makes picking your ally more interesting.

  • Taming Challenges: Certain deer might live in really risk taking places or might need special ways to be tamed, giving experienced hunters some thriller obstacles to finish.

  • Limited-Time Opportunities: Certain types of stags or ways to make them look special might be connected to a specific Season event or phase. This adds a feel of excitement and urgency to discover and hunt because the hunters need to act as soon as possible before the clock hits zero!


Embarking on the quest for Deer Musk poses great challenges, but the reward of achieving a steadfast companion makes the effort truly worth of your time. Gained with the insights provided in this guide and fueled by an unwavering determination, you’ll effortlessly explore through the process of taming the noble stag residing in the heart of Teldrassil.

So, step boldly into the overgrown wilderness, ensuring your arrows are finely honed, and follow the magnetic scent of musk guiding you towards a fresh and captivating chapter in your hunter’s odyssey. It’s an energetic adventure that calls out to you, so prepare yourself for the wilderness and let the mysteries of Azeroth unfold around you! As always remember that this guide is to lead you towards a trail showing you a path for an adventurous journey. Don’t make it a strict map, rather create your own journey hunter and explore every part of Azeroth!

Let the scent of Musk lead you to a new chapter in your hunter’s journey! And also don’t forget to pack some extra food for your tamed deer, as they can become hungry during your travels. Always remember the Season of Discovery is a unique experience, therefore enjoy every bit of thrilling adventures and hunts with your comrades in the hunter community!

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