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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Getting Invoker's Mantle

In the magical world of Season of Discovery, there are powerful spellcasters who use their magic instead of big swords. These wizards really want the Invoker's Mantle – a special cloak that brings strong spells and exciting energy. It's like a special gift for magic users like wizards, priests, and warlocks. But where can you get this amazing cloak? No need to worry, my fellow magic user! This guide is like a helpful light in the dark, showing you exactly where to find the Invoker's Mantle. It's like a treasure map for wizards, leading you straight to the magical cloak that promises cool spells and crackling energy. So, let's follow the guide and get that awesome mantle!

Method one: Crafting your Destiny

Tailoring's Touch: Creating the Invoker's Mantle isn't a cakewalk as it requires a skilled Tailor with 150 tailoring skill or nimble fingers of your own. If crafting isn't your forte, no need to fret! Simply locate a fellow tailor, negotiate a fair deal, and witness the mantle come to life. Whether relying on an expert or learning the craft yourself, this magical garment awaits, promising to enhance your mystical prowess in the enchanting realms of Season of Discovery.

Pattern in Hand: Head over to the Tailoring Supplies vendor in Orgrimmar (consult with Borya) or in Darnassus (locate Elynna). For a modest fee of 7 silver, secure the Pattern: Invoker's Mantle. This essential parchment is the key to unlocking the secrets of the enchanting mantle. Armed with this precious guide, your crafting expedition begins, paving the way for magical mastery in the realms of Orgrimmar or Darnassus.

Resources and ingredients that you'll need:

Bolt of Silk Cloth: Uncover these polished, radiant bolts that resonate with mystical energy. Acquire them from the Auction House, negotiate with friendly merchants, or embark on a quest across the land to locate silkworms. Keep in mind, though, that finding these elusive items can pose a considerable challenge. So, be prepared for an adventurous pursuit as you seek out these shimmering threads that hold the essence of arcane magic.

4 Gray Dye: Discover the enchanting dye akin to a hidden spark within a stormy sky. Seek skilled alchemists or herb vendors for Nightshade and Gromsblood, essential ingredients for this mystical hue. Embark on a quest, weaving the magical essence into your creation and adding a touch of magic to your crafting journey.

1 fine thread: A lone, strong thread weaves the magic together. Any tailor likely has a spare, so a polite request should do the trick!

4 Blue Dye: Imagine a dye that's like the colors of twilight and talks about magical power. It's kind of like Gray Dye. You can find it by asking alchemists or herb vendors for Moonblossom and Whipper Root, special stuff that will make your creation feel magical, just like the colors of twilight.

Weaving Magic to Make It Happen: Pick a comfy spot with a Tailoring station, and let the magic begin! Use the pattern, materials, and your skilled hands to make the Invoker's Mantle. Before you know it, the mantle will be ready for you to wear, making your spells even more powerful.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Invoker's Mantle

Method Two: Auction House

If sewing isn't your thing, no worries! Visit the lively Auction House, a place filled with opportunities and risks. Hunt for the Invoker's Mantle, though it might be pricier than crafting it. Convenience comes at a cost, but with a bit more gold, you can make the mantle yours without the hassle of sewing. It's a trade-off for those who value ease over crafting skills, turning the bustling Auction House into your go-to destination for magical gear.

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The Mantle's Might

Now, if you're wondering, will this mantle make my magic stronger? Don't worry, it will! The Invoker's Mantle boosts your magical abilities, making you even more powerful. So, if you're aiming for greater magical might, this enchanting mantle is the perfect addition to your wizardry gear. It provides the following boosts:

+8 Spell Power: Your spells, whether they're fiery attacks or healing beams, will sizzle with extra power. With the Invoker's Mantle, your magical abilities become even stronger. So, whether you're throwing fire or healing, this special mantle adds a boost to make your spells more effective and powerful.

+5 Stamina: Confront the challenges of Azeroth with increased resilience, as a spellcaster must stand firm to unleash their magic. The Invoker's Mantle makes you tougher, so you can handle dangers with more confidence. With this extra strength, you can use your magic better and beat the tough stuff that's coming your way.

+4 Intellect: Get ready, adventurer! Having a sharp mind is important because it powers up your mana pool, which is like the source of your magical skills. The Invoker's Mantle helps boost your intellect, making your magical abilities even stronger. So, stay sharp, and your arcane arts will be more powerful than ever!

+4 Spirit: As you cast spells, you're basically weaving the threads of magic. The Spirit aspect is like a guardian, ensuring your energy well doesn't run dry. With the Invoker's Mantle, your Spirit gets a boost, making sure you have a steady supply of magical power to keep casting spells without worrying about running out of energy.

A Gift for Alliance Heroes

If you're an Alliance spellcaster, the Invoker's Mantle is super important. When you're just starting out, it's hard to find good gear for casting spells. But this mantle is like a magic solution to that problem. So, put it on proudly, oh mighty champion of the Alliance! It's more than just clothes; it's a sign of how great you are at magic. Put it on proudly and let everyone see your magical talents.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Invoker's Mantle Guide

Beyond the Mantle's Embrace

Adventurer, keep in mind, the Invoker's Mantle is just the beginning, not the ultimate goal. As you progress through the Season of Discovery, there are higher-level crafted items and treasures in dungeons waiting for you. However, for now, let the Mantle's enchantment be your guide. Allow its magic to enhance your spells and strengthen your spirit. It's a stepping stone on your journey, paving the way for even greater gear and challenges that lie ahead in this exciting season.

Advanced Tips for the Spellcaster

Enchanting's Allure: Make a visit to an enchanter and ask them to put "Enchant Mantle - Lesser Intellect" on your mantle. This special enchantment works like magic, making your mantle refill your mana. This means you can cast spells for a much longer time and become even more powerful in your adventures. It's like adding an extra boost to your magical abilities, making your journey through Azeroth even more exciting and filled with enchanting moments.

Having proper Knowledge: Dedicate yourself to mastering spell rotations, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, and refining your skills. While having the right tools is crucial, adventurer, true success comes from understanding and honing your abilities. So, delve into the intricacies of your craft, and let your growing expertise shape your magical journey.

Community and Guild: Find guilds, team up in parties, and connect with fellow adventurers! The Season of Discovery becomes a real blast when you've got friends alongside you. Share game plans, enjoy laughter, and who knows, someone might have an extra piece of cloth or gear to lend a hand. Building bonds with others makes the adventure richer, turning challenges into shared triumphs. So, seek out companionship and make your journey through Azeroth in the Season of Discovery an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.


Consider the Invoker's Mantle as your pal in the early stages of Season of Discovery, adventurer. But, hey, its magic is just the beginning of your journey. Sharpen your skills, gain wisdom from pals, and craft your own legendary tale. With each spell you cast and every enemy you conquer, you're weaving your powerful enchantment. So, magic champion, stride forward and let the whispers of the Invoker's Mantle be your guide to a destiny brimming with arcane might!

As you progress, remember to connect with others, exchange knowledge, and shape your path. This enchanted garment is like a companion on your quest, but it's your growth, your experiences, and your magic that truly make the tale. Embrace the journey, let the mantle guide you, and become the magic-wielding legend that Azeroth will remember! Use this guide and go on an adventurous journey to find the Invoker's Mantle in the vast landscape of Azeroth! 

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