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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Getting Small Eggs

Greetings, brave adventurers! The Winter Veil festivities are here, bringing the delightful aroma of Gingerbread Cookies. However, to indulge in these festive treats, you'll first need Small Eggs! Fear not, we here to guide you through the Season of Discovery, revealing the secrets of acquiring these precious eggs. Venture into Moonkin Groves and Razormane Mesas to gather these feathered treasures. So, grab your trusty basket, sharpen your blade, and embark on a joyful egg hunt across the untamed landscapes of Azeroth! May your harvest be bountiful and your Winter Veil be merry!

Find out Where the Eggs Settle In

Alliance Advantage: Calling all Alliance adventurers! It's time for an egg hunt in Darkshore! Head north from Auberdine to the Moonkin Grove, where those wise feathered friends chirp and leave sparkly eggs behind. Just listen for their clucks and aim your sword in their direction. Fill your basket with these tiny treasures and celebrate Winter Veil with delicious Gingerbread Cookies! Be quick, brave heroes, for the eggs won't wait forever!

Horde Hustle: Hey, Horde champions! No worries! In Mulgore, you've got two great options for egg hunting. Head south from Thunder Bluff to the Razormane Mesa or go east to the Stonetalon Mountains. Be cautious with the Swoops and Thunder Lizards - they might peck, but they carry valuable Eggs in their pockets. Happy hunting!

Bonus Zones: If you're feeling adventurous, explore Elwynn Forest for Murlocs and venture into Westfall for Quillstalkers. While these creatures might drop Eggs, it's not as frequent as with the feathered friends. Keep these locations in mind if the main spots are crowded. So, get ready to wander through the lands, face the Murlocs and Quillstalkers, and who knows, you might just uncover some tasty treasures. Happy hunting, brave adventurer!

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Small Eggs

Advanced tips to Farm more of these Eggs

Clear the Nest: Don't be a buzzkill as you can defeat all the mobs dropping Eggs to get the most loot. Remember, when you share, everyone wins (except your competition)! Take out those egg-dropping creatures in the area to boost your chances of finding sweet treasures. It's a win-win situation, so go ahead and spread the joy. Happy hunting, and may your loot be plentiful and your Winter Veil merry!

Team up with your Allies: Get some pals together! More adventurers mean quicker kills and faster egg gathering. Just be sure to divvy up the loot fairly, unless you settle things with snowball fights while whatever floats your Winter Veil boat! So, team up with friends, conquer the challenges, and enjoy the egg hunt together. Happy hunting and may your Winter Veil celebrations be filled with fun and camaraderie!

Gear Up: Don't stroll into a murloc swamp just in your pajamas. Ensure your gear matches the level of the mobs you're up against. No one wants a gloomy, flattened adventurer during Winter Veil. So, gear up appropriately, face the challenges with confidence, and make your Winter Veil a cheerful and victorious celebration!

Skills for the Snatch: If you're into gathering herbs, keep an eye out for them while on your egg hunt. If you're more of a miner or skinner, you can also make some extra coins while collecting eggs. Every little bit adds up, so why not make the most of your time in Azeroth? Gather resources and eggs alike, and may your Winter Veil be filled with both prosperity and festive delights!

More Strategies than just the Basics

Auction House: Take a peek at the Auction House! Prices might go up and down, but it's a fast way to snag some Eggs if you're running low on time or if egg-hunting isn't your strong suit. Save yourself the trouble and check out the listings. It's a swift solution for the time-strapped or those not keen on feather-brained pursuits. So, relax, head to the Auction House, and let the Eggs come to you. Your Winter Veil can still be full of festive treats, even with a more laid-back approach.

Cooking for Coins: Those precious Eggs you've collected can be transformed into tasty Gingerbread Cookies. These delightful treats are a hit during Winter Veil, and selling them can bring in some shiny gold. Time to get cooking! Wear your kitchen apron, make some magic in the kitchen, and transform those eggs into tasty cookies. It's not just about finding eggs; it's also about making people happy and earning a bit more money during this festive time. Happy cooking, and May your Winter Veil be both delicious and prosperous!

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Winter Veil: Remember to savor the festive vibes! Sing some carols, have a snowball fight, and perhaps share some not-so-great Winter Veil jokes. Because, let's be honest, what's an egg hunt without a sprinkle of holiday cheer, Embrace the joy of the season, create some merry moments, and make your Winter Veil celebration a memorable and lighthearted experience.

Mob Targeting: Focus on creatures that drop more Eggs, such as Moonkin Druids in Darkshore or Thunder Lizards in Mulgore. It's like picking the best spots for a treasure hunt! If you want to get even more strategic, try addons like "TargetScanner" to keep an eye on specific types of creatures. This way, you can maximize your chances of finding those precious Eggs. So, target the mobs with the best loot, use helpful addons, and make your egg hunt a successful and rewarding adventure in the world of Azeroth!

Rotations and Respawns: Plan out a path in your favorite hunting area to make sure you're reaching all the mobs that drop eggs. It's like mapping your way for a successful treasure hunt! Time your runs to match when the creatures come back after being defeated. This way, you can gather the most loot possible. By being strategic with your route and keeping an eye on respawn times, you'll increase your chances of finding lots of valuable eggs. So, plot your course, time your adventures well, and make your egg hunt in Azeroth both efficient and fruitful!

Remember, patience is your ally during the egg hunt! If the Eggs don't drop every time, don't be disheartened. Keep at it, and soon your basket will be brimming with goodies. Politeness is key, too – share the hunting grounds and loot fairly. Let's turn this into a friendly feast, not a chicken brawl! Happy hunting and may your Winter Veil be filled with fun and delicious surprises!

If you possess tailoring skills, consider crafting charming "Festive Sweater Vests" using those Gingerbread Cookies. These stylish garments are not only a hit during the season but also provide a nifty alternative to turn eggs into gold. So, embrace the festivities, share the love with homemade treats, and let your professions add an extra layer of joy to your Winter Veil celebrations.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Small Eggs Guide

Kindness in the Egg Hunt

In the midst of your egg hunt, it's crucial to be considerate of other players also in pursuit of these festive treasures. While being efficient is important, it's equally essential to share the hunting grounds and loot politely. This ensures a harmonious atmosphere and prevents any unnecessary holiday conflicts. Remember, the joy of Winter Veil is magnified when everyone can enjoy the festivities together, so let's make it a cooperative and cheerful adventure for all.

Safety First in Azeroth's winter

Besides the excitement of the egg hunt, it's easy to get absorbed in the festive spirit, but don't forget the potential dangers lurking in Azeroth. Keep a watchful eye for hostile mobs that might pose a threat during your quest. Additionally, whether you find yourself in snowy areas or elsewhere, remember to stay warm and bundled up. Prioritizing safety and comfort not only ensures a more enjoyable Winter Veil adventure but also helps you navigate the challenges of Azeroth with confidence. So, as you embark on your holiday quests, spread kindness and prioritize safety to make this Winter Veil a memorable and joyful experience for everyone in the realm.


There it is, heroes! You've figured out the secret to fantastic success in collecting eggs! With a basket full of Small Eggs, you're all set to bake and celebrate the Winter Veil Feast. Remember, working together makes everything better, so share your tips and loot with your fellow adventurers. And most importantly, have a blast! Enjoy the laughs, the snowball fights, and those yummy Gingerbread Cookies. So grab a mug of hot cocoa, and here's to a happy Winter Veil filled with feathered discoveries and festive joy! Always remember that this guide is an overview for the game and not a strict road to follow! There are endless fun ways to figure out your method of playing and creating various styles of playing so keep warm and enjoy the landscape of Azeroth!

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