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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Hunter Pets

Season of Discovery in WoW Classic has tossed a curveball for the seasoned veterans and fascinated rookies. With the revised talent trees and adjustments to familiar mechanics, preferring the right hunter pet has become a tactic tango in the landscape of Azeroth. Don’t you worry fellas! As this guide will lead you to the path through the exotic wildlife, providing you all the insights into the prime companions for your Season of Discovery adventures.

Grasping the Main Idea: A Switch in the Pack Order

No more days where favorite pets like the Spirit Beast Barov easily wins. In this Meta in Season of Discovery, the reshaping has demanded for now the hunters and their animal friends need to be quick and able to adjust. Here are some important things to be kept in mind while picking your faithful ally:

  • Talents: The restyled talent system opens up diverse play styles. Beast Mastery shines with its damage boost to pets, while Marksmanship hunters seek increased critical and agility for personal Damage per Second. Survival specialization, with its focus on traps and raw ferocity, demands pets able to tank and control enemies.

  • Pet Specialization: Each pet type succeeds in specific roles. Ferocity pets boast raw damage for Beast Mastery, while Tenacity specializes in tanking and crowd control, ideal for Survival hunters. Cunning pets offer utility with debuffs and purges, making them versatile companions for any spec.

  • Specific Abilities: Explore beyond the usual Cleave and Growl! Certain pets offer unique skills that can become game-changers in specific situations. For example, a raptor's Rake debuff is invaluable for PvP against casters, while a bat's Shadow Bite can silence troublesome spell casters.

The Leading Choices: Pets for Every Play styles

Considering the changes in the landscape, let’s dive into the trek to find the best pets options for each specialization:

Beast Mastery:

  • Ravager: The new king of the jungle, the Ravager boasts high Damage per Second and an energetic Charge ability that stuns and generates threat.

  • Bat: Don’t undervalue these winged friends! As their Shadow Bite Silence and Curse of Tongues debuff make them invaluable in PvP and against powerful casters.

  • Worm: A rising star, the Worm's Acid Spit DoT and burrow-and-ambush play style add a unique wrinkle to Beast Mastery gameplay.


  • Cat: Speed Demon and Scratch Fever make these agile buddies ideal for maximizing the “run-and-gun” Marksmanship play style.

  • Wolf: Loyal and skilful, the Wolf’s Leader of Pack aura elevates the party’s Damage per second making them a solid all-rounder choice.

  • Carrion Bird: Their Carrion Feed ability grants a passive mana regeneration bonus, significant for the Marksmanship hunters with high mana consumption.


  • Turtle: The Ultimate Shield, the Turtle grants remarkable tanking capabilities with its Shell Shield and Taunt abilities.

  • Spider: Web Spit slows a pack of opponents, perfect for the Survival’s trap-orientation play style. Their Corrosive Spit debuff further enhances the hunter’s damage output.

  • Scorpid: Don’t let their small size fool you! Scorpions offer mighty poisons a deadly Sting that can melt the health bars of your foes.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Hunter Pets

Pet Group Networks

While you pick pets it is very important to have knowledge about their background, strength, weakness and the buffs they grant. Here is a complete guide about their family and recommendation of each clans they come from:


  • Strengths: Excellent utility through debuffs and crowd control, decent AoE damage, good survivability for the Hunter.

  • Weaknesses: Lower physical damage compared to Ferocity, limited tanking capability.

Popular Choices

  • Raids: Timber Wolf (armor debuff), White Hawk (curse dispelling), Owlbear (stun).

  • PvP: Bat (fear removal), Owl (mana burn), Spider (slow).


  • Strengths: Excellent utility through debuffs and crowd control, decent AoE damage, good survivability for the Hunter.

  • Weaknesses: Lower physical damage compared to Ferocity, limited tanking capability.

Popular Choices:

  • Raids: Timber Wolf (armor debuff), White Hawk (curse dispelling), Owlbear (stun).

  • PvP: Bat (fear removal), Owl (mana burn), Spider (slow).


  • Strengths: Unique utility with magic debuffs and ranged attacks, strong mana burn against casters, and some pets offer tanking potential.

  • Weaknesses: Generally lower physical damage than other families, some pets are fragile.

Popular Choices:

  • Raids: Venom Serpent (tanking utility), Silithyst (magic debuffs), Carrion Beetle (thorns aura).

  • Solo Content: Shale Spider (web slow), Basilisk (acid spray DoT).

Some general guides to consider while picking pets:

Gear: Optimize pet gear for survivability, damage output and specific utility depending on the situation.

Swapping: Master the art of swapping pets during mid-encounters to exploit enemy weaknesses or utilize specific abilities.

Remember gearing your pets can be expensive sometimes so organize key upgrades based on your budget and needs. Never be afraid from experimenting with different equipment combinations to make the optimal setup for your playstyle and raid compositions. Don’t forget about feeding while buffs like Faerie Fire and Serpent Sting benefits your companions too.

Bonus Tips: Enchantments like Firepower (damage), Agility (+critical) or even Life and Mana Drain (for mana burn pets) helps a lot. Use gems like Amber (hit rating), or Topaz (agility) to further optimize your pet’s stats.

Some pet gear sets grants valuable bonuses like the “Savage Collar and Leash” for increased critical strike damage. Always remember to keep swapping gears too depending on the encounter. For magic-heavy fights, consider resist gear for your Tenacity pets.

Also, you will be required to spend Gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic Season of Discovery to make full use of these hunter pets. So make sure you have enough stock of the Gold. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Exploring More than the Big Three: Secret Treasures and Special Choices

While the pets listed earlier are currently popular and trendy, the Season of Discovery fosters a more imaginative framework. Feel free to let your creativity run wild in the landscape as in different situations you should have a unique way of enjoying and playing, therefore take a look at the alternatives for replacements. The game rewards those who consider peculiar options that suits their preferred style of gameplay:

  • Hyena: Their Haste aura and pack mentality buff make them surprisingly strong DPS companions for Beast Mastery hunters.

  • Crane: The Crane's Sky Dive ability can be a lifesaver in certain raid encounters, and their Feather Dance aura provides a small movement speed bonus to the party.

  • Ape: Don't underestimate the raw strength of these primates! Their Pummel ability interrupts spell casting and their Cleave hits like a truck, making them potent PvP companions.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Hunter Pets Guide

Guidance on Pet Training and Care: Taming the Wild

Discovering the right pal is just the start of an adventurous journey, once you’ve picked your furry or scaly friend there’s more than that for a happy and effective partnership. Ensure they have a comfy space, good food and sped quality time playing and bonding. Remain calm with the training sessions and keep up with the vet check-ups and grooming for their well-being. It’s not just about picking, it’s also about choosing and keeping them content and doing well together, well here are some tips to guide you throughout:

  • Pet Training: Train your pet for the abilities relevant to your specialization and the content you'll be tackling. Prioritize threat generation for tanking pets, crowd control skills for Cunning pets, and raw damage output for Ferocity pets.

  • Feeding: Keep your pet fed with appropriate food to maximize their stats and happiness. Remember that a happy pets fight harder!

  • Talent Synergies: Certain talents synergize well with specific pet abilities. For example, Beast Mastery's Improved Mend Pet pairs beautifully with a turtle's self-healing abilities.

  • Macro Magic: Macros can simplify pet commands and reactions. Set up macros for switching pets, using specific abilities, and even for automated pet-based tactics.

Wrapping Up with Exploring the Season of Discovery alongside Your Faithful Pals

Picking up the right pet in Season of Discovery for your hunter is more than just deciding the one with the highest damage. It’s about knowing your gameplay, understanding the updated system and teaming up with your loyal animal ally. Dive into the spirit of exploration, try out different types of pets and their abilities, and make them your furry buddy that fits your needs. Remember, the best pet isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about the connection you build, the challenges you face together, and the happiness of having a reliable friend beside you in the wild landscapes of Azeroth. So, ready with the arrow and pet by your side, go out and write your own story in this exciting new part of World of Warcraft Classic.

Bonus Tips:

  • Don’t be scared to switch pets! As you level and encounter different challenges, your ideal furry pal might change.

  • Research pet specific talents and gear choices to further optimize your duo’s performance.

  • Join hunter communities and forums to share experiences, learn from others, and discover hidden gems in the world of pets.

  • Most significant thing is to have fun while playing! The journey of discovery is just as important as the final destination, so enjoy the bond you build with your loyal companion and let the thrill of hunt guide you.

Always keep in mind this is just a guided path for new gamers and others to look into the game having knowledge about everything going on in the game and not a strict map to follow throughout the game. A bond forged in fire and honed in the challenges of countless battles. Remember you are not alone, you are the hunter, the beastmaster, the commander of a living arsenal. So go forth hunter! Reveal the beast within you and let the world tremble before the might of you and your best buddy in the great landscape of Azeroth.

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