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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Level Up Guide

In any game, leveling up your character or overall gameplay plays an important role that comes up with so many challenges and hardships. Leveling up your game adds more twists and fun to your game and keeps you hooked for long hours.

Whether it is character progression or gameplay unlockables, leveling up plays an important role in making the game better. It also gives you some sense of achievement that comes up with recognition of effort. Levelling up is a tangible measure of progress, offering players a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as they reach new milestones.

Here, in WOW Classic SOD, leveling up plays an important role and there are some ways you can indulge yourself in to levelling up your gameplay. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner to this game or have just bumped here, if you’re looking for a clear and detailed guide about leveling up for WOW Classic SOD then you’re on the right page.

This guide will cover all the ways you can use to level up your game and what are the things that you need to keep in mind with some tips, tricks, and strategies for a better and faster level-up.

Why Leveling Up?

As mentioned above, leveling up has many benefits whether unlocking new game features, character development, or unlocking abilities, you get to experience all. The process of levelling up might be a little time taking but you need to be patient here with the process. It gives you a competitive edge in PvP scenarios and makes the story progression far better.

Completing The Quests

A most common yet most important factor in leveling up in your WOW Classic SOD journey which also takes less time in helping you reach a high level. Questing is a fundamental aspect of leveling in World Of Warcraft which revolves around completing tasks and missions that can range from killing a certain number of creatures to receiving items.

It also touches on other tasks like exploring specific locations. The best part about completing quests is that it doesn’t revolve around only killing and swapping enemies but many other specific tasks that can be completed if followed step-by-step.

Quests often come with rewards, in-game currency, experience points, and gear. They require significant running between locations and following specific steps and procedures. A balanced approach is always helpful in completing the quests.

Tips For Efficient Questing

Try to find zones and get acquainted with them. Each zone in the game is designed for specific level ranges. Completing or following a quest in a particular zone ensures that you are engaging with the content that is appropriate for your level. Also, appropriately plan your quests so that you don’t waste much time lingering in unwanted places. It will help you in gaining experience a little faster than usual.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Quests

Grinding The Mobs

Grinding Mobs, as the name suggests, it revolves around repeatedly killing mobs in specific areas to gain experience points and loots. This particular method is more focused on combat and can be an efficient way to level, especially if you enjoy constant engagement. Grinding mobs is more efficient than completing the quests because it involves less running and you can easily gain experience points with this. Running is time-consuming that’s why grinding mobs is an attractive option.

Tips For Efficiently Grinding Mobs

Grinding mobs gives you consistent XP with valuable loot and is more focused towards the combat and it will be an engaging activity for you if you like enjoying combat-oriented gameplay and are looking to improve your combat skills as well.

It is always better to have some idea about the best grinding locations so that you can grind more efficiently and level up your gameplay pretty fast. When you’re grinding mobs, make sure you are good at your combat skills. Combining this with quests can result in faster level growth. To optimize efficiently, try completing the quests that demand killing mobs and make sure to step into the zones that have more mobs.

Playing Dungeons

Dungeons are instanced group content that revolves around a series of connected rooms with challenging mobs and bosses. Dungeon farming requires a group of players to work together to overcome obstacles. In short, dungeon farming involves repeatedly running through dungeons to complete quests, gain XP, and acquire valuable items.

Dungeon farming is seen as an effective method for leveling up your characters and obtaining the gear that you desire. You can pick up quests for dungeons and complete them inside which in return, will reward you with valuable items, gear, and XP.

However, team coordination is very important when you are dungeon farming because it often requires a group of players to coordinate efforts. Certain quests in dungeons may not be shareable so you and your friends need to pick them up individually.

Here, dungeon farming offers you a social and cooperative gameplay experience where the coordination and strategic planning of your moves matter a lot. Make sure you communicate with other players easily.

Tips For Dungeon Farming

Make sure you have a little idea about the zones each dungeon falls in and the level that you need to enter that particular zone and play the dungeon. You’ll find Ragefire Chasm in the Orgrimmar zone which has a level range from 15 to 20. Below the level range of 25, you’ll see mainly five dungeons which are Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, The Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and The Stockade.

Utilize the group synergy for your use. Joining a group of friends who are not just cooperative but are playing classes that help you in quest completion plays an important role in faster leveling. Make sure you decide on classes and moves strategically with your friends.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Dungeons

Focus On The Class

There are a total of nine classes and each one serves you differently. Each class is different so you’ll get to see their own strengths and weaknesses. Choose the class that suits your playstyle better or serves your motive. If you don’t know about your playstyle then try every class and experiment with each of them to find which class you are most comfortable in playing with.

Choose a class that excels in grinding so that you can easily level up faster. AoE classes like mages and warlocks can handle a good chunk of enemies very efficiently whereas classes like hunters or rogues can help you in fighting with enemies. Some classes work better when you play solo while some serve better when you are playing with your friends. So, keep changing classes and try to get a good command over each class so that you can touch a variety of game mechanics and gameplay which will help you in leveling up even faster.

Leveling Addons

This is the less-touched yet the most important factor to discuss here when talking about leveling up your gameplay. As the name suggests, addons help you gain an edge on the battlefield or perform any task or activity. With the help of addons, you can level up your game a little faster. There are many types of addons and some of the leveling addons that you should try are Speedrun Splits, Unit Scan, and Classic Beasty.

Speedrun Splits can be used for personal speed comparisons on new characters during leveling. Unit Scan helps in finding specific mobs or rare by providing a detection system. Classic Beasty displays mob abilities on the tooltip for better encounter preparation. Like these, there are many other addons as well. The best way is to try all of them and understand how each addon works.


To wrap up, mastering the art of leveling in WoW Classic Season of Discovery is pivotal for a fulfilling gaming adventure. This guide delves into essential strategies, spotlighting the significance of effective questing, the perks of mob grinding, and the cooperative thrill of dungeon farming. Choosing your class wisely, experimenting for versatility, and employing leveling addons such as Speedrun Splits and Unit Scan are key components for swift progression. By incorporating these insights, embark on your journey through Azeroth with confidence, efficiency, and the joy of leveling up. Happy gaming!

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