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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 Best Alt Classes for PvP and PvE

There are always two types of people who play a dynamic game like WoW Classic: Season of Discovery: the one who prefers as simple as PvP and the one who is always in PvE battles. Though both of these modes of battle are vastly different and have their own perks, there is something common between them. What is it? Choices and strategies. Both of these need a properly chosen class, even if it is 1v1 or 3v3 or PvE. A group with properly chosen class and strategy can perform better than a group for namesake.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the most preferred Classes for both PvP and PvE so that you can easily choose without any bafflement. Before that, make sure you have enough stock of the gold, so you can use them as and when required to keep your classes up to date. If you are falling short of the same, get the gold for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Let’s first list out the best classes for PvP battles.


The Mage is one of the best classes that one can choose for high damage and better control over the character. Unlike other classes, the Mage class is not gear-dependent. They have higher mobility. They are very strong against the Melee groups. They have talents like Instant Cast such as Fire Blast. With an improved Counter Spell, they can even shut down other Casters without putting in much effort. If you have to fight against multiple opponents in the PvP, Frost Mage Class is always a great choice. They do an excellent job of absorbing damage. They excel across the board and in mobility. But one of the biggest drawbacks for the Mage is the health. This class has one of the least HP in the entire game and they are vulnerable to silence. Apart from these cons, the Mage class is a great choice. 


The Warlock class has extraordinary damage and crits. They also have burst damage potential through their Shadow Burn talents. This class has the best pet utility compared to any other class. Destroying opponents becomes much easier with constant pressure, the Curse of Agony and immolation. They have amazing CC abilities which can combine with fear and soul fire. You can also have some regan ability while your health being a positive trait. The cons of this class is the lack of mobility and escape abilities. Without proper abilities, you might face high difficulty and a bad time with Melee Group attacking. 


The rogue class is an amazing choice for people who know how to deal with rogues. Mostly 1v1 PvP. The biggest advantage the rouge class holds is that they can themselves start a fight and then even get the first move. They have good burst damage powers, especially when geared up with high CC and abilities like Ambush and Backstab. This class can combine shots and stun players. They can also kill players without them getting a single chance to move in group fights. The talent trees are viable and have other great talents, sometimes even better than other classes. This class has its own disadvantages as it highly depends upon cool down. If you don’t have enough cool-down period for talents like Sprint and Vanish, this class will suffer against the Mage Class. 

WoW Classic SoD Rogue


The Priest class has the best healing talents. Obviously, everyone would love to have a priest player in their team for their excellent talents in healing as it works as a collective advantage for the entire team. They also have great shields, dispels, and buffs. They can, without question, be called the Greatest Support Class. Shadow Priests are really strong ones. They can do more than just damage. They can melt faces and do great damage through talents like Mind Blasts and Mind Flayers. You are going to give a tough time to players who want to fight you while pumping out constant pressure. Like some classes, the Priest class also has a lot of Mana issues. On the battlefield, Priest stays as one of the most attacked classes of all. This class is vulnerable to Melee when it is down on Shields. 


Now let us take a look at the list of class for a better PvE gaming.


Hunters excel both in offensive and defensive abilities. They are one of the most powerful and versatile classes in the entire game. With Markman Hunters, is a piece of cake to have longest-ranged attacks and other critical damages to the opponent. They are wonderful in battles against Casters and Melee groups. They are literal nightmares for rogues and warriors. They are not only good for PvE but also PvP. But Hunters are firstly needed in cut-throat PvE raids rather than in PvP. Hunters are flexible, cause good damage, and bring in great utility. They have great control and CC. Like the fewest of class, Hunters can also utilize their pets to the fullest capacity. Hunters can always come in handy during Gnomeregan raids and other quests too. The biggest issue with these Hunters also with the Mana Issues is that they are not self-healers. They need a Support Class like a Priest to help them heal even though Hunters have quite good HP. Warriors

Warriors with proper gear are considered unstoppable when it comes to PvE. With the plate armor and other supplies, this class has the highest HP which can last from 5 to 6 hours, if handled properly. Warriors do great AOE damage through crits using Model Heroic Strike and their strong Burst talents They also hold Pocket heal. With your White Strike, you can slice a way through the enemies. They also got highly damaging powers through Sweeping Strike and Cleave Fury. Warriors are viable and have strong competition with Marksmen Hunters, The cons are that Warriors have poorer mobility compared to Marksmen. This class is gear-dependent and has poor stance management. 

WoW Classic SoD Hunters


People usually don’t prefer Druids. Maybe it is true for PvP rounds but for PvE or raids, the contribution of Druids is out of the world. You can trust and choose Druids solely for the buffs they bring in. They are unique and special. These buffs bring value to the PvE battles and even raids like Gnomeregan. These buffs are even useful against the Melee groups. The Druids can show their full potential with their talents like Heart of Wind, Faerie Fire, and Savage Fury. The Mandatory Wild Strike Buff that the Feral Buffs brought in by the Feral Druids should be given a try at least once. The negatives are that they do not have much contribution towards damage and it will be quite hard in PvE. 


As we conclude, we can say that we have discussed the different class and whether it is suitable for PvP or PvE. We have also elaborated on the reasons for choosing each class, the advantages and disadvantages of each and every one of them. With the guide being with yours now, the final choice is also yours. We wish you all the best for you and your team for a wonderful battle.

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