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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Fishing Guide - Best Fish, Best Fishing Spots, and More

Phase 2 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery comes with new exciting Gear and new ways to farm Gold, and the levels will now go up to 40. Phase 2 is now underway, and now is a great moment to capitalise on this frequently disregarded line of work known as fishing. It might not be the most thrilling thing to do in Azeroth, but because of its simplicity, you can multitask and accomplish other things while obtaining critical materials.

Phase 2 is about reaching new areas, catching priceless fish, and searching containers for supplies, tools, and useful objects. In addition, the event offers exclusive fishing incentives. Fishing will always be a great way to get Gold for your character's equipment and Gear. In this guide, we will let you know about the best Fish, the best spots for Fishing and much more. 


Now to start Fishing, you must have the Fishing Skill. Find a trainer first, If you're an alliance, you'll find one in Stormwind; if you're a horde, you'll find one in Orgrimmar. Even the Strong Iron Fishing Pole, which increases your fishing skill by +5 and may be sold again on the Auction House for a slight profit, is occasionally sold by Catherine. In Stormwind, alliance players can locate vendors and trainers like Arnold and Catherine Leland, Shiny Baubles are also something you should always have on hand because you may apply them to your fishing rod to make it more effective. 

WoW Classic SoD Best Fish

  • Deviate Fish: These fish, which are located in Wailing Caverns, may be cooked to make Savory Deviate Delight, a well-liked buff meal that allows players to change and become more extravagant. 

  • Firefin Snapper: These fish, which are found in the Redridge Mountains' open waters, can be processed into Fire Oil, which is utilised in numerous engineering formulas.

  • Raw Greater Sagefish: The Greater Sagefish is now available for use in-game for cooking and other uses. Found specifically in the area of Tirna Vaal.

  • Oily Blackmouth: Blackmouth Oil is made from Oily blackmouth (alchemy). Additionally discovered near Stranglethorn Vale's shore.

  • Rumsey Rum varieties: Light, Dark, and Black Label are valuable products. Places vary according to the type of rum.

WoW Classic SoD Fishing

WoW Classic SoD Best Fishing Spots

  • Azshara Coast: This region is well-known for having an abundance of coastal waters, which makes it an excellent place to catch firefin Snapper, The Zone is at a higher elevation, yet sturdy crates and containers. 

  • Tanaris: This area is ideal for catching a range of fish because it contains both interior and coastal waterways. Fish, crates, clams, and Rum in abundance all in one location.

  • The Barrens: Pools of Deviant Fish. An authentic source for the components of Savory Deviate Delight.

  • Desolace lakes: Big Iron Fishing Pole shells close by, but skinning is more difficult otherwise.

  • Open waters: Stranglekelp can be found in practically any place.

  • Wetlands and the Hillsbrad Foothills: these are reliable locations to fish Rumsey Rum types.

  • Alterac Mountains: Best location for Greater Sagefish with less competition than STV.

  • Stranglethorn Vale: Firefin Snapper and Oily Blackmouth spawn in large numbers at the Stranglethorn Vale coast. Additionally, containers spawn.

  • Riverbanks at Stranglethorn Vale: Farm Raw Greater Sagefish and more.

Look for schools of fish or drifting wrecks near coastlines once your skill level reaches 50. These locations provide numerous valuable goodies, such as Oily Blackmouth, along with consistent skill boosts. Because each group has a lengthy coastline that is relatively secure in comparison to contested areas like Ratchet, players of the Alliance should go to Westfall, while players of the Horde should go to The Barrens.

Tips and Tricks for Profitable Fishing

  • Look for schools of fish, which are groups of fish that congregate in particular areas and increase the likelihood of spotting uncommon fish.

  • Improve your fishing skills: You have a better chance of catching uncommon fish the more skilled you are.

  • Employ fishing buffs: As was already said, you can improve your catch and fishing skills by using things like Captain Rumsey's Lager and Aquadynamic Fish Attractor.

  • Choose the appropriate bait: Be sure to research the type of bait required for the particular fish you wish to catch.

  • Employ lures: Having a supply of lures on hand can help you catch more lucrative fish.

  • Plan your fishing accordingly by keeping an eye on the in-game clock. Certain fish are restricted to being caught at specific times of the day or night.

  • When skinned, rare fish skins like Golden Scale and Savage Fishing also bring in more money.

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The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

Every week, players can compete to capture the most fish in Stranglethorn Vale by participating in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. The prize pool is enormous and includes the best fishing pole in the game, among other amazing things. 

As long as they have learnt the Fishing skill, anyone can join, but you should only try to enter if you are strong enough to handle the enemies in the area and have a high enough Fishing skill to catch the fish. The contest itself is extremely easy to enter; all you have to do to win the first prize is get the 40 Icon Speckled Tastyfish to Riggle Bassbait before everyone else does.

WoW Classic SoD Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

Final-Gaming Fishing

When your skill level hits 120, you should head back to your capital city, sell whatever you've caught, and choose whether to purchase a Big Iron Fishing Pole for even more effectiveness. Now you should concentrate on fishing in Stranglethorn Vale, where you can occasionally see Mithril and Ironbound Bound Trunks floating by while you fish. These hold precious treasures such as 12–14 slot bags, green items for disenchanting, and even an opportunity to obtain the Big Iron Fishing Pole.

Players who enjoy herbalism should be on the lookout for Liferoot and Stranglekelp near coasts, as they can generate extra revenue. In PvP realms, be mindful of any potential adversarial players who might attack you or high-level mobs. You might also think about tracking resource nodes with extensions like GatherMate.


Overall Fishing is one great activity to improve your Gold stocks and also to obtain rare and common fishes alike and store them as food or skin them to get valuable items. As it was in Phase 1, this skill has the same kind of impact in Phase 2 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery. You do need to, however, keep in mind above mentioned information before diving into Phase 2, to improve your gaming skills and resource attaining to the maximum. 

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