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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 Levelling Guide to Reach Level 40

Reached Level 25 of WoW Classic SoD Phase 1. Then what? The second phase of the game is to be launched on 8th of February. Instead of sitting idle and starting it from scratch, why not prepare for the upcoming challenges? Just like how it is hard to reach level 25, it is going to be more challenging and time-consuming to reach level 40 of Phase 2. Experience points are assets for levelling up. We have brought you a wonderful guide to learning several ways to boost up your XP before the launch and gradually reach Level 40 when it comes fresh to your hand.


One of the most obvious ways to speed up levelling is through quests. You need to start pre-questing before you can reach the next level. It highly depends upon the type of quest that you decide to do. In our opinion, choosing a quest that gives you more XP is always better. As a matter of fact, some quest gives you more than 3K XP as in an Elite quest and some give you only a thousand XP. 

Sometimes a quest with a little follow-up might give you more XP to speed up the progress. It is also mindful to choose a more efficient quest. Try picking up some extra quests that do not need to be in your quest log like pick-up items. Finishing these quests will require you to spend Gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD. If you are falling short of the Gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Here’s a hint for a better quest throughout the hunt for XP. Try starting a Horde Quest from Taram Mill; if they are Alliance quests, start them from the Southshore. This is a key for finding quests of high value and levelling up faster.

Prep Items for the Future

Throughout Phase 1 during the pre-quest make sure you remember your cloth turnings and Warsong Gulch. This may get you more XP that may range from something around 10K. 

Silk will be unlocked till Level 26. Till then hold more wool and silk in a later part of the game so that you will have enough items for quests when you reach a higher level. For example, certain quests in the Badlands like pearl diving that can be found in Level 30, need non-quest items like Blue Pearls. Don’t let the lack of materials ruin your chances of winning more XP. 

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 Prep Items

Finish Your Alts

If you haven’t levelled your Alt enough for the upcoming events yet, it is the right time to do it as there are still a few more days left for the new Phase to knock on our door. It’s a brilliant move that can put you in a solid position and it makes it much easier to level up to Level 40. Meaning, you will be able to play from any of those classes. Always have your profession levelled up in the game as you need to be prepared for Phase 2. It is very crucial and one of the easiest ways to gain XP, especially an Enchantment Alt. 

Instant Runes

If you don’t want to be grind places and need more time to relax, try focussing on the waylaid supplies. Every class in WoW Classic SoD unlocks its Runes from the Waylaid Supply vendor. The supplies traded by the vendors might increase the chances of getting more reputation to help with Phase 2. We might also have a new rune at every single Level Cap from time to time at the next level of reputation. With the increase in reputation, we can unlock new items including new bracers, rings, cloaks and necklaces. Get this done and you will be ready before the release of the second phase.   

Fresh World Buffs

Even though it is not directly related to levelling up in Phase 2, you can try your hands on these buffs. Especially Dark Moon Faire Buff and the Boon of the Black Fanthom buff. Make sure you have them before the launch of Phase 2. This will give more or less 20% of additional Movement Speed.

We agree that this sounds so simple and doesn’t make sense. But this speed is crucial to gain experience points. It will be incredibly useful not only for completing quests but also for turning in the Quest Stack. Having a higher speed gradually increases your experience gain which is important to level up. One thing to be noted is it is not certain if this buff will persist in higher levels but definitely make sure that you give it a try. If you don't want to try so hard for your movement speed and you want it the easy way, it is best to stack up your inventory with Movement Speed Potions and health potions. It's even more convenient and you can just take them up whenever you want. 

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 World Buffs

Right Place at the Right Time

Just like how quests are important to speed up XP, it is necessary to be mindful of the place from where we are taking up these quests. Each location holds quests of different difficulties and rewards accordingly. Your levels always matter when you choose to pick up a quest.

If you are a player with levels from 25 to 27, try taking up quests from the Wetlands. These wetland quests are comparatively easier and efficiently completing them may indeed let you progress quickly. Remember, though it is not the most recommended place for loot, it is efficient for XP Gain. 

If your level ranges from 27 to 30, we would insist that you try the Duskwood. This location has a wide range of quests from easier to more difficult ones. Finish this zone to get amazing rewards and XP points. As this place holds all kinds of quests, it’s the plan of the player that makes the difference. 

From Level 30 to 33, Southshore is the place that you should be looking for. It offers numerous quests, making it a wonderful hub of XP gains. A secondary option can be the Shimmering Flats which can provide you with substantial XP with not-so-good loot. 

Levels 33 to 40 are going to be the best part of the game as it is an opening for new zones and quests. You will find quests in Booty Bay and a lot more in the Stranglethorn vale. Stranglethorn Vale is the best place if PvP is your strength. If yes, always go for Chain Quests that may get you an abundance of experience points. Dustwallow Marsh is also one of the best places if you only want to focus on quests. It is home to so many Chain quests. 


Reaching level 40 in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery is not only based on hard work but also based on your strategies and planning. To conclude this, we have discussed some good ways to gain experience points and level up faster in Phase 2. We have a gist on how to work on quests, where to find them, finishing your alts, etc. We wish you all the best in reaching level 40.

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