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WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Guide to All Skill Books

Have you ever imagined being a really strong warrior, a sneaky trickster, or a magic-using wizard? Well, in World of Warcraft, you can pick your favourite and explore a huge world full of exciting adventures! Fight tough creatures, beat tricky dungeons, and join up with friends to take on anything that comes your way. And guess what's super cool, you can discover special books that give you awesome new skills, making your character even more amazing. It might be a bit challenging, but with teamwork and determination, you'll become unbeatable! Get ready to create your own epic story in Azeroth!

The Skill Books

In the game, skill books are special things you can rarely find, and they're super useful because they teach you brand-new skills or make the ones you already are even better. In Phase 2 of the game, these books are dropped by tough bosses and rare strong enemies in the Scarlet Monastery dungeons, which you can find in Tirisfal Glades. Each class, like warriors, rogues, or wizards, has its very own skill book that gives them a special advantage or benefit. Imagine discovering a hidden book that makes your character stronger or gives them a cool new ability - that's what these skill books do! So, when you're exploring the Scarlet Monastery, keep an eye out for these awesome books to make your journey even more exciting and your character even more powerful!

Obtaining the Skill Books

Since these books are hard to find, getting them requires a good amount of effort. It's important to know that they won't just come easily. You need to keep trying and not give up. Remember, these special books can make your character much better, so it's worth the effort. Stay focused, be patient, and keep an eye out for opportunities to grab these rare books that can give you powerful skills and make your journey even more exciting!

  • Team Up with other Players: Working together is super important! Get your friends together or use the dungeon finder to easily take on the Scarlet Monastery dungeons.

  • Grind the Dungeons: Keep playing until you go through all three parts of Scarlet Monastery: Armory, Cathedral, and Graveyard.

  • Eliminate the Enemies: Concentrate on defeating the main bosses and special strong enemies in these dungeons because they're most likely to drop the books you want.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Guide to All Skill Books

All the Classes of Skill Books


  • Leaflet of Deeper Wilds: This book makes the "Mark of the Wild" spell better by making it last longer and giving the group a stronger attack power or spell power boost.

  • Leaflet of Enhanced Restoration: This book makes your "Healing Touch" spell stronger by making it cost a lot less mana.

  • Leaflet of Revive: Unlock this strong skill to bring back a teammate who got knocked down in a fight, providing important help in tough situations.


  • Treatise on Aspect of the Viper: This book gives you the "Aspect of the Viper" power, so you can take away mana from your target when you hit them in close combat. This helps to increase your own mana regeneration for a little while.


  • Tome of Expanded Intellect: This book makes your "Arcane Intellect" buff better by cutting its mana cost in half and making it last 50% longer. This makes it work more efficiently and stay active for a longer time.


  • Testament of Enhanced Blessings: This book makes your "Blessing of Kings" and "Blessing of Might" powers better by giving a bigger bonus to attack power or spell power.


  • Scroll of Shadowfiend: This book lets you use the strong "Shadowfiend" spell, bringing a shadow demon to fight with you and deal a lot of damage to your enemies.

  • Scroll of Increased Fortitude: This book makes your "Power Word: Fortitude" buff stronger by giving your party members more stamina, so they become tougher.


  • Manual of Redirect: This book gives you the "Redirect" power, letting you make your target attack another enemy close by for a short time. This helps you control the battle tactics and gain an advantage.


  • Revelation of Totemic Projection: This book gives you the "Totemic Projection" power, allowing you to put your totems in place from a farther distance. This makes it easier for you to move around and position yourself better.


  • Grimoire of Portal of Summoning: This book gives you the "Portal of Summoning" spell, so you can make portals to certain places in the world. This makes it easier for you to travel to different locations.

  • Grimoire of Soul Harvesting: This book makes your "Drain Soul" spell stronger by giving you some of the health you drain as mana. This makes it work better and gives you extra advantages.


  • Handbook of Commanding Shout: This book makes your "Commanding Shout" ability stronger by making it grab more attention from enemies and making its fear effect last longer. It's really useful for controlling a bunch of enemies at once.

Advance Tips for Better Success

  • Use class-specific buffs: As you work hard to get those cool skill books, don't forget to use any buffs that can make your attacks stronger or your healing better. This makes it easier to defeat enemies quickly, move through dungeons faster, and reach your goal. Watch for boosts from your class as they really improve your farming and make everything go more smoothly!

  • Auction House flipping: If you're having a hard time finding the skill book you want in dungeons, don't worry! Try going to the Auction House, like a big marketplace in the game. Players sell and buy stuff there, including the skill books you're looking for. So, if you're not lucky in dungeons, check the Auction House, you might find what you need there!

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Skill Books

Alternative Farming Locations (Very Low Drop Chances)

Scarlet Monastery is the main place for cool skill books in Phase 2, but don't lose hope if you haven't found what you need. You might come across them in places like Blackrock Depths or Scholomance, but it's a bit like trying to find a rare four-leaf clover. Stay alert and positive your luck might come your way during your adventures! Some other dungeons might drop specific skill books, though the chance is really small. So, if you're looking for these special books, it's worth exploring other dungeons too, even though Scarlet Monastery is the best bet.

  • Blackrock Depths (BRD): In this huge dungeon, there's a very small chance of getting some skill books. It might not happen often, but there's a small chance. So, if you're exploring, stay alert, and you could discover these special books while journeying through the dungeon.

  • Leaflet of Deeper Wilds (Druid): You might get this from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, who is the last boss in the dungeon. You could get this item by beating the enemy, but it's not certain. It's like winning a prize in a tricky arcade claw machine this might take a few tries but give it a shot, and you might walk away with the loot you want!

  • Tome of Expanded Intellect (Mage): You might get this from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, but it's not certain.

  • Scholomance: This complex place of dark magic might have a slight chance of having a particular skill book. It might not happen for sure, but there's a small chance. So, if you're looking for it, exploring this school of necromancy could be worth it.

  • Manual of Redirect (Rouge): You might get this from Instructor Razuvious, who is the last boss. But, getting it is extremely unlikely. Finding this book is like looking for a super rare lucky penny with four leaves! Beating Instructor Razuvious might give you the book, but don't expect it easily. It's rare, so be ready to work hard and be patient to get it.

Important Considerations

Finding skill books in places other than Scarlet Monastery is much harder. It's not as probable to find what you want. If you check out these other spots, be prepared to spend a bunch of time farming. But remember, the chances of getting the skill books are pretty low. So, even though it could happen, there's no promise, and you might not get the results you want.

It's a good idea to focus on Scarlet Monastery if you want specific skill books. You have a better chance of finding what you want there. The odds of getting the books are clearly higher in Scarlet Monastery than in other places. So, if you really want those skill books, focus on exploring Scarlet Monastery for farming. It boosts your chances of success and makes it more likely you'll find the books you're looking for.

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This guide talked about skill books in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2. These books give you cool new skills or make your current ones better. You can find them by defeating bosses and strong enemies in Scarlet Monastery dungeons. The guide explained each class's special book and how to get them easily. It also mentioned other places with a small chance but said Scarlet Monastery is the best. Remember, working together, being patient, and a little luck will help you get these awesome skill books!

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