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WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Fishing Guide

After the success of WoW Classic SoD Phase 1 and Phase 2, we finally get to enjoy Phase 3 of the game. Phase 3 is here and it brings amazing features that will help you earn XPs. WoW Classic SoD Jobs are some of the best ways to earn XPs. The game offers plenty of job options to choose from. Fishing is among the easiest jobs in the game that could help you earn a decent amount of XPs. With Phase 3, the level cap for every profession has been increased and now it's at 300. WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Fishing is no different and this gives you an opportunity to max out this profession's level.

Getting Started With Fishing in Phase 3

Fishing stands among the trio of secondary skills in WoW Classic. It enables you to reel in fish from the diverse waters of Azeroth. These fish play pivotal roles in Alchemy recipes and Cooking recipes. In order to be a part of this profession, make sure you have basic fishing skills. You can learn this skill from a trainer. 

There are many trainers in the game. The location of the trainer varies depending upon where you are in Horde or Alliance. Alliance players can look out for a trainer in the Stormwind region. For Horde players, a trainer can be found in the Orgrimmar.

Before training you'll need some equipment and Fishing Pole is one of them. To get a good solid Fishing Pole head to the Stormwind City. Here you can find an NPC known as Catherine Leland. This NPC sometimes sells the Strong Fishing Pole that can help you boost your skills in fishing by 5 points. Once skill is boosted, you can sell the Pole at the Auction House and that'll get you some decent amount. Below are the names and locations of trainers for both Alliance and Horde Faction players.

Fishing Trainers for Horde Players

  • Mulgore - Uthan Stillwater

  • Orgrimmar - Lumak

  • Desolace - Lui'Mala

  • Silverpine Forest - Killian Sanatha

  • Ashenvale - Kil’Hiwana

  • Undercity - Armand Cromwell

  • Tirisfal Glades - Clyde Kellen

  • Durotar - Lau'Tiki

  • The Hinterlands - Katoom the Angler

  • Thunder Bluff - Kah Mistrunner

  • Stranglethorn Vale - Wigcik

Fishing Trainers for Alliance Players

  • Loch Modan - Warg Deepwater

  • Redridge Mountains - Matthew Hooper

  • Elwynn Forest - Lee Brown

  • Hillsbrad Foothills - Donald Rabonne

  • Darnassus - Astaia

  • Wetlands - Harold Riggs

  • Dun Morogh - Paxton Ganter

  • Feralas - Brannock

  • Ironforge - Grimnur Stonebrand

  • Teldrassil - Androl Oakhand

  • Stormwind City - Arnold Leland

  • Wetlands - Stuart Fleming

WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Fishing

Quests & Rewards in WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Fishing

Fishing Quests are the most important part of the fishing profession. These quests not only give you experience but also various rewards for completing them. When you have a high level of fishing skills, then you will be able to access the fishing spots that were locked earlier. These spots can reward you with rare fish and unique items. Below is the list of rewards and where you can get them from.

  • You can participate in the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Tournament in order to get the High Test Eternium Fishing Line from Rare Fish. It is rewarded by Dezian Queenfish.

  • You can participate in the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Tournament in order to get the Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots by Rare Fish. It is rewarded by Brownell's Blue Striped Racer.

  • You can participate in the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Tournament in order to get the Lucky Fishing Hat by Rare Fish. It is rewarded by Keefer's Angelfish.

Lures in Phase 3 Fishing

Lures in fishing are special items that are used to boost your skills in fishing for a brief moment. These items are required for the later stages of the game, so make sure you have them. In order to get a Fishing Lure you can visit any shop that sells fishing supplies or you can also obtain them by trading items. The chances of getting good results using lures are boosted when your skills are at a high level when you use them. The top choice for enhancing your fishing experience is the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor. You can either craft it yourself, buy it occasionally from vendors, or acquire it through the auction house. Below are some recommended fishing lures for WoW Classic SoD and where you can find them:

  • Nightcrawlers: Stocked by Fishing Supplies Vendors.

  • Aquadynamic Fish Attractor: Available at Fishing Supplies Vendors or through crafting.

  • Flesh Eating Worm: Obtained by looting from Rotted Ones in Duskwood.

  • Bright Baubles: Found at fishing supplies vendors.

  • Aquadynamic Fish Lens: Acquired from Electropellers through a quest in Darkshore.

  • Shiny Bauble: Available at fishing supplies vendors.

Fishing Poles in WoW Classic SoD Phase 3

Fishing poles stand out as essential gear for angling adventures in WoW Classic SoD. Amidst the array of tools available for this profession, understanding which one suits you best is paramount. Let's delve into the specifics to determine your ideal fishing companion. This guide aims to provide insight into the best equipment options to enhance your fishing skills as you progress through the game. To effectively fish in higher-level zones without catching unwanted items, it's crucial to use specific fishing poles and lures. These tools can be acquired through purchasing robust ones if they're available, fishing supply stores, or from general goods vendors.

The most coveted fishing pole in the game is the Arcanite Fishing Pole, attainable only by emerging victorious in the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Tournament—an endeavor worth striving for. For Horde players, an alternative is Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000, which can be obtained through the Snapjaws, Mon! quest in The Hinterlands. Meanwhile, Alliance players can opt for the Big Iron Fishing Pole, accessible through the Auction House or by obtaining numerous Shellfish Traps in Desolace.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Fishing Poles

Best Fishes to Farm in WoW Classic SoD Phase 3

In real life not all fishes are the same. The concept is applied in the game as well. Different fish will give you different rewards, some would be better some would be worse. But you would want to farm the fish with least rewarding items. That's why we will discuss which are the fishes that you should farm in order to maximize the benefits you receive. Below is the list of best fishes of WoW Classic SoD Phase 3.

  • Firefin Snapper: The waters of Stranglethorn Vale's coastline are home to the Firefin Snapper, where skilled anglers can test their mettle in this prized catch.  

  • Stonescale Eel: Venture into the depths of Azshara, Stranglethorn Vale, Tanaris, Feralas, and The Hinterlands' coastal waters to find the elusive Stonescale Eel, known for its resilience and sought-after properties.

  • Raw Nightfin Snapper: These nocturnal creatures inhabit the serene inland lakes and rivers found in zones suitable for adventurers of level 40 and above, adding an air of mystery to the fishing experience.

  • Raw Greater Sagefish: Anglers can reel in Raw Greater Sagefish from the meandering rivers of Stranglethorn Vale and the rugged coastlines of the Alterac Mountains, where the fish flourish in the pristine waters.

  • Oily Blackmouth: Seek out the Oily Blackmouth along the picturesque shores of Stranglethorn Vale, where the waves crash against the coastline, offering a bounty of marine life.

  • Deviate Fish: These elusive creatures can be found lurking within the pools scattered across The Barrens, a vast and arid land in WoW Classic SoD Phase 3.

General Tips for Fishing 

  • Look for fish schools in specific locations within WoW Classic SoD, as they indicate areas where various fish gather, increasing the likelihood of encountering rare species.

  • Plan your fishing strategy based on the in-game clock, as certain fish can only be caught during particular hours of the day or night.

  • Enhance your fishing abilities by utilizing items such as the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor and Captain Rumsey's Lager, which provide buffs to increase catch rates.

  • Keep a stock of lures on hand to further boost your chances of capturing valuable fish and maximizing your rewards in the game.

  • Use gold, the in-game currency of WoW SoD as and when required to progress smoothly while fishing. If you are falling short of the same, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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In conclusion, Fishing is one of the best WoW Classic SoD Jobs and offers a thrilling opportunity for players to level up their fishing skills and earn valuable rewards. By obtaining essential equipment, completing quests, and targeting specific fish, anglers can maximize their success in this lucrative profession. Don't forget to take your fishing pole and lures. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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