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WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Leatherworking Guide

Leatherworking is among the most important as well as expensive professions in the Wow Classic Sod Phase 3. For the player, the profession is essential since it adds value by enabling you to craft items such as armor, bags, and other survival aids. 

Talking about leatherworking in phase 3 of Wow Classic Sod, the skill cap has risen to 300 maximum bringing in more craftsmanship by the Sunken Temple Raid. Along with this, there are many more new opportunities brought in for the leatherworkers to explore in the world of Azeroth. Let's go over every aspect of using this profession to increase damage, healing, and sustainability in the game. 

Leatherworking in Phase 3

Phase 3 of Wow classic Season of Discovery means more stitching together the patterns till level 300. Phase 3 comprises skill levels from 225 to 300. With the introduction of level 225 in Phase 3, the developers have rolled in 6 newly crafted shoulder items.

  • Wailing Chain Mantle

  • Shoulderpads of Obsession

  • Paranoia Mantle

  • Shrieking Spualders

  • Cacophonous Chain Shouldergaurds

  • Membrane of Dark Neurosis

Going on, you need to get in touch with the trainers to ensure that the players are properly trained before engaging in genuine craftsmanship.

The 225–300 skill level is intended for crafting various objects, like:

  • From levels 225- 235, the player can craft the Nightscape Headband

  • Level 235- 250 is dedicated to crafting Nightscape Pants

  • Going from level 250- 260, the player must craft the nightscape boots

  • Level 260-280, is meant to craft the Wicked Leather Gauntlets

  • Finally, on reaching 280, craft the Wicked Leather Headband until you reach skill 300.

This profession is taught by 1 of the NPC per faction, and the two trainers available, namely are: Drakk Stonehand and Hahrana Ironhide. To learn from trainer Drakk Stonehand, find him at Aerie Peak, AT THE LOCATION 13.4, 43.5 in the Hinterlands. And if you wish to get trained by the Hahrana Ironhide, trainer, reach out to him at 74.4 43.1 at Camp Mojache, situated in Feralas.

Moving forward, then comes the specialization. Working in the profession as a leatherworker also offers a few specializations, that is:

  • Tribal Leatherworking

  • Dragonscale leatherworking

  • Elemental leatherworking

But players must remember that there are a few requirements for getting the specialization such as the player must be over level 40. The player must acquire a skill of 225 or it could be higher too.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Leatherworking

What are the requirements for Leatherworking in Phase 3?

Well before scaling from skill level 225 to 300, there are a few requirements, the player must fulfill. The player must have 40x Black dye, 40x Rune thread, 80X Silken thread, 20x Heavy Silken thread, 400x Rugged Leather, and 420x thick leather. It is suggested to keep extra goldin case more quantity of the required items is needed.

New Recipes for Leatherworking In Phase 3

The expansion of World of Warcraft, Sod Phase 3 introduces new recipes to the professions that are as follows:

a) Item: Screaming Chain Pauldrons

The level requirement for the item to be crafted is 250 leatherworking skills. To get this, the layer needs to get the new epic quest chain completed.

b) Item: Cacophonous Chain Shoulderguards

On reaching the leatherworking skill of 250, complete the new epic quest chain. Then collect the material such as 4x Black Dragonscale, 1x Inert Mantle of Nightmares, 10x Nightmare Seeds, and 10x Rugged Leather. Once the material needed is gathered, just craft the item.

Abilities: Provides strength, agility, intellect, and stamina boosted by +12, and 268 armor. The melee attack boosts attack speed by 5%, and attack power for 10sec by 50.

Requirement: Level 50, skill level 250(leatherworking)

c) Item: Shoulderpads of Obsession

The player is expected to get through the new epic quest chain and equip himself with a leatherworking skill of 250. Thereafter, try to collect the 12x rugged leather, 2x essence of earth, 10x nightmare seed, and 1x inert mantle of nightmares.

Ability: intellect boosted by +12, spirit by +16, gives 129 armor. Moreover, adds to healing chances by 50 for 10 seconds. Not effective outside the area of Nightmare.

Requirement: level 50, skill level 250(leatherworking)

d) Item: Membrane of Dark Neurosis

The player needs to win the new epic quest chain along with having the leatherworking skill of 250. Thereafter, get the materials such as 2x cured rugged hide, 10x nightmare seeds, 6x rugged leather, and 1x mantle of nightmares to craft the item.

Abilities: 129 armor, along with offering +14 intellect. The melee attacks boost the damage by spells by 50 for 10 sec. The influence remains limited for Nightmare areas.   

Requirement: level 50 and skill level 250 (leatherworking).

e) Item: Wailing Chain Mantle

The leathering skill required is 250. On completing the new epic quest chain, get the materials to craft the item such as 8x rugged leather, 8x green dragon scale, 10x nightmare seed, and 1x inert mantle of nightmares.

Ability: provides 268 armor, boosts stamina byb+11, and intellect by +10. The healing spells are boosted by 50 for 10 seconds. Influence is limited till Nightmare.

Requirement: level 50, skills level 250 (leatherworking).

WoW SoD Phase 3 Wailing Chain Mantle

f) Item: Paranoia Mantle

Reaching a leatherworking skill of 250 makes you eligible to complete the new epic quest chain. Once done, get the material such as 10x Nightmare Seed, 4x Rugged Leather, 1x Mantle of nightmares, and 8x chimera leather

Abilities: it binds when picked and adds 129 armor. Adds agility and stamina by +16 and +14 respectively. the melee attacks might scale the attack speed by 5%and attack power by 50 for 10 seconds.

Requirements: level 50, skill level of 250(leatherworking).

g) Item: Shrieking Spaulders

The leatherworking skill required is 250, and on completing the new epic quest, the material is made available. For this item, the player needs to gather the 8x Rugged Leather, 1x Inert Mantle of Nightmares, 8x Black Dragonscale, and 10x Nightmare Seed

Abilities: when picked up, adds 268 armor, boosts agility by +17, and intellect by +14.

Requirements: level 50, and skill level of 250 (leatherworking).

Moreover, the material can be bought from the various supply vendors available near the trainers. For this, you are required to spend gold, the in-game currency of WoW SoD. So if you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Well players, now we are well versed with the plethora of opportunities that are newly rolled in for the leather workers to craft, explore, and master. The leatherworkers can engage well in the game from leveling up to 300 to decoding the new recipes with specializations. Just keep in mind to complete the prerequisites before starting, and you'll be well on your way to improving your chances of survival through character development and setting out on an exciting adventure.

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