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WoW: WotLK Blacksmithing Guide – Forge Your Best Weapon!

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The Wrath of The Lich King Classic version is right around the corner! Because of that, there will probably be a lot of Wrath of the Lich King questions coming up in the following weeks and months. Fear not – we’ve prepared for you a professional guide through all the necessary information about the new “old” expansion for World of Warcraft. 

This time, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about one of the essential features in Wrath of the Lich King – blacksmithing. After this blacksmithing trainer, you will be a menace in the auction house! Without further ado – here it is!

Table of Contents

What Is Blacksmithing and Why Do I Need This?

What’s New in Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

Blacksmithing – Best Classes and Races

Blacksmithing: Training

Blacksmithing Specialization

Blacksmith – Leveling

What to Do After Reaching 450?

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What Is Blacksmithing and Why Do I Need This?

Great question! Well, if you want to be terrible at World of Warcraft Classic – you can just skip this guide altogether. If not – stay with us for a while. As it turns out – blacksmithing is one of the best professions in World of Warcraft to progress fast. 

Unlike Leatherworking, where you can just get stuff from leatherworking supply vendors, Blacksmithing is all about getting resources and turning them into items. It’s useful not only in creating weapons, shields, or armor but it’s also a very profitable profession. 

Blacksmithing allows you to create and sell at the Auction House for a good buck. If you reach a level of Grand Master Blacksmithing, you can create such powerful items as Titansteel Shield Wall for tanks, Brilliant Titansteel Treads for DPS, and Titanium Weapon Chain that can be sold for good money. Those weapons are on par with some of the best drops you get from raids.

While focusing on Blacksmithing, keep in mind that you also have to get some support professions to keep up with the demand for better and better equipment. 

It’s vital to invest in Mining. This will allow you to gather some unobtainable or just pricey materials and you will need a lot of those if you’re going to not only create some equipment for yourself or your peers but also profit from blacksmithing on the AH.

What’s New in Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

Lich King sitting on the throne

As was in the case of the regular World of Warcraft Classic, there are some changes to the gameplay that the expansion introduces.

Well, some things are more prosaic, and some are more in substance. For example, now you need to use an Anvil and a Blacksmith Hammer to do some blacksmithing. That is pretty straightforward.

The more interesting stuff comes from Northrend. You can find new ores there:

  • Cobalt Ore

  • Saronite Ore

  • Titanium Ore

Also – you can start Blacksmithing in the Wrath of the Lich from 375 up to 450. There are new trainers, and you can learn Grand Master Blacksmithing from one of them to level up to the maximum. More about it later.

Blacksmithing – Best Classes and Races

Everything in the World of Warcraft has its place. The same goes for the Blacksmithing profession. It is something that everyone can learn, but some classes are better suited for this than others.

First – Races. And…it doesn’t really matter. In the case of the Wrath of the Lich King, there really isn’t one specific race that is better in any of the Blacksmithing Specializations than others.

It’s different with classes, on the other hand. If you're a plate-wearing class, you should consider investing in Blacksmithing. So for Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors – it’s a useful tool, especially with the ability to add gem sockets for Bracers and Gloves.

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Blacksmithing: Training

You can train blacksmithing like pretty much every profession in the game. The cap, as we said before, is at 450. To access each level you need to find trainers to help you out. Here is how it lays out.

Blacksmithing 1-300

This one is pretty straightforward. 

  • If you’re a part of Alliance, you have to talk to Bengus Deepforge in Ironforge. 

  • The Horde’s counterpart is Saru Steelfury in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar. 

With their help, you can get from Apprentice Blacksmithing up to the Expert Blacksmithing level of 140. From 140-300, an Artisan level, there is a quest for both parties leading you to Brikk Keencraft in Booty Bay.

Blacksmithing 300-375

You can learn Master Blacksmithing in your respective faction. You’ll just have to visit a starting area in Outland. 

  • Alliance stays at Honor Hold, and the man you want to talk to is Humphry. 

  • Horde on the other hand is represented by Rohok in Thrallmar.

Blacksmithing 375-450

Grand Master Blacksmithing is where the epic gear grind starts. Items crafted on this level can let you create some exceptional equipment. To achieve this, you need to get to the Valiance Keep if you’re a part of the Alliance and speak with Argo Strongstout and Crog Steelspine in Warsong Hold if you’re in the Horde

After gaining access to Dalaran, make sure to find Alard Schmied of the Kirin Tor. He’s not only one of the best options for you to level up quickly but also he’s close to the Action House.

If not him, you can also check out Rekka the Hammer at the Argent Tournament Grounds for the same recipes.

Blacksmithing Specialization

Blacksmithing menu in World of Warcraft

When it comes to specialization, there are two paths to go down. As we all know, The Burning Crusade and World of Warcraft Classic put a lot of emphasis on specializing, but the Wrath of the Lich King did not. So you don’t really need to have very long-term blacksmithing plans.


As you may have deducted from the name – it creates armor, so all plate wearers – listen up. To start with it, you have to find a trainer to show you the work. 

  • In the case of the Horde, it’s Aturk the Anvil in Orgrimmar who will give you The Old Ways.

  •  If you’re a part of Alliance, you need to find Grumnus Steelshaper in Ironforge and get The Art of the Armorsmith from him.


There are some changes to weaponsmithing in WotLK. When World of Warcraft first came out, the distinction between Axesmithing, Hammersmithing, and Swordsmithing was really important. After The Burning Crusade, if you’re looking just for creating some cool gear, you don’t have to choose any of those mentioned below. You can just craft whatever you want if your level is high enough.

To do so, you will need to find, as usual, a guy. 

  • In the case of Horde, it’s Borgosh Corebender in Orgrimmar that will start you with The Way of the Weaponsmith. 

  • In the case of Alliance – It’s the same thing, but you have to find Ironus Coldsteel in Ironforge.

Blacksmith – Leveling

Blacksmithing in World of Warcraft

So we know what, who, and where. Now it’s time to find out – how! There are many things to remember, but you can always come back and check the things you already know! Without further ado – here is a complete guide on how to level Blacksmithing.

Learn Journeyman Blacksmithing

  • 1 – 30 – Use Rough Stone to make Rough Sharpening Stone.

  • 30-65 – Convert Rough Stone into Rough Grinding Stone. Don’t sell those yet, as it will be important in recipes further down the leveling.

  • You can learn Journeyman Blacksmithing at 60.

Learn Expert Blacksmithing

  • 65 – 75 – use the Copper bar to create Copper Chain Belt.

  • 75 – 87 – convert Coarse tone into Coarse Grinding Stones.

  • 87 – 100 – use Copper Bar to make Runed Copper Belt.

  • 100 – 105 – combine Silver Bar and Rough Grinding Stone to make Silver Rod.

  • 105 – 125 – create Rough Bronze Leggings from Bronze Bar.

  • You can learn Expert Blacksmithing at 120.

Learn Artisan Blacksmithing

  • 125 – 150 – convert Heavy Stone into Heavy Grinding Stone (don’t sell those as they will come in handy later).

  • 150 – 155 – combine Gold Bar and Coarse Grinding Stone to make Golden Rod; you can sell rods to Enchanters or at the Auction House for profit.

  • 155 – 165 – combine Iron Bar, Heavy Grinding Stone, and Green Dye to make Green Iron Leggings.

  • 165 – 190 – combine Iron Bar and Green Dye to create Green Iron Bracers.

  • 190 – 200 – use Steel Bar and Heavy Grinding Stone to make Golden Scale Bracers.

  • You can learn Artisan Blacksmithing at 200.

Learn Master Blacksmithing

  • 200 – 205 – convert Truesilver Bar and Heavy Grinding Stone into Truesilver Rod.

  • 205 – 210 – use Solid Stone to make a Solid Grinding Stone.

  • 210 – 225 – combine Mithril Bar and Mageweave Cloth to make Heavy Mithril Gauntlet.

  • 225 – 235 – convert Mithril Bar into Mithril Scale Bracers; to do so, buy Mithril Scale Bracers Plans from Gharash in the Swamp of Sorrows if you’re a part of Horde or Harggan in the Hinterlands if you’re in Alliance. You can also get it at the AH.

  • 235 – 250 – create Mithril Coif or Mithril Spurs; Mithril Spurs is a rare world drop that you can farm if you have the time or buy at AH; to create Mithril Colf, use Mithril Bar and Mageweave Cloth; to make some Mithril Spurs – combine Mithril Bar and Solid Grinding Stone.

  • 250 – 260 – convert Dense Stone into Dense Sharpening Stone.

  • 260 – 275 –  use Thorium Bar to make Thorium Bracers.

  • 275 – 280 – combine Arcanite Bar and Dense Grinding Stone to make Arcanite Rod.

  • 280 – 290 – make Thorium Bar Imperial Plate Bracers; to do so, you’ll need to find Plans. Those can be acquired by bringing 10 Thorium Bars to Derotain Mudsipper in Gadgetzan in Tanaris.

  • 290 – 300 – create Thorium Boots or Thorium Helm; Thorium Boots – Combine Thorium Bar and Rugged Leather to make Thorium Boots; use Thorium Bar and Star Ruby to create Thorium Helm.

  • You can learn Master Blacksmithing when you go through the Dark Portal after the Derotain Mudsipper quest mentioned above.

Learn Grandmaster Blacksmithing

  • 300 – 305 – combine Fel Iron Bar and Netherweave Cloth to make Fel Weightstone.

  • 305 – 315 – convert Fel Iron Bar into Fel Iron Plate Belt.

  • 315 – 320 – use Fel Iron Bar to make Fel Iron Chain Gloves.

  • 320 – 325 – use Fel Iron Bar to create Fel Iron Plate Boots.

  • 325 – 330 – Convert Adamantite Bar into Lesser Rune of Warding.

  • 330 – 335 – use Fel Iron Bar to make Fel Iron Breastplate.

  • 335 – 340 – Adamantite Cleaver.

  • 340 – 350 – Lesser Ward of Shielding.

To get the Plans for the two recipes listed above, you’ll need to go to Outland. Adamantite Cleaver can be bought in Shattrath City. You can use Adamantite Bar to create Adamantite Cleaver. 

When it comes to the Lesser Ward of Shielding Plans – this can be accessed by finding Mari Stonehand at Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley by Alliance players. The equivalent for the Horde is Rohok at Thrallmar. To create a Lesser Ward of Shielding – use Adamantite Bar.

At this point, you can learn Grand Master Blacksmithing; Go to Northrend for starters. If you’re a part of Alliance – train at Valiance Keep with Argo Strongstout. If you’re in the Horde – find Crog Steelspine at Warsong Hold.

  • 350 – 360- convert Cobalt Bar into either Cobalt Boots or Cobalt Belt.

  • 360 – 370 – use Cobalt Bar to make Cobalt Triangle Shield or Cobalt Bracers.

  • 370 – 375 – use Cobalt Bar to craft Cobalt Legplates or Cobalt Helm.

  • 375 – 380 – convert Cobalt Bar into Cobalt Gauntlets.

  • 380 – 385 – use Cobalt Bar to craft Spiked Cobalt Boots.

  • 385 – 390 – use Cobalt Bar to make Sure-Fire Shuriken.

  • 390 – 395 – convert Cobalt Bar into Notched Cobalt War Axe. 

  • 395 – 400 – combine Cobalt Bar and Saronite Bar to make a Brilliant Saronite Belt.

  • 400 – 405 – use Cobalt Bar to make Horned Cobalt Helm.

  • 405 – 415 – combine Saronite Bar and Crystallized Air into Deadly Saronite Dirk.

  • 415 – 425 – combine Saronite Bar, Eternal Earth, Eternal Water, and Eternal Shadow to make Eternal Belt Buckle.

  • 425 – 430 – combine Saronite Bar and Titanium Bar to craft Titanium Weapon Chain.

  • 430 – 435 – use Saronite Bar and Eternal Earth to make Savage Saronite Hauberk.

  • 435 – 440 – convert Saronite Bar and Eternal Earth into Daunting Legplates.

Blacksmiting After Level 440

When you reach skill level 440, you can go a couple of different ways from that point on. First, you can start making some Daunting Legplates to reach 445. It will be quick and resource efficient, but at this level – you can get some money with what you create as well.

For example, you can create some different epic items to get to 450. Those are worth a good dime on the market, so it can be worth your while. Boots and Shields cost pretty much the same. Helmets are more expansive to create and the most resources are usually taken to create a Weapon. Here is how it lays out when it comes to resources:

  • 4x Saronite Bar, 3x Titansteel Bar, and 1x Frozen Orb – you can make Tempered Titansteel Treads, Brilliant Titansteel Treads, Spiked Titansteel Treads, Titansteel Shield Wall.

  • 4x Saronite Bar, 4x Titansteel Bar, and 1x Frozen Orb – you can make Tempered Titansteel Helm, Brilliant Titansteel Helm, Spiked Titansteel Helm.

  • 6x Titansteel Bar, 6x Infinite Dust, and 2x Frozen Orb – Titansteel Spellblade.

What to Do After Reaching 450?

Lava coming down from the ceiling in WoW

If you’ve gotten this far, there is a new tier of epic armor for you to check out. You will need a Runed Orb that you can drop in Ulduar or Crusader Orb that drops in ToC. All these are Bind on Equip so you can freely sell them if you want.

Ulduar Gear

To create Ulduar Gear, you will need a Runed Orb. Plans can drop from bosses or in Large Sack of Ulduar Spoils, although it’s not a high chance. If you get them, you can make some pretty useful gear like Battlelord's Plate Boots, Spiked Deathdealers, Treads of Destiny, Belt of the Titans, Indestructible Plate Girdle, or Plate Girdle of Righteousness. All of those are BoE, so you can sell it with a huge profit on the AH.

Trial of the Crusader Gear

This will require you to have Crusader Orb. It drops from bosses, and you can find them in Crusader of Champion’s chests. Plans can drop from bosses or the Champions Cache. With that, you can create a Breastplate of the White Knight, Titanium Razorplate, Sunforged Breastplatem Saronite Swordbreakers, Titanium Spikeguards, or Sunforged Bracers. It’s also BoE btw, so don’t worry about reselling it.

Thanks For Stopping By!

So, here is our guide to all the things you need to know about Blacksmithing in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion. I hope you got all the information you needed, but as in every leveling guide – there is also an appetite for more! 

So, if you have any questions about this or any other World of Warcraft-related topics – be sure to check out our other guides to get some great knowledge about this Blizzard Entertainment masterpiece. 

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