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You Need to Know About Myth of Empires
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You Need to Know About Myth of Empires


By kevin|November 29, 2021 6:29 AM|134 Views

Myth of Empires has a familiar weather system as Tribes of Midgard where you need to stock up on equipment or potions to prevent your HP from going down. For instance, if you’re in a Cold Area and you drink Baijiu, you’ll be able to temporarily resist the cold, allowing you to safely traverse the area.

As with any survival game, you’ll be gathering materials from grass, branches, and raw meat, to copper and clay ore so you can slowly build your house, and consequently, your empire. However, there’s one vital characteristic that I have to point out for Myth of Empires and this is the multiplayer mode. The game feels very different if you play it solo as opposed to engaging in activities with friends.

Here are some of the behaviors that players should avoid:

Behaviors that result in getting muted in-game:
Making remarks with the intent to impersonate official personnel, admins, or GMs.
Intentionally spreading false and malicious comments about the game.
Posting advertisements or promotions unrelated to in-game content.
Using offensive, hateful, and/or threatening languages such as racial or sexual discrimination, harassment, abuse, endangerment of others, stalking, doxing, or any other illegal or illicit conduct.
Discussion or promotion of illegal methods or exploits that undermine the fairness of the game.

Behaviors that can result in permanent bans:
Any modification or debugging of the game client, including but not limited to decompiling the program, packet deception, hacking the game client, etc.

Use of any unapproved third-party software that may adversely affect gameplay, including but not limited to: hacks, mods, scripts, plug-ins, etc.
Use of DDOS attacks or any other technical means to obtain in-game benefits.
Direct or indirect use of game bugs, exploits, etc. to obtain an advantage, disrupt the game balance, or for personal gain.
Purposefully traveling to areas of the map that are normally inaccessible (outside the boundaries of the main map or underground).
Using bugs to inflict losses on other players.

Other guidelines include:
Inappropriate character/guild names:
Names cannot contain vulgar, slanderous, obscene, hateful, racial, ethnic, or other offensive content, including but not limited to pornography, gambling, drugs, and other sensitive topics.
Once an offense has been verified, the development team will force a name change.
Do not impersonate game managers (GMs) or any other person officially associated with the game.

Malicious reporting

Intentionally reporting players who have not committed any violations may result in bans from 2 hours to 24 hours, depending on the circumstances.
Repeat offenders may be banned for longer periods or permanently.
Hopefully, these are enough for now to ensure fair play!

If you’re looking to challenge yourself with a sandbox RPG, the game is available on PC through Steam now. BTW, to increase your gaming experience, you can buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins at mmopixel.com. You can enjoy the game and do the fun stuff in MoE instead of farming the coins constantly.

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