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A Guide to Fixing Summoner in FFXI

Summoners are no doubt great in Final Fantasy XI, but the only issue is they can be much more than they already are. Unlike other Jobs that constantly get buffed and updated, the Summoner job is left behind, pulled back in many aspects. On the damaging side, Summoners are doing great, but on the support side, it is found lacking in comparison. Therefore, we have here a Guide on Fixing Summoner in FFXI that will allow you to theoretically get a glimpse of balancing this Job in FFXI. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into the details

Issue with Summoner

When it comes to the damage output, the Job itself is balanced but does also require a few adjustments under the hood. In Final Fantasy XI, Summoner has always been about the Spike Damage or Big Hits. But, the main problems you will find in the game with Summoner are;

  1. Primarily it is the frequency in which you can deal out these big hits. You have to wait around 21 seconds in between to use abilities in comparison to other Jobs when they can punch out in a few seconds.

  2. Avatars don’t last long on the front line. It might be an intentional design by the developers because, from their perspective, avatars can be re-summoned easily. The issue here is that some avatars level up when they gather TP, but because of their low-life spam, they can’t even gather that much TP in the fight. 

  3. The final issue here is that the one summoner shares with puppet master and beast master, it can’t enhance the damage output of his avatar directly, especially not without the support of geomancer or corsair. The upper two jobs can function without their pets, while the summoner depends only on the pets or avatars.

  4. The Summoner Job spends more time swapping in between pets or avatars, that it becomes hard to keep the desired favor effect 

Adjustments with Summoner

  1. Giving all the avatars higher maximum HP. This is the same for all the avatars to enhance survivability, but it can vary from job to job. 

  2. Astral Flow needs a boost. All the avatar special attacks under the Astral Flow are rarely used because they completely drain the MP. To make this correct, give all the Avatars Regain and Regen under the Astral Flow. This enhances their survivability while also powering up the attacks through regain

  3. Reducing the reuse time of Apogee from 3 minutes to 1 minute. In return, this will give the Job more output damage outside the Astral Conduit. The most notable ones are the ability to either double the burst skill chain or generate burst-off skill chains themselves.

  4. Mana Cede requires a lower reuse time and also a secondary function. We recommend lowering the reuse time from 5 minutes to around 1 minute and 30 seconds. This will put it in the same spot as other pet restorative abilities. The secondary effect would be the full HP restore for an avatar.

  5. Adding two new abilities that enhance the DPS output and the other for helping the party support;

  6. Adding Oversoul ability would help lessen the summoner’s reliance on geomancer and corsair, while also enhancing all-over attributes on the avatar. In return, the perpetuation cost will double up as well. 

  7. The second ability is a copy of the geomancer's last ability named Enspirit that transfers the current active avatar’s favor effect to the party member target and also dismisses the avatar. Furthermore, the potency of the active favor will also enhance, reaching the peak of its maximum when transferring to a party member.

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Avatar Adjustments

Summoners are all about the pets and avatars that you are using in the game. Being a guide to fixing summoners in Final Fantasy XI, here we also have some of the adjustments needed for avatars


This image is an artwork of Carbuncle in FFXI

Carbuncle comes with one of the best healing abilities named, healing ruby 2 and soothing ruby. But, the only need for adjustment here is Glittering Ruby and Shining Ruby, as they are for team healing. 

Turning the Shining Ruby into miniature ramparts, which is multiplicative special damage taken reduction. On the other hand, the Glittering Ruby would become AoE Regen 4. It will stack with the Carbuncle’s Favor which is also regen.

Carbuncle also needs a bit of increase on the maximum potential 


This image is an artwork of Leviathan in FFXI

Enhancing the HP of the Leviathan avatar will result in the Spring Water ability healing powers enhancing as well. While changing the ailment removal effect to all the statuses instead of only a few elements.

The Soothing Current should cure potency by itself which can be done by adding the Soothing Current scaling with the Summoning Magic Skill. This should be the same for the Tidal Roar which scaling with the summoning magic skill needs to be with a maximum of 50 percent attack down. 


This image is an artwork of Ifrit in FFXI

Considering this avatar, there isn’t much to adjust here but still needs some tweaking here and there. Being a heavy hitter in the avatar category, you will need to change the Crimson Howl to the straight-up attack bonus buff. This makes the Ifrit independent from corsair or geomancer for best damage


This image is an artwork of Diabolos in FFXI

This avatar needs some really heavy adjustments. The Ultimate terror can become the single target mega absorb ability. Draining the attributes from enemies with already debuffs can enhance the use of Diabolos particularly.

Noctoshield is the worst Phalanx out there but once you scale it with the Summoning Magic Skill, it can become useful. The same should be for the Dream Shroud. Ruinous Omen (Astral Flow) should have the maximum potential enhanced.


This image is an artwork of Fenrir in FFXI

The support abilities of this avatar need an overhaul altogether. Changing the Lunar Cry to scale with the Summoning Magic Skill will, same should be for the Ecliptic Howl and Ecliptic Growl. 

Heavenward Howl is something that can become unique in the summoner job. Giving it an effect of Potency that enhances the critical hit rate. Finally, changing the Fenrir’s Favor to the Magic Haste.

Final Verdict

With the new updates rolling out and changes to other Jobs, the Final Fantasy XI developers also need to focus more on the summoner job as well. Summoner gets stranded at level 75, requiring an exceptional update to bring back the peak of this marvelous job. Here in this guide, we have some of the essential fixing and changes that need to be done on the summoner job. 

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