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Final Fantasy XI Thief Guide

The Thief in Final Fantasy XI deals non-buff assists damage. Specifically, it will be used as a harm dealer who closes skill chains. The Thief can inflict hatred on any player they want. A thief is more of an assassin than an actual thief, except for two job abilities called Steal and Mug, which can get a fair amount of Gil off NMs and other places. Comparatively, the Thief can also use Trick Attack and Sneak Attack. They are essentially the only weapons. Thief ever employs and is fairly assassin-like. One of the jobs in the game with the highest chance of survival is Thief.

FFXI Thief

Job-Race Combinations

Please be aware that while choosing a job, race should be the absolute last concern. 

In many cases, a single piece of equipment can help compensate for a race's minor stat deficiency. Each race also receives "Race Specific Equipment," or "RSE," which increases its stats to the same level as or higher than those of other races.


Agility and dexterity are the two essential stats that a thief requires. The most well-rounded race, Hume, doesn't skimp on either. Although this is uncertain, the stat intellect is also said to be superior at opening chests and coffers. To compensate for your dagger weapons' low damage, you also require strength to maintain increased damage. Dancing Edge, considered one of the most useful weapon skills you can learn, also benefits from charisma. The job's survivability remains powerful thanks to fair HP and vitality.


Elvaan may not have the greatest agility or dexterity in the game, but they compensate for it with their superior power. Elvaan Thieves won't have much trouble keeping damage up with the rest of the group, especially at lower levels. The Thief's exceptional dexterity and agility compensate for Elvaan's inherent loss. Even more, compensating for this is their incredible race-specific gear. A thief's already high endurance is increased by having high HP and vigor. In addition, one of Thief's finest weapon talents in the game, Dancing Edge, benefits greatly from high charisma.


Sadly, you will rarely come across Tarutaru Thieves. Given their exceptional agility and dexterity for Trick and Sneak attacks, this may be their strongest melee job. They have excellent Charisma for Dancing Edge as well. The low power of Taru Thieves is their sole drawback; however, it becomes insignificant after level 15 when you can use the Sneak attack. It's stated that their maximum intellect in the game aids in opening chests and treasuries.


Mithra is one of the most sought-after Thieves in the game because they are the race with the greatest agility and dexterity, average intelligence, and passable strength. Super-effective Trick attacks and Sneak attacks are a sure bet. Dancing Edge's lesser charisma is one of its few drawbacks, but it is more than offset by its high precision, which serves the weapon skill better in any case.


Galka, who combine immense evasion, enormous defense, and gigantic hit points, make the game's thieves among the most resilient. In addition, they have good agility and dexterity for their Trick and Sneak attacks. Numerous additional pieces of equipment can quickly compensate for low charisma. They have a lot of strength and deal a lot of damage in the game.

Final Fantasy XI Thief Jobs

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Job Abilities


Flee is a useful job skill that will seriously reduce your moving time. Once you have it at level 25, it doubles your mobility for 30 seconds. You see, there are a lot of uses for this. The most common application is just for moving around town, to a camp, or for any other purpose. The fact that you have a considerably lesser probability of being KO'd if you link is more beneficial to the entire group, same with aggression. Since most creatures only travel at 100% of their maximum speed, even a brief burst will allow you to outrun them.


Starting at level 15, the Thief has access to Sneak Attack. Sneak takes 5 minutes to cool down. When activated, it will generate a status effect that indicates the Thief will employ a Sneak attack as his subsequent assault. They use a melee Sneak attack when the Thief is immediately behind an enemy. The Thief can now deal critical damage thanks to it.

The player's dexterity and strength have a small impact on this damage, but only if Thief is their primary occupation. When Thief is utilized as a support role, dexterity is not a factor.


You can take things from mobs with Steal. Nevertheless, your success rate with Steal is typically fairly low. This is because some mobs may not carry anything that can be stolen. It is also terrible that Steal takes 5 minutes to cool down. To steal Beastcoins or other desirable stuff from Goblins, NMs, and Beastmen Steal can be implemented early in the game. Despite what some people may assume, Steal can eventually earn you a sizable amount of Gil if you have the appropriate information.


The Sneak attack's counterpart is the Trick attack. For Thieves, it is unlocked at level 30, or for selecting Thief as a Support Job, at level 60. When activated, the power will produce a unique status condition that will indicate the following melee assault is a Trick attack. Similar to the Sneak attack, the Trick attack deals critical damage that is altered by the Thief's agility and strength scores. Although the effects of the Trick attack and Sneak can be used together, Thief has the potential to provide incredibly significant damage when the two attacks are combined, especially when employing an appropriate weapon skill.


Instead of taking things or BeastcoinsMug is used to steal Gil from mobs. Mug will require 15 minutes to cool down, unlike Steal. It only functions on monsters such as goblins or Beastmen, who typically carry money. And if it does genuinely work, it might only mug about 20 Gil. When you receive it at level 35, it may be sufficient to purchase a single bolt for pulling. At level 1, that might seem appealing. Even though high-end bosses may provide a respectable 1000 Gil, that amount is still pitiful when matched to the other awards they offer.


The character will have the status effect of becoming invisible for an arbitrary amount of time right away. All hostility vanishes if the Thief is being followed by a species that tracks by sight. Starts at level 45, and this skill require 5 minutes to cool down.


 It is usable once every five minutes. Accomplice targets a party member and effectively takes their animosity, causing that player's hostility to decrease and increase against the nimble Thief. This can be helpful to shield a character whose HP is low and who is being targeted.


In Final Fantasy XI, the Thief career skill Collaborator is unlocked at level 65. It has a similar recast to Accomplice.

The Thief receives a quarter of the targeted party participant's enmity due to this Job Ability. The range is 10 miles, and the average time is 1:00. It should be noted that it only functions with party members of the Thief. Without an Alliance, it is ineffective.


The second meritorious job skill for the Thief is Feint. It significantly reduces the target's escape by roughly 30 seconds. Simply put, you will miss nothing for the following thirty seconds. It takes 10 minutes to cool down but can be reduced to two minutes with additional rewards.

Assassin's Charge

It turns the following attack, if it uses a weapon skill or not, into a triple attack. It gives you more hits with any weapon skill. The damage potential is absurd when combined with a Trick Attack or Sneak Attack. Although using it with Evisceration or Dancing Edge might not be as evident as using it with Mandalic Stab or Shark Bite because it only triggers for the first strike of weapon skill. It takes 15 minutes to cool down, but with more rewards, it can be reduced to 5.

FFXI Thief Details

Job Traits

  • Gilfinder: You receive more Gil when a monster drops Gil.

  • Evasion Bonus I-VI: This will help you to evade enemy attacks better.

  • Treasure Hunter I-III: Your chances of receiving treasure will increase.

  • Resist Gravity I-V: You are given certain resistance against weight.

  • Damage Limit + I: Maximum physical damage will be granted a better bonus.

  • Triple Attack I-II: Your attacks may be tripled.

  • Assassin: Ensures a Trick Attack land a critical hit.

  • Critical Attack Bonus I-IV: Critical Hit Damage is increased.

  • Dual Wield I-III: Allows you to equip two weapons. Gives you up to 25% (30% JG) dual wield delay reduction. 

  • Aura Steal: It removes a bonus from the target while occasionally taking the boost for the Thief. Each additional merit raises the likelihood that the Thief will receive the buff by 20%, up to a maximum chance of 100%.

  • Ambush: Gives three bonuses per merit level to combat and ranged attacks made from behind the enemies.


The Thief Class is entertaining, but it's not the greatest. They might be considered the worst if it weren't for the update to Ninja. The Thief doesn't have much to offer until they turn into a Ninja. Then, at least they put the otherwise useless family-related swords to good use.

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