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A Guide to the Usage of Virtual Currency (VC) in NBA 2K23

Virtual Currency is an important aspect of NBA 2K23 as it helps in upgrading your player attributes and also helps in buying other interesting players’ packages. Many game modes, such as MyCAREER (for clothes, signature animation packages, and others), MyTEAM (for opening packs, and more), and MyGM, accept virtual currency (VC). Playing matches online or making progress in the MyCAREER mode online are two methods to earn virtual currency (VC). By taking part in the game or buying bundles from their online shops, players can earn VC.  

Ways to Earn VC in NBA 2K23

Playing Matches

Playing online matches or making progress in the MyCAREER option is one of the simplest methods to earn VC. Before playing these ante-up games, players must exercise caution. They might be matched against high Overall Rating MyPlayers in the game. As a result, since there is a significant likelihood of a mismatch, be sure to gain experience before playing in a match. Playing games is one of the simplest methods to earn virtual currency (VC). Either player wins or loses a game, they will still receive Virtual Currency (VC) for finishing it. The length, level of difficulty, and your performance will all affect how much VC you receive. Hence you can focus on your gaming skills and enjoy the game and you will earn Virtual currency automatically upon completing each game. Even more, players can access NBA 2KTV and engage with the programme there. Players can earn VC by responding to polls and casting their votes.

Completing Objectives

You can fulfil a variety of goals in NBA 2K23 to earn Virtual Currency. While playing a game you will be given certain objectives and fulfilling these will earn you VC. These goals could be anything from reaching a certain point total in a game to making a certain amount of assists or getting a certain amount of rebounds. Generally, these objectives are easy to achieve and are kept according to the attributes and capabilities of the player, however, as you gain experience and your player develops the difficulty of these objectives also increases. Hence fulfilling these objectives is one of the best ways to earn VC in the game.

Participating in Events

You can take part in a number of special events in NBA 2K23 to earn VC incentives. The events are a special feature of the game which allows the player to participate in exciting competitions which are outside the ambit of the main game. Completing these events can gain you experience and also help you earn Virtual Currency as well. Tournaments, challenges, and exclusive promotions are just a few examples of these occasions.

NBA 2K23 Events

Purchasing VC

You can always pay real money to buy virtual currency (VC) if you lack the time to earn it through gameplay. A few thousand to hundreds of thousands of VC can be bought in a number of denominations. It is better to earn the VC through gameplay as it also builds your experience, but if you are a little short in purchasing & upgrading & do not want the hassle of going through an entire game, you can always consider buying them.

Using Virtual Currency in NBA 2k23

How and where to use Virtual currency is also a tough task and many players waste their VC on Unnecessary items just because they do not know how to use their VC efficiently. Here is a detailed list of things on which you should spend your VC.


It is one of the most important things on which you can spend your VC. Upgrades mean increasing the player’s attributes and developing other physical stats of the player. To keep up with the competitive world of the NBA it is necessary that you spend your VC efficiently in upgrading your player as you will not be able to become one of the greatest without doing so. Upgrades can include increasing shooting ability, dribbling skills, & defensive skills. The primary thing you should consider while spending your VC should be player upgrades. These upgrades can make your player much more effective on both ends of the court, so be sure to spend your VC here.


The NBA 2K23 also offers a variety of options to style your player. You can use virtual currency to buy new clothes, change the hairstyle of the player, get new shoes and many other things. The customization aspect of the game is an important element as it makes your player stand out from the crowd. New tattoos, hairstyles and other personalized items give your player a dope look. Well, these items have no impact on how your player performs on the court, but it surely helps you in giving a personal touch to your player.

MyTeam Packs

NBA 2K23 MyTeam game mode allows you can create your own squad of players. While this can be done without spending any VC you may need to spend a little if you want to assemble great players in your team. You may buy new player card packs and other products that may assist you assemble your team using VC. The greater the player the more it will cost you. If you want to have a Hall of Famer in your team or an All-Star player it will definitely cost you more than a normal player. Hence virtual currency can help you in building a great team in MyTeam gaming mode.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Packs

New Players

A strong bench is always required for a great team, thus recruiting fresh players to your team is a crucial duty. You can increase your team's overall rating by using in-game cash (VC) to recruit more members. From the in-game market, additional players can be purchased. The cost of each player is determined by how much value each one brings to the squad; a player with strong stats and an excellent overall rating will cost you more than one with a poor overall rating. Hence you should consider these factors before spending your VC on new players.

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Tips & Tricks for Maximizing VC usage

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind if you would like to get the maximum from your NBA 2K23 virtual currency:

  • Even though it could be alluring to spend your virtual currency (VC) on the customization or new players, it's usually a good idea to give player upgrades priority. Your on-court performance can be greatly improved by improving your player's qualities & attributes.

  • Be sure to shop around if you're utilising virtual currency to buy MyTeam packs. There are occasionally reduced bundles available that include excellent players or other useful stuff.

  • NBA 2K23 frequently offers deals that give customers extra Virtual Currency. Go for one of these deals if you intend to purchase VC with real money in order to obtain the best deal possible.

  • It might be simple to get carried away with the thrill of making new purchases with VC, but it's crucial to exercise caution.


Utilising your virtual currency appropriately is a challenging task and many people get carried away by the unimportant stuff and then spend it on items which really matter. The player attributes how he performs on the court and the overall gameplay should be your first priority while considering spending your VC. Then you can always spend a little on looks and styling your player. It is important to set your priorities first as VC is a valuable resource in the game and it can be a tedious job earning VC. So, try to spend it wisely and use this guide to know where it could be more beneficial for you to spend your virtual currency.

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