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Albion Online Crafting Stations Guide

Albion Online offers you a vast range of items that you can use to enhance your overall performance in the game including the improvement of your stats. Here, items do not just give you a vast exploration of the game but also make your gameplay much more exciting, challenging, and interesting with many rewards as well.

Crafting is an important aspect of Albion Online and it is the final step of the process where you create usable items after Gathering and Refining. A vast majority of the usable items that you equip and use in Albion Online are obtained by crafting. And for crafting, you’ll need crafting stations. 

With the help of crafting stations, you can craft various usable items in Albion Online including food and potions. As Albion Online offers you player-driven activities, so crafting becomes an important aspect of it. For each crafting, there’s a specific crafting station available that you can use to produce the item you need the most.

For crafting each item, there’s a special recipe associated with it that you can farm and refine before stepping into the crafting stations. Understanding crafting stations and using them effectively in your gameplay might be challenging because there are various crafting stations available and crafting activities associated with them. This guide will help you get a better understanding of crafting stations and how you can use them effectively for your benefit and improve your overall gaming experience.

What are Crafting Stations?

In simple words, crafting stations are stations located in the Albion Online map to help you craft specific items in the game that you can use to further proceed through your game. Crafting is not possible without the help of crafting stations. For each item, there’s a specific crafting station assigned so it is also very important to have a better understanding of each crafting station before you start using them. 

Understanding Crafting Stations

As mentioned, and discussed above, there is a specific building for crafting each item just like you do in refining. It is very important to have a better and basic understanding of each crafting station so that you can craft the items easily according to your needs and requirements. Below is a list of all the crafting stations or crafting buildings in Albion Online along with their little description about what they craft.

Albion Online Crafting Stations

1. Toolmaker

As the name suggests, Toolmaker is an economic building that allows you to craft a wide range of tools that help you in harvesting various resources in the world of Albion Online. You can find Toolmaker building in main cities, islands, and even home territories. The Toolmaker also has some tiers from Tier 2 to Tier 8.

2. Saddler

This particular building helps you with saddling animals in order to create mounts and crafting items that are related and required for the mounts. It helps you craft bags and other items that are related to the mounts. It also has a Tier system and can be upgraded.

3. Alchemist’s Lab

This building or crafting station allows you to craft and produce various consumable items or potions that help you on the battlefield. So, when you need potions, you can surely craft them in the Alchemist’s lab.

4. Cook

As the name suggests, the cook is a crafting building specifically made for crafting all the food items and allows you to prepare meals using meat, vegetables, and even animal-related products like eggs and milk. Meals can be used for restoring nutrition.

5. Workbench

It is one of the most basic buildings in Albion Online when it comes to crafting because it helps you craft basic equipment for new characters. It allows you to craft the basic tools that you need to get started.

6. Warrior’s Forge

This specific building is a military building and it crafts specific weapons and specific armor. When it comes to weapons, it helps you craft all the warrior weapons and when it comes to armor, it helps you craft Plate Armor. Like all the above-mentioned buildings, it also has a Tier system that helps you yield better and high-quality items.

7. Mage’s Tower

This crafting building helps you craft Mage weapons and Cloth armor that you can use in your gameplay. Though it can craft all the mage weapons but when it comes to armor, it only crafts cloth armor. This too has a Tier system.

8. Hunter’s Lodge

Hunter’s Lodge is a specific type of crafting building where you can craft all the Hunter weapons and specifically Leather armor when it comes to crafting armor. This too has a Tier system and can be upgraded.

Keep in mind that there is a specific crafting station assigned for crafting each item and as you gain experience and upgrade them, you'' receive more enhanced items.

Understanding the Location

Knowing about the crafting stations isn’t enough, you also need to have a better understanding of the location of each crafting station. The map of the Albion Online is very large and covers a wide range of locations in it so there are various locations where you can go to craft items using the crafting stations.

You can find all the above-mentioned crafting stations in Cities, Outposts, Territories, and Guild Islands. When you know about the location of each crafting station, you can access them easily using mounts and save your time as well.

Albion Online Crafting Stations Guide

Using Payer Island

You can also use player islands to build crafting stations on them. One of the major benefits of constructing a crafting station on your player Island is that you get more privacy and private space for crafting your items.

It also saves your time when you build a crafting station on your island so you don’t have to travel through the cities in order to craft items. However, it is totally optional to build a personal island for crafting stations, you can still craft items even if you don’t have any personal island by traveling through the cities and other locations.

Upgrade Your Crafting Stations

Like any other game, the upgradation is a must because as you go through the game gaining experience, it becomes very important to improve and upgrade your equipment and resources to gain more advantages. Similarly, in Albion Online, you can upgrade your crafting stations to get more perks and advantages. It will increase the efficiency of your crafting stations to a lot better by enhancing the quality of your crafted items using fewer resources. Upgradation will require you to spend Gold, the in-game currency of Albion Online. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Understanding the Tier of Crafting Stations

Each crafting station has a Tier level associated with it and to use a crafting station of a certain Tier, you'll be needed to earn the ability required for a particular feature of a station. Crafting stations have tiers from level one to level 8. The higher the level of the tier you use for crafting items, the higher and the better number of items you will craft.

Be Close to Your Crafting Stations

Being close to your crafting stations will allow you to access them very quickly whenever you need to craft an item. Staying close to your crafting stations will also help you with saving your energy and time.

Use Crafting Focus

Every item is crafted in a specific period of time and the resources that are required for crafting them are also specific. Crafting focus can help you with reducing the time while crafting a particular item as well as the number of resources required for crafting it. This specific game mechanic helps you with improving the quality while crafting for the items such as Mounts, Armor, Weapons, and Accessories.

There are various ways you can earn crafting focus and players having premium accounts can passively earn up to 10,000 focus points within a span of 24 hours. The cost of crafting focus can be reduced if you achieve a higher level of mastery. As the crafting focus helps you reduce the crafting cost for your items, it is advisable to use your crafting focus wisely.


Crafting is a major and important aspect of Albion Online that gives you access to various in-game activities and a better understanding of crafting and crafting stations will help you proceed easily with your gameplay. Crafting stations are divided into tiers from Beginner to Elder which makes the overall crafting process deeper and more diverse.

With the help of this guide, you can hop into crafting stations and start crafting items for your needs. However, it is very important to keep in mind that crafting is a player-driven activity and you should only craft items that you need the most. It is all about Supply and Demand. Keep a check on your inventory and resources that you have for crafting items and craft the items that you need the most. Managing your inventory well is a must that you should take care of while crafting items. As you keep crafting, you will gain experience which will help you to understand crafting stations better.

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