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Albion Online Fame Credit Guide

It can be a little intimidating to first sign up for Albion Online or to sign back in after a long absence. Before entering that world, you must at least have an elementary grasp of the game's complexity. However, we won't be discussing the fundamentals today. Today, we'll examine Fame Credits, one of Albion Online's most intricate systems. Please bear with me as I attempt to explain this complex topic in the simplest way possible.


Players that engage with the Albion environment earn fame, at times referred to as encounters in other games. Gathering, PvP, crafting, farming, PvE, building constructions, and other activities can result in fame. In Albion Online, gaining Fame points is crucial for character development and power leveling. Fame can be obtained by successfully accomplishing different in-game tasks, including slaying monsters, gathering resources, finishing dungeons, and engaging in PvP combat.

Additionally, some goods, including Tier 1-8 weapons and armor, will award Fame points when created. Lastly, there are a few unique chores and events that grant Fame points to players. Players that put in enough time and effort can gain a lot of Fame points and advance through the challenge more rapidly. Gamers can unlock strong powers in the Destiny Board with Fame points, get strong gear, and advance through the game more quickly.

Fame Credits 

What exactly are fame credits? It is natural to be a little bewildered by the phrase since it does not appear in other types of MMORPGs. You must first understand what fame is, though, in order to respond to this question. Fame is the same as EXP, or experience points, in Albion Online. Even though the nomenclature is different, the way it functions is fairly similar to how EXP functions in other games. After getting that thing out of our heads, we may discuss Fame Credits. The game's brand-new feature, fame credits, can be used as money. Also you can even buy the primary in-game currency of Albion Online, that is Silver from our website for real money. It allows you to make in-game purchases and gives you an edge over other players.

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How can you obtain Fame Credits?

In Albion Online, there are not numerous methods to gain Fame. It cannot simply be purchased off the shelf or in any other straightforward way. In actuality, there are only two ways to get fame. First, anytime you reach the maximum level of Mastery on a particular node, Fame Credits will be awarded to you.

The alternative is to respec, which will instantly translate your specialization levels into Fame Credits. Respecing is the process of removing levels from one item and adding them to another. You can lower the first object on the level for as long as you like after opening it up to receive Fame Credits. You will need to spend a set sum of silver, so keep that in mind. Open the item you wish to improve, and then utilise your fame credits to do it.

Albion Online Fame Credits


The term "respec" refers to the player's ability to freely alter the level of combat-related nodes (both specializations and masteries), with some silver-related restrictions. Respecing is the procedure of turning accumulated combat fame to combat fame credits onto the destiny board and then reassigning fame to other places or holding on to combat fame in the manner of combat fame credits for future usage.

Due to not having to work other nodes from the beginning, players can change their minds about builds, continue to acquire combat renown on combat points that are past level 100, and change with the shifting meta.

Elite Specialization

Combat specializations of level 100 and higher are considered elite level specializations since elite levels have a 120-level maximum for the specialization node. For each elite-level node on the destiny board relating to the player's gear for both battle and employing tomes of insight, the player will receive combat fame credits.

Despite not being specialization nodes, higher-level masteries act similarly to elite specialization nodes in terms of combat fame credits. For instance, a certain proportion of combat fame credits are acquired for every level 100 proficiency node while gaining combat fame alongside associated items equipped.

Depending on the equipment that the combat fame is converted into combat fame credits with the player will receive credits for combat fame. These tools must have at least an elite-level specialization node or a level 100 master node on the destiny board.

For each fight fame acquired, a varied percentage of combat fame credits are granted by every kind of node according to the equipment category. For instance, if a player gains 100 battle fame and this proportion is 10%, they will instead receive 10 combat fame credits.

Albion Online Elite Specialization

Keep in mind

There are two ways to acquire Fame Credits:

  • For a Silver fee, you can instantly convert Mastery Levels past the first into Fame Credits.

  • When you have reached the maximum Mastery Levels for a certain node, Fame gained will immediately be transformed into Fame Credits.

Bear in mind, however, that the quantity of Fame Credits required to obtain a Mastery Level is twenty-five percent greater than the amount you will receive if you changed the identical grade into Fame Credits. For instance, you would only reach Mastery Level 92 if you peaked out Spear Fighter after completing all 99 Levels to buy Fame Credits to use in Sword Fighter. To make it to 100, you would require a further 25 percent Fame Credits.

In comparison to other nodes of a similar type, Offhand Nodes merely cost and give back 20% of Fame Credits. The quantity of Fame Credits also depends on how costly the node is in Learning Points. This is carried out so that it is irrelevant whether you put Learning Points towards Mastery Levels or otherwise.

Conversion rates for Slots

Combat fame credit is acquired depending on the node's equipment slot and is given for either mastery or specialization nodes that are not less than level 100.

  • Weapons in the main hand slot provide 10%.

  • Weapons in the off-hand slot provide 0.5%.

  • Weapons with two hand slots provide 10%.

  • The 2.5% is given by head slot armor.

  • Armors for chest slots offer 5%.

  • Slot armor for shoes provides 2.5%.

This indicates that only that much combat fame would be transformed into combat fame credits if the player is wearing a single piece of gear having level 100 mastery.


The corresponding mastery node has the same quantity of rate of conversion hidden for each specialization node.

  • The specialty, or the appropriate mastery, must be a minimum of level 100.

  • The equipment's specialization can be below level 100 with level 100 mastery.

  • Because there are no higher levels and it cannot function at lower levels, each mastery node must have a level of 100.

  • Prior to any specialization, masteries may level up to 100, but it is now possible to achieve level 100 with specialization while reverting to a level 100 mastery.

  • The corresponding specialization node's conversion rate will continue to function.

  • The conversion rate will not rise as the specialization level increases beyond 100.

  • The conversion rate remains constant regardless of how many elite level specialization nodes are present next to the specialization node (the equipment being used).

  • The rates of conversion are never multiplicative; they are always additive.

  • For instance, if one item grants 5% and another grants 2,5%, the sum will always be 5 + 2, which is 7,5%.

  • Never will the sum be 0,05 times 0,025 or 7,6%.

  • Conversion happens automatically and conversion rates are totally free.


Combat-related nodes (weapons and armor) can manually switch between combat fame credits and combat fame on the destiny board. By gaining battle fame at an elite level node, the player can also passively convert acquired combat glory into combat fame credits. Use fight fame credits for the following reasons:

  • Specialization can be leveled up from 120 to 10 0, but cannot be accomplished with just combat fame. 

  • Get equipment, talents, and item power that might be hard or inadequate to achieve without skipping the grind.

So make sure you read and use all the points while gaming and move forward in the game. You must be patient and proceed in the game to make most out of the game. The guide is now complete. Happy Gaming!

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