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Albion Online Alliance Guide

In Albion Online, you get a vast range of gaming modes, mechanics, and gameplay styles to keep up your excitement and make your overall gameplay interesting and engaging. Guilds have been a major part of Albion Online and when two or more guilds come together for specific missions and roles, it is called an Alliance. Alliances give you access to a variety of gameplay, missions, playing styles, and other interesting features. In alliances, you get support from other top-notch players and guild members.

In Alliances, a group of guilds come together under one name and one mission and work together to get many benefits including earning points and ranking up yourself. Guilds play an important role in Albion Online and creating an alliance is a part of this. From sharing objectives to resource gathering & crafting, guilds have everything that makes you go through challenges and get hooked for a longer period of time. Alliances are more than just creating guilds and coming together to complete objectives and missions and fighting together. The way you manage your alliances, make plans and plan strategies affects your overall gameplay and plays an important role in deciding the chances of your victory.

Below is a detailed guide to help get started with this particular feature of Albion Online called “Alliances” that you can use for your own benefits from improving your skills and abilities to elevating your overall player stats.

What Actually is an Alliance?

In simple words, the coming of guilds and forming a team under one name is what you call an alliance here. You can indulge in multiple activities from gathering to PvP battles and also taking control over a territory. Guilds work together to accomplish goals and missions and working together as a team makes it better for each and every player. You can take help from other experienced players and improve your stats, skills, and abilities.

How to Create an Alliance?

Creating an alliance is a cinch here, all you have to do is click and access the guild tab where you’ll find a pop-up for creating an alliance. To create an alliance, you’ll need 500,000 silver which is an in-game currency in Albion Online. If you are falling short of the Silver, the best way to get them if for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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When you create an alliance, you give it a name and a tag. You can have a name up to 30 characters long and a tag up to 5 characters long. When you create an alliance, you become the leader of that particular alliance, or the guild you’re in becomes the leader that gives you access to invite and kick guilds accordingly. 

You cannot give your position as an alliance’s leader to any other guild and the moment you leave the alliance, all the guilds will get separated and the alliance will get finished. However, it is very important to note that the alliance rejoin cooldown is of 7 days.

Albion Online Alliance

Alliance-Specific Activities

There are multiple activities that are specific to alliances where you can indulge yourself and take participation with the help and support of other experienced guilds and players. Each activity can be accessed easily and should be done properly. Each activity demands a specific game plan and strategy whether it is crafting and gathering resources or stepping into battle zones. Some of the alliance-specific activities are listed below to help you with their activities and how you can take part in them.

Controlling the Territories

You can take control over the territories defended by the other players and defend your territory when attacked by other players or alliances. Guilds form an alliance and fight with a group of other guilds or alliances and the outcome of the battle will decide the control over the territory.

There are two types of territories in Albion Online, Resource Territories and Farm Territories. Resource territories contain many farmable resources which offer you a gathering yield buff when you’re inside the territory. On the other hand, Farm territories have many farms which are accessible to the guilds that have control over there. These territories are protected by the NPC guards.

Gathering and Crafting Resources

As a member of an alliance, you can gather and craft resources together with the other players of your team and help each other through the gameplay. You can gather and craft valuable resources with the other players from your surroundings. 

Participating in PvP Battles

You can also take participation in various PvP battles and work together to form a powerful team that leads to a successful victory. You can take participation in Faction Warfare, Guild versus Guild Battles, Crystal Leagues, Open-World PvP, and many other exciting battles including controlling the zone as well.

It is very important to have an idea about each battle type and how it can be played efficiently and give your best by supporting each other in the battle zone. You can take participation in the PvP battles as frequently as you want depending on the goals and mission of your alliance and the collective decision that comes from the leadership.

Any kind of PvP battle requires strategy, planning, and the right approach to make win and defeat other players. To serve well in the war zone, it is very necessary to plan your weapons, armor, and roles perfectly to maximize the probability of your winning.

Albion Online PvP Battles

Season Points Sharing in Alliance

Yes, there is also sharing of the season points in Albion Online. All the season points that are generated will be partially shared with all the members of the alliance however it is important to note that Guild Challenge Points are exceptions to this because they completely remain to the Guild.

Every time your guild scores season points, they are further split between the guild as well as all the guilds in the alliance. There is direct guild share and alliance share. In the direct guild share, 50% of the season points directly get rewarded to your guild. And, in alliance share, rest 50% of season points are shared evenly to all the guilds that are part of an alliance which includes your alliance as well. The thing that is needed to be kept in mind is that your part of the share of season points becomes less if there are more guilds in an alliance. The fewer the number of guilds in an alliance, the more will be the sharing of the season points.

Benefits of Joining an Alliance

There are multiple benefits of joining an alliance. The most common benefit is that all the members that are present in an alliance of all the guilds will be non-hostile to each other in most of the areas, zones, situations, and conditions except for some which are Hellgates and Faction Warfare.

Also, you can’t make or launch any type of attack on resource territories, farm territories, castles, or even the cities of the allied guilds. A tag to the left of your guild name will be visible indicating that you are a part of an alliance.

Manage Your Alliance

If you’re the leader of an alliance then it becomes very necessary for you to manage your alliance and all the guilds that are part of it. Keep an eye on each guild and its activities and the way it is performing in other activities. As a leader of an alliance, you have the access to kick or invite a guild you want that matches your standards. To make your alliance strong and efficient, you need to constantly check and filter all the guilds that are a part of your alliance. You can kick those guilds out that no longer serve your alliance and perform well. However, if you’re not a leader, then you can leave your alliance that no longer performs well and serves any good.

Set Missions and Goals

It is very necessary to put goals and missions and be clear with them. From strategizing battles to making future plans, you can set missions and assign roles for each guild present in an alliance and ask them to follow and coordinate to serve well.

Keeping your goals and objectives clear and firm will make all the guilds of your alliance focused. You can set goals for fighting PvP battles, gathering & crafting resources, or taking control over a particular territory and work together accordingly by helping each other.

Communication is the Key

To work effectively and efficiently making a strong coordination it is very important to communicate with all the members of the guilds that are present in your alliance. Better communication will make it easier for all the players to understand the goals and objectives that you’ve set for everyone.

Communication helps you in managing your alliance well. You can either use the in-game chat feature to chat and communicate with other players or you can take them on a discord to communicate more efficiently. While communicating, always listen to the opinions and viewpoints of each member to avoid any kind of confusion and misunderstanding.

Invite More People but Not Randomly

To make your alliance more strong and more powerful, you need to manage your alliance by inviting active guilds and kicking out the non-active ones. You can invite guilds to be a part of your alliance but don’t do it randomly or invite any random guild because you have to choose quality over quantity. It is better to have a few active guilds than a bunch of non-active guilds. Check well before inviting any guild.


Alliances play a major role in Albion Online because they help you to grow and learn together with other experienced players. Creating any alliance is easy but it is very important to manage your guild patiently if you want to make your alliance strong. The above-mentioned guide can help you with alliances and all the alliance-specific content from managing to fighting efficiently and keeping your alliance running. With the help of this guide, you can start your journey toward creating or joining an alliance. Cheerful Gaming!

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