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Albion Online PvP Guide

PvP stands for Player versus Player where you must fight and compete with other players and defeat them to win the battle. In Albion online, there are various PvP battles challenging your skills, strategies, and team coordination. You not just win wars in PvP battles but also get a good amount of loot for your gears after taking down your enemies. You can fight with other players, fight in the arena that offers a 5v5 and 1v1 battle style, fight with guilds, and many more including Crystal Leagues and Hellgate.

In Crystal League, your motive is to destroy and capture the crystal of your opponent's team while protecting and defending your own crystal. It can go from 5v5 to 20v20 offering a wide range of loots. In Hellgate, you enter an area with other players defending each othering and killing mobs and enemies to find your way to the end of the dungeon. Here, team coordination is very much needed.

Albion Online offers you a wide range of PvP battles where you can indulge in a wide range of battles where strategy, skills, and good teamwork are required. Becoming a good PvP player can be confusing and challenging so here are a few tips, tricks, and guides to get you started and move an inch closer to becoming a good PvP player.

Deciding Your Role

It all starts with choosing the role you want to play with that serves your role on the battlefield. Are you a tanker, healer, DPS, or support? Each role has its own playing style including merits and demerits. Each role deals with attacks and defense differently and requires a unique playstyle. Here is a list of some roles and their advantages to get you a better understanding of the playing style of each role.


Tankers are the front liners that stand and act as the first line of the border. They are capable of absorbing high damage on the battlefields. They have a great amount of health. They can make high strong attacks along with absorbing more damage. In short, they have high health and high defense.

Albion Online Tank


DPS is known as Damage Per Second and this particular role is responsible for dealing maximum damage to the enemies. They have the highest damage rate during battles and they are capable of giving high damage. They also have several roles like Ranged DPS which are capable of attacking from a distance and Melee DPS which can give close damage to the enemies when they’re in close contact.


As the name suggests, they work as a healer. They heal the members of their group and keep them alive through their healing powers. They keep their group’s members alive by providing them with all sorts of energy, aids, and strengths. While playing as a healer, your main motivation should be to keep an eye on the health of members of their group so that you can provide healing and protection when needed. As a healer, you also have some offensive skills but your main role is to heal everyone.


Support players can be added to the list of healers too because they heal the abilities and spells of their group members providing a better support system during the battle. As a support player, your responsibility is to take care of all the needs of your group members.

Support players provide buffing and debuffing in the battle. Buffing means increasing the stats and abilities of your group’s members whereas debuffing means decreasing the stats and abilities of the members of your enemy group. You can choose the one that suits you best and play accordingly. Experimenting is the only thing that will fetch you towards knowing what suits you best.

Albion Online Support

Focus on your Build

When you have your roles ready, it's time to focus on your builds. In Albion Online, builds refer to selecting and making a particular set of weapons, armor, and abilities that will enhance your performance in the battle to serve your strengths well. There are multiple weapons, armor, and abilities to choose from and each serves differently on the battlefield. The build is different and made differently for each role offering multiple stats and abilities. Here’s an example for each build to help you understand how you can create your own build.

For Tanks

For tanks, we can use Frost Staff Tank which will slow down the enemies using Frost Staff crowd control. It uses a heavy armor and a shield for taking some extra defense while serving on the ground.


For DPS, we can use Bow DPS which is capable of making ranged attacks on the enemy. This particular build has the ability to shoot and take enemies down standing at some distance from you.

For Healers

For healers, we can use Nature Staff Healer which provides Nature Staff’s healing to the abilities maintaining the health of group members. It uses light armor for better and smooth mobility.

For Support

For Support, Warbow support can be used that makes ranged attacks to provide support and crowd control helping the group members move ahead. There’s also a Curse Support which weakens the enemies while providing some healings to the allies. 

Albion Online Builds

Understanding Zones

In Albion Online, zones are the areas where players can play and interact with each other. The size of these zones can vary and there is a total of four zones out there having different rules, restrictions, and offering loot. Each zone has different PvP rules and the way you can interact with other players in a particular area covering major cities and territories. Zones help you in gathering resources offering various loots but also play a major role in deciding the playstyle of a player. You can identify and locate the zones easily by taking a look at the map. All four zones are described below.

Blue Zones

Blue Zones are considered the safest zone for gathering resources and crafting materials for the gear. They are the starting zones for new players with low-risk activities. There is no PvP combat in the blue zone though there are faction warfare activities. In Faction Warfare, you won’t lose any of your items or gear.

Note: You can collect resources from Tier 1 to Tier 4 in a blue zone.

Yellow Zones

Yellow Zones are the areas with low risk. They allow you to get indulged in a PvP combat but only when you’re flagged hostile. Like blue zones, you won’t lose anything after dying but you’ll have to wait for a timer to revive so that you can play again. It also offers you Faction Warfare activities.

Note: You can collect resources from Tier 1 to Tier 5 in a yellow zone.

Red Zones

Red Zones are high high-risk areas offering full PvP combat. So, in a red zone, you can have PvP combat with other players and can loot the items of each other. Here, you can be flagged or non-flagged. If you’re a flagged player then you can attack flagged and non-flagged players but if you’re a non-flagged player then you can’t attack anyone.

Note: You can collect resources from Tier 1 to Tier 6 in a blue zone.

Black Zone

Black Zones are the most dangerous areas in Albion Online offering high risk with full PvP combat. They are considered the most dangerous zones because you can lose all your items and gears if you die in a black zone. They are often controlled by powerful guilds. You can collect resources of the highest tier in a black zone.

Note: You can collect resources from Tier 1 to Tier 8 in a black zone.

Some Important Key-points to Remember

  • The more you practice, the better you become, so it is very important to keep moving ahead and keep practicing because it will elevate your strategies, playstyle, and combat skills.

  • Join Guilds and help each other on the battlefield.

  • Communicate well with your teammates because team coordination is the only key to moving faster and killing your enemies efficiently.

  • Focus on zones that are worth playing in. Is it worth losing your gears and items? If you think that you can handle a particular battle well then there’s no need to worry.

  • Focus on your health during the battle. If you’re playing a role of a healer then you should also keep an eye on the health of your group’s members.

  • Choose your weapons wisely. 

  • Choose your armor wisely. It should provide a good defense as well as good mobility so that you can move efficiently and evade your enemies.

  • Experiment with your weapons, armor, skills, and abilities. Don’t be afraid to try different items.

  • Keep updating your gears. 

  • Have patience.

  • Use Silver Coins to make in-game purchases in case you need items to boost your progress.
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It takes a lot of effort and perseverance to get great in PvP battles because you must not only learn yourself but also your opponents and their playing style. All of this requires a great deal of perseverance and planning. Each PvP combat in Albion Online tests your talents in a unique way and comes in a broad range. Learning from your past errors and analyzing each battle once it is finished are the only ways to improve at PvP battles. You can enter a battle with ease if you have the aforementioned tips and methods and a basic understanding of PvP battles. Cheers to gaming!

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