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Albion Online DPS Guide

DPS in Albion Online stands for “Damage Per Second” and it is one of the roles that give more damage to the enemies and can finish the battle more quickly and efficiently with its fast durability and strength. There are four roles in Albion Online and they are, Tanker, Healer, Supporter, and DPS where DPS is a very important and crucial role that can take enemies down very efficiently and at a faster pace. However, it has one demerit when you are using a DPS character or playing the role of DPS, your damage will increase but at the same time, your defense will significantly decrease.

DPS is known for dealing with higher damage rates and taking enemies down fast. While playing as a DPS, you can help your teammates in a more light and better way while fighting with other players or during a PvE. To be an effective DPS player, it’s very important to have a better understanding of its playing style and how to coordinate well with other team members because it is not that capable of blocking high and furious attacks. You’ll also have to constantly upgrade your gears, weapons, and all skills so that you can perform well in battle. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get started.

Choosing the Right Weapon

Like any other fighting game, it is very important to have a correct weapon that is not just powerful and deals a lot of damage but also comes in very handy and is easy to operate during the battle. It becomes a very wise decision to select the right weapon to serve well in battles. In Albion Online, there are three types of weapons they are Warrior Weapons, Hunter Weapons, and Mage Weapons. Weapons can be one or two-handed depending on their built quality and abilities to perform in the battleground.

Weapons are further divided into two groups according to their manufacture and built quality which is Standard and Artifact. Standard Weapons are easy to get because they can be easily crafted from the resources whereas Artifact weapons are unique weapons that will offer you unique and powerful abilities giving an edge over standard weapons. Below is a list of some weapons from each category along with their playing style to help you with a better understanding of using weapons and equipping them according to the need and requirements.

Albion Online Weapons

Warrior Weapons

They are most particularly for small-range attacks. They require close-range contact or physical contact with the enemies. You need to be very close to the enemies so that you can give them damage and use your weapon. Some of the Warrior weapons are listed below.

  • Swords: Claymore, Broadsword, Longsword, Carving sword, etc.

  • Axes: Battleaxe, Greataxe, Halberd, etc.

  • Maces: Heavy mace, Morning Star, Bedrock, etc.

  • Hammers: Polehammer, Great Hammer, Tombhammer, etc.

  • Crossbows: Heavy Crossbows, Light Crossbows, Weeping Repeater.

Hunter Weapons

They are ranged weapons and don’t require you to get any close to your enemy. They can fire and attack the enemies from some distance making little to no contact with your opponent. They are great at dealing with damage from a distance. Just aim your enemy and attack. Some of the Hunter Weapons are listed below.

  • Bows: Warbow, Longbow, Whispering Bow, etc.

  • Spears: Spear, Pike, Glaive, etc

  • Nature Staves: Nature Staff, Great Nature Staff, Wild Staff, etc.

  • Daggers: Dagger, Dagger Pair, Claws, etc.

Mage Weapons

They are very different from Warrior and Hunter Weapons because they are magic weapons and they cast magic spells on their enemies. They are filled with magical powers and bombard enemies with magical spells and attacks. Some of the Mage Weapons are listed below.

  • Fire Staves: Fire Staff, Great Fire Staff, Infernal Staff, etc.

  • Holy Staves: Holy Staff, Great Holy Staff, Divine Staff, etc.

  • Arcane Staves: Arcane Staff, Great Arcane Staff, Enigmatic Staff, etc.

  • Frost Staves: Frost Staff, Great Frost Staff, Glacial Staff, etc.

  • Cursed Staves: Cursed Staff, Great Cursed Staff, Demonic Staff, etc.

These are the basic and most important weapons having their own merits and demerits resulting in the formation of a warrior's set. You can choose them according to what comes handier and is easy for you to use in the battle.

Albion Online Different Weapons

Some Other Weapons

Though the above-mentioned weapons are the main weapons there are a few Off-hand weapons, tools, and vanity items. Off-hand weapons are included or carried as off-hand like books, torches, and shields that can provide some additional damage to the enemies.

Off-hand tools are craft items to perform other activities and tasks like fishing rods and skinning knives. Lastly, we have Vanity items that have no effect on gameplay which are used to decorate or look more stylish. They are usually cosmetic items like bags, lanterns, and other decorative items.

Select Your Armor

Choosing a weapon isn’t enough when you’re fighting with enemies because armor protects you from the attacks of your enemies providing better defense. Armor plays a critical role in your defense before you embark on a battle. Choosing an armor that protects you from the attacks of enemies and provides defense isn’t just sufficient, it should also provide you good mobility so that you can easily move to the places and feel free while moving.

Wearing the right armor puts you in a less vulnerable position while dealing with the attacks of enemies. Well, here’s a little introduction and summary of the types of armor available in Albion Online along with their characteristics and performance. Based on offense and defense, we generally have three types of Armor and you should choose the one that fits well with your current skills and abilities adding more strength and power to the armor.

1. Cloth Armor

It is the most common and basic armor out of the three armors. It gives very little defense but very high mobility. Wearing this armor might reduce your defense but with this, you can roam and move easily and give high attacks to the enemies. It also offers you high energy regeneration. Cloth Armor has three tiers.

  • Cloth - It is the most basic tier of armor and provides very less protection against damage and enemy attacks.

  • Scholar Robe - It is the second tier of cloth armor and it provides slightly more protection than Cloth which makes it lie between higher and lower protection of armor.

  • Mage Robe - It is the highest tier of the rest two tiers of armor which can provide the highest and strongest protection against enemy attacks giving a good defense to the players. It could be a great choice when selecting armor in cloth.

2. Leather Armor

It provides a medium level of offense and defense to the players. It is a medium type of armor, neither too defensive nor too offensive during the battles making it a good choice for both mobility and attacking purposes. It can be a good choice for middle-ground battles. It comes in three pieces they are Jackets, Hoods, and Shoes. There are a total of five tiers when it comes to leather armor and each tier has its own merits and demerits with unique stats and abilities and they are listed below in their respective order.

  • Leather Armor (Tier 4) - They are the lowest tier armor. They rule around providing moderate defense and mobility to the players.

  • Stalker Armor (Tier 5) - They focus more on mobility and less on defense mechanisms.

  • Hunter Armor (Tier 6) - They focus on both mobility and defense equally.

  • Assassin Armor (Tier 7) - They are specially designed for taking a high burst of damage along with giving a good defense to the players in the battleground.

  • Mercenary Jacket (Tier 8) - They are the top level of armor that won’t just provide you with a great level of defense but also a fast and efficient level of mobility. It is a good choice to go with Mercenary Jacket if you want to serve well on the battlefield.

3. Plate Armor

They are the most advanced and highest level of armor that provides good efficiency but less durability. They are mostly used by soldiers standing on a frontline so that they can maximize possible damage. When you wear plate armor, your defense will increase to a high extent but you’ll get low in the terms of mobility and carrying the armor. They come in three pieces, Armor, Helmets, and Boots, and are divided into four tiers.

  • Tier 4 Plate Armor- They are the lowest tier of Plate armor. They give you a moderate defense and a little health bonus.

  • Tier 5 Plate Armor- They are a little more efficient than the tier 4 plate armors because they give you a good defense and some added health bonus.

  • Tier 6 Plate Armor- They come next to tier 5 plate armor. They give a better defense and more health bonuses than tier 5.

  • Tier 7 Plate Armor- They are the most effective armor of all the armor listed above. They provide greater defense along with a maximum health bonus to the players. They’ll enhance your survivability during the battle.

Albion Online Armor Guide

Focus on Your Skills & Abilities

You should start concentrating more on your skills and talents now that you have both a weapon and armor since they will put you ahead of many people and make killing simpler for you. Both your active and passive skills may be used to cope with opponents and fight more effectively in a combat situation.

It's crucial to pick your equipment carefully since a good piece of gear will help you achieve more victories. You can have up to six active skills that are related to the equipment you're wearing. The abilities listed below will give you an idea of how to use them effectively.

  • Frost Nova - During combat, it freezes your adversary, slowing their movement speed within a certain radius.

  • Bloodlust - Used with a dagger in hand. It significantly enhances damage for a while.

  • Poisoned Arrow - When using a bow, the Poisoned Arrow ability causes the target to take less healing while also taking some damage.

Level Up Your Gears

When you have everything you need, including a fantastic weapon and the toughest armor with some extra skills, it's time to concentrate on the quality of your gear and continually update it over time so you may increase your power, strength, and defense in combat.

Keep an eye on your equipment and keep improving it. With each improvement you make to your gear, you'll get a little bit closer to being a powerful and successful warrior. Utilizing the materials, you may enhance your gear. Because the renovations are expensive and time-consuming, be patient during them. Simply level up your gear to the subsequent tier to improve it, and your total performance will rise.

Some Key Points to Remember

  • As you practice, your combat abilities will improve, bringing you one step closer to triumph.

  • Experiment with different talents, prowess levels, armor types, and weaponry to determine what suits you best and what you can handle.

  • Participate in guild play with other players. Your fighting abilities will improve if you cooperate well with other guild members.

  • Use food and potions to stay energized and effective during the fight and to help your allies.

  • Put yourself in a better position. Taking the initiative and standing in the appropriate place is crucial.

  • Use Silver as and when you are in need of making any in-game purchase. If you are falling short of these coins, the best way is to get them for real money.

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Choosing the right way to be a good DPS could confusing as it has a lot of options but with the above-mentioned tips and tricks you can surely have a good start. Albion Online is a game where you must experiment with things to know what suits you best and what you’re more comfortable with.

Becoming a good DPS player isn’t that hard when you learn how to use your skills and abilities in a proper and structured way. However, it is very important to note that every weapon, armor, skill, and ability has its own merits and demerits. It all depends on you arrange them in order to make a proper set. Happy Gaming.

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