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Albion Online Red Zone Guide

In Albion Online, there are four zones and each zone has a different set of rules for PvP, and also the resources that are available in all the zones are extra in terms of their Tier level. Each zone offers you unique gameplay and mechanics that add more fun to Albion Online and you can play it with more fun and enjoyment.

The difficulty level keeps getting harder as you keep going from the blue to the black zone. You can perform numerous activities in these zones while proceeding through the game. Some zones offer you a good number of resources with the best item qualities and everything comes up with more risks. 

The higher the tier of the items and resources, the higher will be the risk in that particular zone. You can explore each zone and perform various activities to level up your gameplay and enjoy more features of Albion Online. These zones are made to give you more challenges, situations, and hardships.

There is Death and Knockdown when it comes to being attacked in zones; both have their own rules and conditions. The loot multiplier and fame multiplier both serve differently for each zone. Talking about the red zones, they are more risky areas and there’s nothing like being knocked out when it comes to being attacked by other players because there is only Death in the red zone. 

Getting started with the red zone might be tough especially if you’re just a beginner for zones in Albion Online because the red zone is riskier and more dangerous that comes after the black zone. Here’s a detailed guide to help you with surviving, understanding, and performing activities in the red zone.

Understanding The Red Zone

Before you step into the red zone, it is very important to have an idea about the zone and a little acquaintance with how things work here. The red zone is an unrestricted PvP where there are no restrictions or consents and you can attack or get attacked by other players or gankers roaming around.

The red zone has a death and fame multiplier of 3.3 which is approximately around +230% and a loot multiplier of 2.25 which is approximately around +125%. As death is there in the red zone, so after your death, all your items and resources that you’re carrying can be looted by other players. Simply, death means loss of all your inventory’s items and equipment and the part which you will lose will become loot for your enemies.

This zone is a high-risk and high-reward area in Albion Online where you get a variety of items and resources of higher tiers. You can engage in multiple activities such as gathering, crafting, PvP, and open-world fights. If you are confident enough to take high risks for a higher tier level of resources and loot then landing in a red zone is a great choice for you.

This zone is specifically designed to challenge your strength, strategies, skills, and abilities. As they offer high rewards and contain a higher level of risks, the players that take step into the red zone are well-experienced and powerful. Experienced and skilled players come here to enjoy loot and gather resources of their choice and make better use of their skills. Red zone also offers you to take participation and engage in open-world boss fights and get high rewards in return.

In open-world boss fights, bosses are powerful and challenging monsters that are designed to test your skills and abilities. Open-world boss fights are challenging so it requires you to plan your strategies, select your weapons, wear armor, and use a specific combination of skills and abilities to defeat them.

Albion Online Red Zone

Use Improved Gears

As the red zone is a risky and challenging zone where highly skilled and competitive players roam, it becomes very important to use the right gears and also keep improving and upgrading them. There are a variety of weapons, armor, skills, and abilities to choose from to level up yourself and use the gears wisely.

Improved and upgraded gears not just give you high offense but also a high defense mechanism which is very important to play balanced on the battlefield while protecting yourself and attacking other players.

You have hunter, warrior, and mage weapons to choose from with some other weapons and offhand with cloth, leather, and plate armor for defense. While selecting an armor, make sure it not just offers you high defense but also very high mobility which can help you in evading enemies and moving faster.

Leather armor can be a good choice when selecting for a better defense along with high mobility and durability. There are plenty of leather armor types of different tiers that you can use to improve your overall stats.

Skills & Abilities

You can use skills and abilities along with food and potions to get an edge and a high level of attack, defense, and healing in the red zone. Skills and abilities will help you deal with enemies and provide some extra support. Food and potions are also important because they can heal you and increase your strength and durability.

Don’t Wander Alone

Don’t wander alone in the red zone because it is a very dangerous zone and you can lose all your items and resources if once died in the zone. There are gankers and other players who look for weak and solo players to loot them.

When you wander with other players in a group and stay close to each other, you’ll minimize the chances of being attacked and looted by the other players. With better communication and coordination, you can easily save yourself from the attacks. 

Even if you have a high level of gear along with some powerful skills and abilities, it is still advised not to roam alone because gankers who come in a group can easily break your defense system and loot all your items and resources.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Don’t get lost in gathering resources, attacking, or looting that you get attacked by other players. Keep a constant check on your surroundings and make sure you’re not surrounded by any group of gankers and other enemies who can loot you.

While keeping a check on your surroundings, keep moving ahead and don’t be rigid to any place. Keep changing your location and position. Lingering on a particular location for a longer period of time increases the chances of attack by other players.

Use Mounts

In Albion Online, mounts are the animals or you can say things that help you with riding and going from one location to another. Using a mount provides better movement which is a good choice because high mobility will help you evade enemies and reach to a safe location without any problem. Along with providing faster mobility, mounts also provide you loading of resources that you can easily take from one place to another.

Stay Close To Your Mount

While gathering and looting resources, try to be close to your mount as much as possible. Don’t stand or go far away from your mount so that you can easily escape and move away from your enemies if ever get attacked and chased. Some of the mounts are Gold Tower Chariot, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Morgana Nightmare, Master’s Riding Horse, and many more that you can choose and select according to your preferences and requirements. Each mount has a different tier.

Albion Online Mounts

Loot Resources

The red zone is filled with loot of higher tiers and you can participate or join Hellgates and Corrupted Dungeons which are full of loot. Red zones contain the resources up to Tier 6 that you can loot and gather. Both hellgates and corrupted dungeons have their own rules and mechanics for playing. You can also use Silver, the in-game currency of Albion Online to get resources. If you are falling short of it, you can get them easily for real money.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchase Albion Online Silver at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support. 

Gaining and Losing of Reputation

In the red zone, you can gain and lose a reputation by performing and getting involved in many activities like gathering, crafting, killing enemies, and farming by earning reputation points. There’s a separate system for reputation ranks and titles that you can get based on your reputation points. You can lose reputation or reputation points if you attack non-hostile players having reputation point scores above zero.

However, it is important to note that there will be no loss of reputation points if you attack hostile characters who have negative reputation point scores irrespective of their hostile or non-hostile player status. The amount of loss in reputation points you’ll face depends on the reputation rank title of the victim. Each zone has different reputation point penalties and penalties in the red zone are much higher than the yellow zone.

Positive titles of reputation are Glorious, Noble, Reputable, and Virtuous. Negative titles of reputation are Dreaded, Infamous, Suspicious, Villainous, and Nefarious. So, when you’re in a red zone, keep in mind about your reputation and play accordingly otherwise you’ll get a high reputation loss.


Zones are designed to test your skills and make the overall gameplay challenging. The red zone is a high-risk and high-reward zone where you can lose all your items and resources if you die. To survive in any zone, you need plans, skills, and strategies and the above-mentioned guide is all about red zones, their advantages, disadvantages, how you can stay safe, and make the better use of your skills there. However, to achieve mastery in surviving in the red zone, you need to constantly improve yourself and take challenges head-on. The more risks you take, the better you get in surviving the red zone. For safety purposes, make sure you don’t carry very high-value items because they can be looted. With this guide, you can start playing in the red zone. All the best!

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