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Albion Online Mounts Guide

Albion Online allows users to ride on mounts, which are animals. All mounts, except transport and combat mounts, now grant the Carry Weight Bonus simply by being mounted. Even if you dismount or leave the mounting area, the bonus still applies. This implies that players retain the load advantage while moving around on foot, after dismounting, when going into a dungeon, etc.

This new method adjusts the load progress over tiers & scales according to the mount's equipment power. To move around  Albion Online, you will require a mount.Mules, oxen, and even enormous lizards are just a few of the diverse mounts available for various uses. There are two primary methods to obtain mounts: one is to craft the mounts at the taming place, and the other is to purchase them from the market.

Making a Mount choice

When choosing a mount, keep these three factors in mind:

  • Speed: The speed of your mount at which it moves.

  • Maximum Load: the maximum load that can be carried while mounted or unmounted on a mount.

  • Max Load Mounted: the maximum load that can be carried while mounting a mount.

  • Resilience: The health of the mount or armor when it is used against enemies.


Mounting periods vary in length depending on the mount. A range radius from the mount would show if a player mounts followed by dismounts, indicating that the player is unable to move past the circle without sacrificing the mount's ability to support their weight and its capability to quickly mount by tapping on the mount.

Forced Dismount

Now, players who are forcibly dismounted by the player or mob attacks are immediately cleansed and momentarily immune to the effects of crowd control. This should prevent attackers from sustaining a permanent stun by ensuring that force-dismounted users can always still use an ability after being dismounted.

Albion Online Forced Dismount

Crafting Mounts

Go to the town's saddler to learn how to make horses. They have a horseshoe-adorned storefront and are depicted as a horse on the neighborhood map. The requirements for each craftable mount, which typically involve a tamed variant of the creature that you desire to mount, are listed when you talk with the saddler. While taming can be a challenging task for intermediate crafters, it can also be enjoyable as you look for and collect a variety of mounts from all over the world. 

We advise all participants to purchase the majority or all of their mounts. To get to and from your objectives, you are still going to require access to reliable mounts, even if you want to train and craft one of your own.

Purchasing Mounts

The easiest and best method to obtain mounts is to purchase them from vendors. Visit the market, then use the menu that appears at the top of the window to configure your filter to only display mounts. You can seek an offer, filter results by tier, browse for particular mounts or create a buy request for a particular mount. You require coins to buy the mounts, make sure you visit our website to get the coins at an affordable price, to give yourself a headstart and a time boost.

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There are many different mounts, but these are the major ones you require to be aware of:


The entry-level mounts. These continuously flood the marketplace and are utilized as throwaways by players testing out risky activities.

Transport Oxes

Oxen and other carrying mounts can carry much weight but travel very slowly. They are appropriate for crafters and traders with minimal risk.

Riding Horses

The standard mount across the board in Albion Online is the riding horse, particularly the rank 3 variant. You most likely have a minimum of one of these in your collection or bank, regardless of what you do or your identity. They provide respectable boosts to transport weight and are reasonably priced and swift. They are a popular option among highly vulnerable merchants who are interested in fitting in with the regular inter-city traffic because of their widespread use and lack of visibility.

Albion Online Riding Horses


Due to their high moving speed and capacity to carry heavy weight, stags are a popular mid-game mount among players. Although difficult for novices, becoming a stag and beginning to lengthen your trips is simple.

Some Mount Choices

Albion Online's wilderness is dangerous to explore. By the time you reach the PvP-enabled outer zones, you will require a mount to move about swiftly, safely, and effectively. There are mounts made for every element of the game, whether you're adventuring, seeking a fight, collecting, or carrying. The most effective mounts for every stage, from the early game to the late game, are listed below:

Adept’s Riding Horse (early game)

The useless Novice's Mule will be your first steed. The Adept's Riding Horse would be your best choice for upgrading this as quickly as feasible. You should be able to reach the Tier 4 (Adept) Adventurer rating after some exploration. You can purchase and utilize Adept's Riding Horse once you reach Tier 4. This is Albion Online's mainstay. Because they are inexpensive and extremely helpful, particularly in large ZvZ (Zerg vs. Zerg) fights, be prepared to buy a lot of these mounts. 

Adept’s Transport Ox (early game)

The Adept's Riding Horse is useful for moving around town and traveling through the wilderness, but if you intend to do any sort of collecting, the horse's carrying ability will be rapidly exceeded. In this situation, Transport Ox excels. Among the most effective mounts for managing your carrying capacity requirements is the Transport Ox, which is made to transport large amounts of products like materials, weaponry, armor, or resources. The Transport Ox is one of the slower vehicles due to the decreased pace that comes with the increased maximum weight. However, don't let that discourage you because Transport Oxen has exceptionally high HP and it can be challenging to get a player off of one while it is moving.

Direwolf (mid-game)

The Swiftclaw's fearsome and more costly sibling is the Direwolf. A Direwolf should cost about twice as much as a Swifty. The Direwolf is a reasonably well-liked mount that excels in several PvP (Player vs. Player) scenarios. In large ZvZ fights, you will frequently observe them being the mount of preference for shot-callers. If you don't want to tote a lot of gear and want a mount that can provide you an advantage in PvP, these are excellent options. 

Pest Lizard (mid-game)

The Pest Lizard is without a doubt the finest anti-gank steed. It has unique properties that can poison and frighten assailants, and the mount's run-move speed is the same as its walking-move speed. This implies that you won't decelerate down regardless of what happens. But the Direwolf boasts a 132% run pace, you might argue. Additionally, the Swiftys can give 120%. You would be correct, but you are additionally ignoring that on a Direwolf, your pace will be decreased to your basic moving speed when you are struck by anything, whether it be a mob or an opposing player. For the Direwolf, 85%, and the Swiftclaw, 75%. It should be obvious why this creature is the greatest anti-gank creature in the game when compared to the Pest Lizard, which always operates at 100%. Add in the mount's innate resilience boost against magic, reasonably high HP, as well as additional armor.

Albion Online Pest Lizard

Grizzly Bear (mid to late game)

Although the Grizzly Bear is a very helpful animal, getting one will rely on your in-game finances. Due to the amazing endurance and carrying capability offered by this mount, the cost you spend will be worthwhile. Although the Grizzly Bear lacks a gallop speed advantage, it does have a proc-based ability that increases your speed by 120% for three seconds when struck. If you time it correctly, the Grizzly Bear's unique talent might be your only hope. The Grizzly Bear is a powerful opponent when combined with its strong resistance and armor. Therefore, this is the horse for you if you want to transport valuables, collect in hazardous areas, or simply flex on the opposing party.

Morgana Nightmare (late game)

Previously, the game's top ganking mounting creature was the Morgan Nightmare. Its market worth fell by up to 50% as a result of the developers having to make it less effective. It still makes for a great ganking steed, in my opinion, and running while leaving a line of fire behind you just looks badass, in my opinion. The Morgana Nightmare remains a top-tier horse but is prepared to pay out some significant silver for it. It can set opponents on fire, gank unwary enemies, and burn the ground in fascinating designs. 

Elder’s Transport Mammoth (late game)

The main man. No, I'm talking about a large, huge, gigantic, gargantuan papa. It's amazing to see The Elder's Transport Mammoth in person. Many players won't be able to afford one in the course of their character's existence, but everyone can fantasize. This massive vehicle is the go-to for enormous relocations, transports, and protracted gathering trips because it can take extremely large amounts of goods. Although the price puts this steed out of reach for many players, if you can purchase one, it is fairly simple to start recouping your investment and then some. This is the steed for those ruthless businessmen who only care about amassing wealth and demeaning ordinary people. 


Players who are mounted receive the mount's statistics. Weight load, resistance, hit points regeneration, hit points, and speed are among the stats that change based on the type and tier of the mount. When a player unlocks the corresponding Adventurer Node on the Destiny Board, they can use that mount. As they progress through the Adventurer Node levels, they can progressively use higher-tier mounts. If you are an adventurer with Tier 5, for instance, you may utilize mounts that are Tier 5 or lower rather than Tier 6 or greater. The guide now comes to an end.

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