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Albion Online Guild Guide

In Albion Online, Guilds are an integral part maintaining the gameplay and various options of the game. In simple words, Guilds are the groups where players come together and unite to perform many tasks, missions, and gameplays. Guild offers you various activities from Guild wars to Guild missions. Here, players with similar interest form a community where they work together and help each other to accomplish their goals and complete missions together.

Here, Guild battles are the most interesting battles where two guilds united by skilled players come together and fight battle in which your motive is to defeat your opponents and take control over their territory. And, for a particular period of time, you can collect taxes from any players that are using the territory which is now under your control. A guild can have 0 to 300 members and guilds can combine with other guilds as well. After joining a guild, there’s a cooldown so you can only join a new guild after 3 days which is used as a moderation system to avoid any kind of exploitation by the players. 

You can create your own guild as well as join a guild that suits you best. To create a Guild, you’ll be needed 75,000 silver coins. And to join a guild, you’ll have to have some specific goal or player level which depends from guild to guild. Here’s a detailed guide to get you acquainted with Guilds.

How to Join a Guild?

To join a Guild, you can use a Guild Finder function or Discord to find guilds that suit and match your preferences and goals. You can access the Guild Finder function by clicking the Guild tab at the top right corner of your game’s screen and then clicking on Guild Finder.

In the first tab of guild finder, you can get a list of guilds recommended to you based on your profile and stats. In the second tab, you to find a guild by using the guild’s name and searching for it. And, in the third tab, you to choose a guild by adding your preferences and choice. You can choose a guild by adding filters like language, home city, number of members, and the type of activities a particular guild focuses on.

After finding a guild, you can also view its details. Some guilds require you to join them through their discord servers. So, by clicking on a Guild’s name, you can also check if a Discord button is available or not. Different guilds demand different activities, skills, player levels, and goals. You’ll also get to see message requests to join a particular guild. Those requests are mostly sent by new players or the ones who have just made their guild and inviting you to join and participate.

Albion Online Guilds

Guild Specific Game Modes

After joining or creating a Guild, you get access to a lot of Guild-related content and Guild-specific game modes that offer you a variety of advantages, playing styles, and challenges. From Guild vs Guild fights to Faction Warfare. Some of the Guild-related game modes are listed below.

Guild vs Guild (GvG)

Guild vs Guild or GvG is an intense 5v5 fight that takes between the guilds. In this fight, your main goal is to protect your territory and attack & conquer the territories of your enemy guild. Capturing territories helps you with many benefits like Defensive Tower, Storage Chest, Guards, Gathering Yield Bonus, and many more. There are numerous ways you can initiate a GvG battle and a cost of silver will come along with that. However, if you score above one point in the GvG battle then the majority of the cost is refunded back to you.

Crystal League

Crystal League is a 5v5 league of battles where you kill your enemies for objectives and rewards. It takes place on a small battlefield. Here you compete against each other to hold the crystal objectives. There are different levels in Crystal League. It starts with “Level One” where new teams fight together without losing their gear which makes it easier and more comfortable for the players who have just stepped into Crystal League battles.

It goes from level one to level nine which is all full of exciting loot. The higher the level goes, the tougher it becomes in playstyle, matches, difficulty, and challenges. The higher you go in rewards, the tougher players you get to fight with. You get fame tomes, silver bags, and season points as a reward.


Hellgates are instanced with dungeons where members of the guilds compete against each other using their skills and tactics to achieve valuable rewards. It combines both PvP and PvE elements. There are 10 different maps of dungeons in hellgates. 

In tier 5 hellgates, players can’t kill each other. They can only knock each other down. If all the members of a particular guild are knocked down, then they’ll get out of the hellgate and return to the world of Albion. But in tier 6,7, and 8 hellgates, players can die in PvP battles and can loot each other. Overall, Hellgates are full of challenges, missions, risks, and loot that you can indulge in or take participation in depending on your skills and abilities. Hellgates are fun to play as they offer you a variety of rewards and challenges.

Faction Warfare

Faction Warfare is an objective-based gameplay that offers large-scale PvP battles. It is accessible to all which means any player can take participation in Faction Warfare whether he’s a new player or an experienced one which makes it more interesting to play and get indulged in. There is a total of six factions and they are Bridge Watch, Sterling, Lymhurst, Martlock, Thetford, and Carleon Bandits. To participate in faction warfare, you can pick a side by joining any of these six factions. 

After entering faction warfare, you can enable your faction flag to start earning faction points. You can play and cooperate with other players to indulge in many faction-related activities leading you to hold a good reputation with more faction points than others. Faction Warfare offers you a variety of rewards and bonuses like capes that grant special abilities, powerful faction-specific mounts, and elite battle mounts. These rewards are based on your faction rank which keeps increasing as you earn more faction points. There is also a faction-campaign system that offers chests full of treasures that you can access and take advantage of.

Albion Online Faction Warfare

Guild Islands

Guild Islands play a crucial role in Albion online because they allow you to perform various activities like crafting, refining, farming, and many more. They are also called private islands that offer you a variety of access to the game and in-game features. They are customizable and can be used to organize various guild events providing a safe, private, and secure place for the players or the members of a particular guild to cooperate and interact. 

You can purchase the Island plot from a city’s market place and after purchasing, you can start all your work there after traveling to your Island’s location. Then you can start all Island related activities there. There are various guild activities that you can perform and some of them are discussed below.

Gathering: As the name suggests, gathering means collecting resources. In the process of gathering. In gathering, you must go to the different zones to gather and collect resources using gathering tools. You have to go to the blue, yellow, red, or black zone to gather resources that you can use for the further development of your game. The gathering provides you with raw materials that are needed for crafting weapons, armor, and various other things. The availability of higher-tier resources elevates as you step into higher and more dangerous zones.

The availability of tiers of resources according to the zones is as follows.

  • Tier 1-4 resources are available in all zones.

  • Tier 5 resources are only available in yellow, red, or black zones.

  • Tier 6 resources are available in red and black zones.

  • While Tier 7 and 8 resources are available specifically in black zones.

Refining: It is the second step after the gathering. Refining makes the resources get ready for the crafting process which is the last process. It is the process of converting resources gathered into usable items for crafting. However, there are buildings assigned for creating a particular item that is listed below.

  • Lumbermill: It creates planks from wood.

  • Smelter: It creates metal bars from ores.

  • Stonemason: It creates stone blocks from stone.

  • Tanner: It creates leather from the hide

  • Weaver: It creates cloth from the fiber.

Crafting: It is the final step of creating usable items after gathering and refining them. Crafting helps you in creating a vast majority of items and it also helps you in money making in your game. Crafting is a multi-step and time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience.

Crafting also requires a particular level of skills and abilities to let you move further. It demands experience and after crafting each item, you get experience points. Like Refining, it also has different buildings assigned for each task and crafting item which is discussed below.

  • Toolmaker: It crafts tools and accessories.

  • Alchemist’s Lab: It crafts potions.

  • Cook: It crafts food.

  • Saddler: Crafts mounts.

  • Workbench: Crafts equipment for new characters.

  • Warrior’s Forge: Crafts warrior weapons and plate armor.

  • Mage’s Tower: It crafts mage weapons and cloth armor.

  • Hunter’s Lodge: It crafts Hunter Weapons and Leather armor.

Albion Online Crafting

Storage: As the name suggests, some buildings are particularly made for storing crafted items in Islands that you can use in further or in near future for your use. They are also called Guild Halls that also store and places laborers. If you are in need of making any in-game purchase, you will have to spend the in-game currency, Silver Coins. If you are falling short of these coins, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Guilds play an important role in Albion online allowing access to many activities, rewards, and challenges. You can join or create your own guild to get benefited. Choosing and actively performing activities on Guilds could be a challenging and confusing task but with the above-mentioned guide, you can surely take a plunge into Guilds and Guild-specific activities.

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