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Albion Online Faction Warfare Guide

Albion Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). There are a lot of activities in which you can participate to earn fame. We do know that there are 5 major cities in Albion Online. They are Bridgewatch, Fort Sterling, Lymhurst, Martlock, and Thetford. The continent of Albion contains these cities and the history of these cities is as old as the continent itself. When the cities were founded, it goes with the fact that they had been competing with other cities in terms of natural resources, wealth, and trade. Earlier the competition may be friendly but as time passes and as the factions of these cities get stronger, it's natural that they try to get more areas under their control. 

Faction Warfare

Faction Warfare is an activity that involves both PVP (player versus player) and PVE (player versus environment) elements. Players enlist themselves in factions, and compete with other factions on territorial basis. Apart from the 5 major factions mentioned earlier another faction named Caerleon got introduced to make faction wars more challenging and rewarding. Although Caerleon doesn’t play a major part in seeking territory, it does feature an event called Bandit Assault Event which gets available only for a limited duration. Faction Warfare is all about fighting alongside your faction, completing faction exclusive missions, claiming impressive rewards and expanding your faction territory to compete with other factions.


Faction warfare is an activity that needs to be unlocked, here are the requirements:

Destiny Board

The destiny board is the heart and soul of this game, it provides you with the information that is required to unlock new activities and upgrade existing ones. The destiny board is an informative tool that can be used to measure the progress of your character. In order to unlock faction warfare you will need a certain node to be unlocked in the destiny board. The expert adventure node needs to be unlocked in the destiny board so that you can start signing up for faction warfare. This node can be easily unlocked if you have around 157,000 fame points. Gaining 157,000 fame points might sound difficult at first, but it is attainable since every activity you do in Albion Online rewards you with fame points.

Albion Online Destiny Board

Item Power 

Item power or IP denotes the strength of equipment you are wearing. Every gear has an integer value assigned to it and it is referred to as item power. Item power of the following gears are considered to calculate average item power:

  • Head gear 

  • Chest gear 

  • Boots 

  • Main hand 

  • Offhand (if present)

  • Cape or backpack

Higher the item power of equipment higher the magnitude of stats. It is recommended to have at least 700 item power to reap maximum benefits under any faction.

If you are falling below the required items power, get Albion Online Silver from MMOPixel to purchase new items in the game. It will give a boost in the game.


Enlistment (joining a faction)

Once the adventurer node is unlocked, you can enlist yourself into any faction. Enlistment is free of cost. In order to join a faction, you will have to speak with its faction master. 

  • BridgewatchFort Sterling

  • Lymhurst

  • Martlock

  • Thetford

  • Caerleon

Note: if you perform certain activities that benefit your faction, you earn faction points. The faction points that you earn aren't the same for every faction. For example, consider an activity of gathering wood. The number of faction points earned in this activity depends on the influence of the faction. Larger the influence, lesser the bonus faction points you receive. This game mechanic is present to provide fair play. Since you can view the standings of different factions before you join any faction, players tend to enlist for the faction that is already leading. So in order to avoid such situations and to provide a comeback mechanism, players earn less in leading factions whereas players earn more in non-leading factions.

Here Thetford had the highest percentage of point gain, since it was lagging compared to every other faction. Fort Sterling had the least percentage of point gain since it was the leading faction at that time.

Faction Flagging

Once you enlist yourself into any faction, you can start faction flagging. You officially declare to your fellow players that you are a member of a so-and-so faction and you are out on a faction-related activity. When you are faction flagged you can attack other players from a different faction for faction points. Note that the combat is only available if both the players are faction flagged from their respective factions.

Zones & PVP combat

There are four zones in this game. They are blue, yellow, red, and black. For the PVP (player versus player) combat, only the blue, yellow, and red zones are significant for consideration. In PVP (player versus player) combat, you can defeat rival players and earn faction points. The outcome of the combat is different in different zones.

  • PVP combat in Blue and Yellow zones: if you are faction flagged and encounter a rival while venturing into these zones, there's a possibility that you might be attacked and if the rival is strong you might even lose. If you lose in blue and yellow zones, there is no penalty and your current loot isn't lost. You'll respawn in the nearest outpost.

  • PVP combat in Red zone: red zones are the riskiest after black zones. Since PVP isn't available in the black zone, the red zone is the riskiest for PVP combat. Unlike blue and yellow zones, all loot is lost if you die in the red zone. That is why it is recommended to carry tier 5 items because you can't risk losing higher-tier items in the red zone.

Albion Online Combats

Faction Points

You earn faction points when you perform activities while you are faction flagged. Different activities provide different faction points. Here is the list of activities that provide a good amount of faction points:

Capturing an Outpost

  • Faction points: 4500

This activity consists of PVP combat and it is the main theme of faction warfare. More details regarding this activity will be present further in the guide.

Note: these faction points are shared among the players who were present while capturing the outpost. They'll earn points regardless of their contribution to killing the boss if they have at least 700 item power and are faction flagged.

Killing a Faction Outpost Boss

  • Faction points: 246


  • Faction points: 30 (10)

T5 redspringeel will reward you with the faction points.

Benefits of Faction Flagging

  • Being faction flagged allows you to earn faction points, these faction points can be used to purchase mounts, tome of insights that provide a good amount of fame when used, and exclusive chests that contain rewards.

  • Whichever activity you involve yourself in, if you are faction flagged you will earn 5% more fame, silver, and loot.

This effect can be stacked up to three times and a maximum of 15% bonus can be achieved. The yellow pointer shows the player's current location and the blue cursor hovers above Spectral Sump. The player needs to cover at least two zones to reach Spectral Sump, while the player is covering these zones the 5% bonus buff gets stacked for every new zone the player reaches. So to get the maximum buff we need to perform activities in places that are at least two zones away from the main city.

Note: the buff stacks only if you move through your own faction controlled zones only.

Faction Standing

There are 21 faction ranks. The names of these ranks differ from faction to faction. This game mechanic rewards the loyalty of the player. The more activities you do in a single faction, the greater your rank becomes and you'll also earn faction points multiplier and a possibility of winning rare items such as cape or exclusive mounts.

Capturing Faction Outposts

The most rewarding activity of faction warfare is capturing outposts. When you capture outposts of different factions you will spread the influence of your faction hence improving your faction’s standing. To capture an enemy outpost you'll have to find a group of teammates. Teammates can be found by typing in the world chat. Once a team is assembled, you can take them to the outpost you want to capture and defeat the boss and guards present there. Then you'll have to stand in the circular space until the borders fill with fire of your faction's colour.

Albion Online Factions

Outpost Capturing Facts

  1. Your faction must control the adjacent regions, only then you can capture the enemy's outpost.

  2. Outposts behind the enemy's frontlines can't be captured.

  3. To capture a region, highest number of outposts in that region must be controlled by your faction.

  4. Region capture speed depends on the number of outposts your faction controls. 

  5. Regions that have 5 stars are worth more faction points than those that have 4 stars.


There are 6 factions in total. Caerleon's addition introduced a new event known as Bandit Assault Event. Faction Warfare in Albion Online is everything about capturing outposts and ruling over the royal continent. New players, once they unlock the adventurers’ node can join any faction. Then after joining, they can start faction flagging and continue whatever they used to do before.

The added element of being careful while faction flagging promotes a new game style and introduces many PVP battles. Players can use game chat and form teams to capture outposts strategically. Since the outpost capture provides the highest number of faction points, the player must prioritize it. In the end, faction points can be exchanged to buy various utility items.

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