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Albion Online Guild vs Guild (GvG) Guide

Albion Online is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Albion offers players a great map and the best gaming experience. One of the best and most exciting aspects of Albion Online is guild vs guild battles. In these battles, one guild competes with another guild for each other’s territory and resources. Guild Vs Guild battles are a great source for testing the skills and agility of players and it also builds a sense of teamwork in all the players of the guild. 

In this article we will be discussing everything related to guild Vs guild battles in the game, we will be giving you a proper guide for it.

Participating in Guild vs Guild Battles

Your participation in Guild Battles will help you a lot in increasing your skill set and your fighting ability with your team, So here is a guide to how you can participate in Guild vs Guild battles step-by-step.

Owning a territory

For participating in guild vs guild battles it is a must that your guild should own a territory. For owning a territory you can attack and capture the territory of other guilds this is the first way by which you can own territory but this way involves battles for which you need to find a guild that is as strong as you are because if you will have a battle with a guild which is stronger than you then there are very fewer chances that you will win and own their territory so the second way for owning a territory is by participating in territory auction which is held regularly by this way you can own territory for your guild without any battles.

Declaring war

Once you own a territory now you have the option of declaring war with any guild for declaring a war you will be required to pay a fee of silver coin, once you pay the fee you can now declare war with guilds and participate in guild vs guild battles. These battles last for at least seven days so you must decide on initiating a war after gathering all required resources. In this period of 7 days, either of the guilds can declare a Guild Vs Guild battle at any time.

Scheduling the battles

Once the battle is initiated by any of the guilds now it becomes important to schedule the battle with the opposition guild. The battles between the guilds will not be held in the open world instead they will be held at the site which is far more separate from the open world. The player's participation (number of players) will be decided by the level of territory for which the guilds are fighting. If the battle is for a small territory then the fight will consist of fewer players but if the fight is for a larger territory then more players will be there.

Gathering Resources 

Before you participate in any type of battle having resources is a must because, without the help of resources, it becomes very difficult for any player to win the battle even if they won’t last long in battles, so for fighting in guild wars it is very important to gather resources and craft essential resources for your guild members. More resources that you will gather will increase your player's level of armor and weapons and this will eventually act as an advantage for you in the battles with other guilds. You also need to create the best consumable so that guild members can gain maximum energy during the battles.

Albion Online Gathering Resources

Crafting the best gears

The gears which your guild member use during the battle will be a great factor that will determine your win in the battle so you should make sure that the gears and the consumables which you are creating suit the playstyle of all the guild members so any player doesn’t face any type of difficulty in between the battles. Crafting would require you to spend Silver, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of the same, purchase enough of it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Choosing the team

Choosing the team with the right skill set which will help you in winning during battles is a very important task. You have to choose those kinds of players who are best in teamwork and combat fights.


Practice is a must step for any type of battle so you must practice with your team members before you get into an actual Guild vs Guild battle.


Once you are done with all the prerequisites of preparing for the battles, now its time to initiate the Guild vs Guild battle. The battle only has a time limit of 20 minutes, the guild which gains the maximum number of points during the battle wins the game. Guilds can earn points by killing the players of other guilds and capturing and holding the objectives.

Winning the Guild Vs Guild Battle

We discussed how you can participate in a Guild vs Guild now the question which comes up is after initiating a fight with the opponents how you can win the Guild vs guild battle, for winning the battle you need to keep some tips for winning and also follow the right strategy. So here is the right strategy which you should follow for winning the battle:

Plan and Prepare

Before entering the battlefield you should make sure that you are entering it with the right approach and with all the required preparation, while talking about preparation we mean that you have to make sure that your guild is carrying the appropriate gears and consumables with them which will be required during the battle. 

Before entering the battlefield you have to discuss all your strategies, tactics, and the responsibilities of each member of the guild, if there will be an unequal distribution of authority and responsibility it will fail so you have to assign duties properly.  

Scout the enemy

Scouting your enemy is a important thing, you have to look for what type of gear, tools, and weapons they are using so that you can be prepared for that and make sure that you use those tools, and weapons against them which will be very effective during the battle. 

Once learn about the strategies, strengths, and weaknesses of your enemy it becomes comparatively easier for you to understand how you can win against them. You can win by using tactics and attacking their vulnerable areas during the battle.

Albion Online Guild vs Guild Battle

Control the battlefield

How you control the battlefield will affect the results of the battle, You have to maintain your dominance on the high ground and you also have to make sure that the center of the battlefield is under your cover so that you can take down more enemies. You have to take full advantage of the terrain in which you are fighting you have to take advantage of your surrounding objects also if there are any.

Coordinate the attacks

Coordination is the key to winning any type of PvP or Guild Vs Guild Battle, you just have to focus on what is the weakness of your enemy, and then attack them. You have to coordinate with your guild members too and divide the responsibilities amongst them so that the attacks can be done the right way.

Stay Mobile

Moving from one place to another on the battlefield will make your makes and you unpredictable for the enemies, and you will be able to dodge the attacks smoothly if you apply the tick of being mobile.

Communication and Discipline

Effective communication can help you a lot in winning the Guild vs Guild battles you have to make sure that the message once transferred by one guild member should reach all the members of the guild. Effective communication reduces the chances of chaos between the members.

Exploiting your enemy

As we earlier told you to establish control over the battlefield, now it's your time to exploit your enemy so you should now focus on the weaker enemies from the opposition guild so that you can take control and increase the chances of you winning the battle.


So this was all about Albion Online Guild vs Guild (GvG) Guide we started with the introduction to the game and then about the guild vs guild battles then we moved to the topic of learning how to participate in the guild vs guild battles we gave eight steps for doing that first one was to own a territory, declaring war, scheduling battles, gathering resources, crafting best gears, choosing the right team, practice and the last one was to participate in guild vs guild battles.

Moving forward we discussed some of the best ways by which you can win the battle and we discussed the right strategy to do so, which includes planning and preparing accordingly and then scouting the enemy which is a crucial task then how you should control the battlefield to increase your chances of winning and how you have to coordinate your attacks with guild members then we discussed the importance of communication and discipline and being mobile at the last how you have to exploit your enemy.

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