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Albion Online Resource Distribution Guide

Resources are things that can be gathered from nature or obtained by skinning creatures. In Albion Online, resources may be utilized to make Armour, Buildings, and Weapons. Fiber, Ore, Hide, Stone, and Wood are among the resources that can be obtained from the open world. Resources, like all other game components, are separated into eight tiers.

The player must have a suitable tool in their inventory that is no more than one tier below the targeted resource in order to acquire any resource. Before being employed in crafting, each material needs to be refined at its appropriate crafting facility. Resources in Tiers 4 through 8 can be exceptional, rare, normal, or, uncommon. It is necessary to utilize a tool of the identical tier as a resource in order to harvest resources that are exceptional, uncommon, or rare in quality.


In order to collect resources from resource nodes, players that participate in gathering, utilize gathering tools and equipment to get into the red, yellow, blue, or black areas. Albion Online's collecting system is essential since it provides players with the fundamental materials they need to make armor, arms, and other equipment. The five most common gathering professions are lumberjack, miner, skinner, farmer, and fisher. Each job specializes in gathering particular commodities, such as wood, metal, leather items, food, & fish. The several game area zones, including the Blue, Black, Red, and Yellow zones, must be entered by players so as to collect resources. Resources become harder to obtain in each zone as players progress to black zones from blue areas, with black areas being challenging and providing the most valuable resources.

The sole latent gathering vocation in Albion Online is farming. Contrary to other gathering professions, players are not required to explore dangerous locations in order to obtain resources. On their islands, they can in turn develop and maintain fields that eventually produce plants, crops, and other things. Due to the abundance of food, potions, and other consumables, farming is cansidered a big component of Albion Online.


The crafting mechanism in Albion Online relies heavily on refining, which is essential for creating useful things. Gamers must collect resources from nodes around the game's environment and transport them to refining structures either in faction towns or on islands owned by players in order to process raw materials. The player has the option to employ Focus to boost resource return rates and lower refining costs. The refining process consumes silver, the game's main form of cash.

In Albion Online, there are a total of five possible refined resources: leather, cloth, planks, metal bars, and stone blocks. Weapons, armor, tools, and consumables are just a few of the goods that can be made with these refined resources. Each refined resource belongs to a certain crafting specialty and is utilized to create products within that field.

Albion Online Crafting

Players must first achieve the Journeyman Refiner node in order to access the refining subtree on the Destiny Board. The Trainee Craftsman skill, which serves as the foundation for all crafting, unlocks Journeyman Refiner. Players can advance via the refining subtree after unlocking Journeyman Refiner and acquire new refining specializations and skills that boost resource return rates and lower refining costs.

In conclusion, refining is an important part of Albion Online's crafting process and is essential for creating useful things. Players may refine the unprocessed supplies they collect from nodes in the video game universe to create refined resources which can be utilized as crafting materials. The refining mechanism in Albion Online offers players a distinctive and interesting experience, regardless of whether they decide to specialize in refining or dabble with a variety of crafting skills. Players can refine resources obtained from gathering to create objects suitable for crafting. The player has to get to refining structures, which can be found in Faction Cities or constructed on Islands, in order to refine the materials they have collected.

Even when refining tier 2 materials, the refining procedure costs silver, and the player can employ Focus to speed up the rate at which resources are recovered. By initially gaining access to the Journeyman Refiner node within the Destiny Board, players can then access the refining subtree. Trainee Craftsman opens up Journeyman Refiner. Leather, Cloth, Planks, Metal Bars, and Stone Blocks are the 5 probable Refined Resource types. You can even buy the equipment and move forward in the game with ease. For tha same, you will have to use Silver, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of this, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Locations and Resource Types

There are three main characteristics of a cluster that influence the kinds of resources that spawn there, their relative abundances, and the density of node spawns:

The kinds of resource nodes that appear in the cluster and how common each type is relative to other types are influenced by the biome. The quantity of resource nodes depends on the kind of zone. The least dense zones are blue, followed by yellow, red, and finally black with the maximum density. The resource nodes generate in different tiers depending on the cluster's tier. On the cluster's regional map, you can see the resources that appear in each cluster and what tiers they come in. Resources might appear as stationary nodes or as monsters that can be attacked and killed then harvested by skinning them.

Resource Allocation Among Clusters

What kind of resource nodes appear in the cluster depends on the cluster's biome. There are primary, secondary, and tertiary resources for each biome. The major resource is going to outnumber the secondary, while the secondary resource will always outnumber the tertiary. In addition, the main resource kind for each biome will produce attackable resource zombies. There are resource animals of every kind in the Roads of Avalon zones rather than biomes. Only hubs in these areas have static nodes.

Areas of Resources

The greater tier of resource that may be found corresponds to how risky the area is:

  • Tier 2 to Tier 4 materials and Tier 3 foes can be found in blue zones.

  • Tier 3-5 opponents and materials can be found in yellow zones.

  • Tier 4 to 6 resources, Tier 5 adversaries, and Tier 6 Aspects can be found in red zones.

  • Tier 2 to 8 materials, Tier 5 to 8 foes, and Tier 6 Aspects can be found in black zones.

All areas have tier 1 resources.

Resource Nodes

The things that can be interacted with to acquire resources with the appropriate tools are called resource nodes. Depending on their ecosystem, resource nodes spawn at random in various zones. From the moment the servers resume service following scheduled maintenance (beginning at 10 UTC) until the following scheduled repair, their spawn location will remain static for one day. The next step is the random selection of each spawn point from a set of possible spawn sites that are specific to the cluster.

Plentiful nodes and Normal nodes are the two different categories of resource nodes. Numerous nodes are identified on the region's map and contain much more charges. Based on the tier, Normal Resource nodes' charge steadily recharge throughout the course of a day.

Special Resource Mobs and Resource Outcrops

Resource outcrop icons will appear in some zones. There are more nodes in the area around these. You might also come across unique Resource Mobs in these areas, such as Resource Worldbosses and Resource Aspects, which may be killed and harvested for significant quantities of resources.


Enchanted resources may appear in all forms. Weapons and armor made from enchanted refined materials such as ore, hide, fiber, and wood will have an increase in item power of 100 for each level of enchantment. Whereas because there aren't any refined blocks that are enchanted, the enchanted stone is regarded as several unenchanted stones for refining purposes.

Except for unenchanted, enchanted materials spawn in three different types. By growing rarity and potency, they are rare, uncommon, and exceptional. Only T4 and higher can spawn enchanted materials. Bringing them together will result in more accumulating fame.

Albion Online Enchantment

The rarity of an Enchantment

An enchantment's rarity is influenced by the zone's enchanting rate. At the highest point of the area map, it is shown for each zone. Simply hovering over the highlighted area will reveal comprehensive details on each enchantment's spawn probability.

A number of factors, including how far the cluster is located from the map's center and the grade of the territorial tower in the cluster, enchantment rates within the Outlands range from 11-22%. According to their closeness to every one of the royal townships, rates for the Royal Continent can range from 8 to 33%.


Resources are extracted from resource nodes in the video game world by players using specialized gathering tools. Depending on the occupation involved in the gathering, different tools are used, such as a pickaxe by miners, a wood axe by lumberjacks, etc. The speed and yield of each gathering tool vary, with higher-tier instruments being more effective and yielding more resources. Make sure you have enough resources and play your game efficiently.

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