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Albion Online Gathering Guide

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG game. The game is vast, and there are fictional worlds built into this game. There are a lot of activities that you can participate in this game. You can gank, wage wars, clear dungeons, and build your island. Note that they all seem to include some risk; you can reside in more peaceful and equally rewarding activities like gathering. Activities in this game are numerous; this guide exclusively focuses on the gathering activity. Before we start discussing gathering mechanics, tips, and tricks, let's see the merits and demerits of gathering.

Merits of Gathering

  • Simple and Easy: you need not strategize or memorize anything. You just have to identify what materials you require and start harvesting them.

  • Stable money source: you need not spend any extra money to gather. You can instead earn some by selling your gatherings in the market.

  • Less attention is required: you just have to click on resources and have a tool to start gathering. The best thing about the gathering is that your character is automated so that you can focus on something else while you gather.

  • Super chill and stress-free: you can allow your brain to rest while your character gathers. This activity doesn't have fancy mini-games; hence it is simple, less taxing, and stress-free.

Note: gathering is a peaceful activity depending on your zone. The blue/green zone is the most peaceful for gathering, whereas the black zone involves the most risk. Even though the red and black zones are risky, they provide overall higher-tier items. Therefore, tier 7/8 yield can be harvested in these higher-risk zones.

Demerits of Gathering

  • Long Grind: the amount of fame you receive from this activity isn't great. It requires a lot of grind because you can't level up faster. If in case you do go to danger zones for gathering, the overall level-up mechanics is still slow.

  • Market Crashes: the items you gather can be sold in the market. However, there are unpredictable market crashes that might render your gathering futile. You will have to wait until the market recovers fully during these times.

  • Repetitive: gathering is a tedious activity. Collecting and transporting raw materials to a crafting station is a big task. Repeating tasks repeatedly might be boring to a few individuals, but gathering can passively boost your income if done correctly.

Albion Online Gathering


The visibility of resources depends on the area you are in, and the zone determines the density of resources. To break this information into simpler bits, we will have to look into different areas where gathering mechanics are involved. 


The difficulty of this game is distributed in the form of zones. These zones affect the player's playstyle and the availability of natural resources. The type of zone determines the tier of the resources you can harvest. There are four zones in Albion Online: 

  1. Blue Zone: tier 1-4 resources can be gathered.
  2. Yellow Zone: tier 1-5 resources can be gathered.
  3. Red Zone: tier 1-6 resources can be gathered.
  4. Black zone: tier 1-8 resources can be gathered.

Note: Everything in this game, from tools to weapons, is assigned a tier. Higher-tier resources can be crafted to develop a better weapon when gathering resources.


Biome is an alternative term used for habitat. It is a flora and fauna community occupying major habitats like forests, deserts, and grasslands. Resources are available in the form of clusters. Factors like biome, cluster tier and zone type affect the availability of different resources. There are five different resources you can gather, and specialization in each resource you gather will award you fame points toward that profession.

Here is the list of places and resources available in that area:


  • Type of Biome: Highland

  • Primary resource: Stone

  • Secondary resource: Ore

  • Tertiary resource: Wood


  • Type of Biome: Steppe

  • Primary resource: Hide

  • Secondary resource: Fiber

  • Tertiary resource: Ore


  • Type of Biome: Forest

  • Primary resource: Wood

  • Secondary resource: Hide

  • Tertiary resource: Stone

Fort Sterling

  • Type of Biome: Mountain

  • Primary resource: Ore

  • Secondary resource: Stone

  • Tertiary resource: Fiber


  • Type of Biome: Swamp

  • Primary resource: Fiber

  • Secondary resource: Wood

  • Tertiary resource: Hide

Note: If you want to gather hide, then Bridgewatch is the place you need to go since the primary resource available there is hide. Also, note that, while you gather hide, especially in Bridgewatch, you might have the bonus of receiving a baby animal from time to time. These baby animals can then be raised and used as mounts.


The materials you gather are raw materials; they can not be further used to craft new gear. They need to be refined so that they can be used to make weapons, armor, tools, and consumables. Here is the list of refining buildings and what they refine:

  • Lumbermill refines raw wood into planks.

  • Smelter refines raw ore into metal bars.

  • Stone mason refines raw stone into stone blocks.

  • Tanner refines hide into leather.

  • Weaver refines fiber into cloth.

Note: Refining certain materials at specific places gives you bonuses. For example, if you refine hide in Martlock you will get more leather than if you refine hide in any other place. The bonus in refining means that you will get more refined material for less raw material. Here are the following places that provide material-specific refining bonuses:

  • Refine hide in Martlock to obtain bonus leather.

  • Refine stone in Bridgewatch to obtain bonus stone blocks.

  • Refine fiber in Lymhurst to obtain bonus cloth.

  • Refine wood in Fort Sterling to obtain bonus planks.

  • Refine ore in Thetford to obtain bonus metal bars.

Optimization saves time, and Optimization in refining shouldn't be overlooked. However, since the places are spread across the map, and travelling takes time, you need to select specific locations and decide beforehand the place where you gather and the place where you refine. For example, fiber is the primary resource in Thetford, but if you were to refine it, you'll have to move to Lymhurst (to obtain bonuses), which is far from Thetford. So, in order to optimize refining, it is better to gather fiber in Bridgewatch (fiber is a secondary resource in Bridgewatch) because it is right next to Lymhurst. Following this will surely boost the amount of refined material you receive.

Albion Online Refining

Resource Nodes 

Nodes are the regions where gathering resources are present, they spawn randomly depending on the type of land. These nodes have different charges for different tiers, and once the material in the node is extracted, they take time to replenish. Classified based on abundance, there are two types of nodes, they are normal nodes and big nodes. Big nodes have more charges. Depending upon the type of resource, nodes can be stationary or they can be in the form of an attackable enemy. The attackable enemies are often referred to as resource mobs. Gathering from resource mobs is always faster compared to gathering from normal nodes. Few resource mobs are listed below:

  • Rock Elementals (stone)

  • Ore Elementals (ore)

  • Forest Spirits (wood)

  • Dryads (fiber)

Gathering Gear 

Each profession of gathering has its own gatherer's set. When an entire set is equipped, the yield gets boosted passively which means you'll have more chances of getting extra materials as you gather. A gatherer's set consists of cap, garb, and workboots. Each piece will provide a gathering yield, and the percentage stacks up to 10 times for each piece.  To gather these piece, you may have to spend Silver Coins, the in-game currency of Albion Online. If you are falling short of the Silver, the best way is to get them for real money.

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Passive Abilities

The stacking of passive yield is beneficial for those players who choose gathering as their main source of income. Once you equip a gatherer's set, each piece of equipment provides a bonus and as time passes these bonuses can stack up to 10 times. So, in order to obtain maximum yield, you'll need to be in a gatherer's set for quite a while. Once you change into a combat set to defeat enemies, you'll lose all your bonuses that were passively stacked and you'll have to wait again for those bonuses to stack. 

Active Abilities

Different pieces of equipment provide different defense measures. In addition, active abilities vary from profession to profession.

Cap: depending on the profession, a cap has abilities that help you clear negative effects, block, slow enemies, or knock enemies off their footing.

Garb: active abilities of garb include active shields that defend you from enemies. They defend you by either giving you physical or magical resistance or by removing buffs from the enemy. They also increase your gathering speed for the duration of the shield.

Workboots: they provide movement speed bonuses. They increase maximum speed when used. Few workboots also provide spell immunity and increased maximum load.

Mount: When everything is set right, the last thing you don't want to happen is choosing a sloppy mount. Passive skills of different mounts can be taken advantage of. Mounts also increase maximum load like Spectral Direboar.

Albion Online Gathering Gear 


Gathering is such an easy activity yet it requires a lot of concern to get the most out of it. You can go hours chopping trees without wearing gathering gear but if you want to gather efficiently you will have to consider every factor that gives you efficiency. Wearing gathering gear for the desired profession should be your topmost priority, you shouldn't wear a lumberjack set to mine ore because if you do so, you will remove the possibility of any bonuses that can be achieved. 

A perfect mount should be chosen, one which provides increased maximum load for safer regions and increased movement speed for risky regions. Tools need not be equipped if you want to gather, but they do need to be present in inventory. You also need not carry a bag always, a better option could be to use a better mount and wear a cape instead of the backpack to kill mobs faster. Gathering is a task of patience, do note that if you spend a lot of time gathering you might lack combat fame and might not do well in dungeons, PVPs, or raids.

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