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Albion Online Player Housing Guide

Albion Online offers a variety of activities, works, and mechanics in the game to make the overall gameplay more interesting and engaging for the players. Out of many activities, works, and mechanics, there’s also a thing called “Building Houses” or building your own house that gives you a lot of benefits.

Houses give you more storage capacity allowing you to store more of your resources, equipment, and items after gathering or crafting from the vicinity. You can store all your items in your house because it not just gives you space but also acts in your favor if you’re especially indulged in activities like gathering, crafting, and trading.

Houses can be pretty much helpful in resting and respawning which allows you quick and fast recovery. They also give you many other benefits like repairing your equipment. They also have repair stations to help you with repairing and customizing your items and resources. Building a house is a great way of performing numerous activities that make your overall gaming experience smooth, easy, and interesting.

You can also put laborers and workbenches in your house which helps you in multiple ways. Laborers are Non-Playable Characters that can do various tasks like crafting and gathering resources proving more time management. Workbenches can also be put here in your houses that refine items gathered from the environment to make them ready for crafting.

As houses play a big role in Albion Online helping you with multiple works and tasks, it becomes very important to use them wisely and get maximum benefit out of them. Below is a detailed guide on how you can start building your house and taking all their benefits.

What are Houses?

In Albion Online, houses are buildings of different sizes that are plotted on Islands. Those Islands can be Player Islands or Guild Islands depending on your choice, need, and requirement. You can also build your house on some city plots as well if you meet the requirements. Building a house has many benefits, one more benefit is that if you set your house as your home then you’ll be teleported directly to your house after dying in a match or war.

Albion Online House

Buying the Island

The first step towards building your house in Albion Online is selecting and buying an Island. Islands are of different sizes and you can select the one that suits you the best in terms of size, location, and resources needed for building your house.

You can purchase Islands from the Island merchant in any of the cities of your choice. You can buy an Island by using in-game currency which is silver. You can also upgrade your Island to put more building slots and expand the area. Upgrading and leveling up your Island will require more silver and time so be patient while upgrading your Island. Upgrading your Island is important if you want to expand your area of dominance and build more houses for more advantages. In this process, you will be required to spend Silver, the in-game currency of Albion Online. If you are falling short of this, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Upgrade your House

After buying Island and building your house there, it is very important to upgrade your house and constantly keep a check on it. Upgrading your house benefits you by achieving the higher tier of your house that adds more storage to your house which can be sued for storing more resources and items. Upgrading houses require materials and resources that you can gather and craft from the surroundings.

Understanding House Tier

As you upgrade through your house you also get higher in terms of tier of your house. The higher the tier of your house, the higher storage it gives to your resources, labor, and furniture. By [reaching up to the next tier of your house, you get the ability to place laborers of high-tier and high-tier furniture.

It is important to note that you can’t put or place furniture in your house which is above the tier of your house. If your house has a tier 4 level then it only allows you to place furniture that is also of tier level 4. Upgradation and advancements of your house give more space to the placement of furniture and laborers. Below is the mention of some of the houses along with their limit to hold furniture and laborers.

  • Novice’s House: It has a furniture limit of 5 and a laborer limit of 1.

  • Journeyman’s House: It has a furniture limit of 7 and a laborer limit of 2.

  • Adept’s House: It has a furniture limit of 10 and a laborer limit of 2.

  • Expert’s House: It has a furniture limit of 14 and a laborer limit of 3.

To get the maximum benefit of your house, keep upgrading and reaching the next tier of your house.

Putting Laborers

Put labor after building your house, upgrading it, and reaching the next tier. Laborers help in multiple ways like crafting and gathering items. They are non-playable characters that play an important role in houses.

Laborers occupy space and require furniture and trophies to keep themselves happy for a higher yielding of items. You can increase the tier level of your laborers by making them indulge in jobs that will increase their fame. To get labor, you need to have a laborer contract that you can gain from various in-game activities. With a laborer contract, you can hire and assign tasks and jobs to the laborers for the specific work and task. You can also turn your laborer into a laborer contract and sell them on the market.

Types Of Laborers

There are different types of laborers for performing each task and activity. Each laborer can be assigned a particular role and yield a particular item as a job. Some of the laborers and the items they can yield are listed below.

Albion Online Laborers

Gathering Type Laborer

Gathering-type laborers are used for gathering resources and items. Some of the gathering-type laborers are listed below.

  • Lumberjack gathers wood from tree sand and yields wood logs as job yield.

  • Stonecutter gathers stone from rocks and yields stones.

  • Fisherman gathers fish from water and yields fish as job yield.

Crafting Type Laborer

Crafting-type laborers are used for crafting resources and items. Some of the crafting laborers are listed below.

  • Tinker crafts items at a Toolmaker and yields planks.

  • Blacksmith crafts items at warrior’s forge and yields metals, bars, cloth, and planks.

  • Fletcher crafts items at a hunter’s lodge and yields leather, planks, and metal bars.

Battle Type Laborer

There’s only one laborer in the battle-type category that slays monsters that drop silver on the battlefield. That labor is Mercenary labor who roams around slaying monsters and collecting the silver or yielding silver as job yield.

Keep Your Labor Happy

It is very important to keep your laborers happy and maintain their happiness because their happiness directly affects the yield of an item. There are multiple ways you can keep your laborers happy by paying on time, giving them proper rest, and assigning them to work properly. The higher the level of your laborers, the higher will be the returns from them. Each laborer requires one bed and one table along with trophies to keep him happy and yield more good quality items. To get the maximum benefits from your laborers, make sure you keep them happy and constantly keep a check on their happiness level.

Putting Furniture

In Albion Online, furniture is an object that you can place inside your house. There are various furniture available for different uses and purposes so it is very important to keep those that benefit you in some way and especially laborers in your house. You can put beds and tables for your laborers to keep them happy. Furniture can be used for the decoration of your house as well to make it look better.

Manage Your Resources

As you can use your house for extra storage of items and resources that you gather and craft from the surrounding, it is very important to manage all your resources wisely. Don’t fill your house with only one type of resource. Fill it with maximum resources of different types and tires in a properly managed manner. Keep your eyes on the number of items remaining and what you need in your gameplay so that you can yield and use them according to your needs and requirements.

Set Permission To Access Your House By Other Players

It is also very important to manage your permissions and allow the only players you want to get inside of your house. You can set, change, and edit the permissions according to your needs.


Houses are a very crucial and important part of Albion Online because they not just provide you with storage but also give you the ability to perform various tasks from hiring laborers to decorating your house. Before building an Island, take a good look over the area and zone you’re using to ensure the safety of your house. 

As discussed earlier, a house gives you the option to set them as your home as an option so that you can be directly teleported to your house after death or dying on the battlefield. Building and managing houses can be a tough job especially if you’re stepping into them as a beginner with no prior knowledge before, but the above-mentioned tips and tricks can be used for taking a start. The above guide mentions all the necessary things that you are needed to keep in your mind for the better and good use of your house. Cheerful Gaming!

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