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Albion Online Destiny Board Guide

Your skill tree and progress through Albion Online are outlined on the destiny board. It tracks your previous progress and highlights the upcoming tasks you must accomplish in order to unlock new skills, put on sturdier equipment, or gather better resources. It is an essential instrument in the game, and while it may initially seem a little confusing, with some practice, it will become clearer.

The B key is the standard shorthand for launching your destiny board. Alternatively, you can access it by clicking on the tiny Destiny Board icon on your computer. The Destiny Board icon will either be in the upper right corner or in the bottom center, depending on your HUD settings and the device you are playing Albion on.

As an avid gamer of Albion Online, it's crucial to master your skills to progress in the game. By repeatedly engaging in activities that you enjoy, your character will automatically improve in those areas. For example, if you enjoy sword fighting, focus on using your sword to defeat foes, as this will unlock more skills and better swords, allowing you to deal more damage in the game.

It's essential to keep in mind that mastering all areas of the Destiny Board on one character is a long-term goal. The Destiny Board rewards players who specialize in their professions rather than those who attempt to be a jack-of-all-trades. However, this shouldn't stop you from experimenting with new things and exploring different areas of the game. As an adventurer in Albion Online, your destiny is in your hands. So, go ahead, create your own destiny, and master your skills to progress in the game.

Understanding Learning Points in Albion Online

As an avid gamer of Albion Online, it's essential to understand the game's mechanics, including the role of Learning Points (LP). LP is a valuable resource that can help you progress faster on the Destiny Board.

Earning Learning Points requires purchasing Premium status, which generates 30 LP per day for the character. Additionally, LP can be earned offline, and after purchasing 30 days of Premium status for the first time, you'll receive an extra 200 LP as a reward. To check your character's total LP, open your Destiny Board and locate the number next to the small book icon at the right corner of your screen. Remember, LP is only for one character and cannot be shared with other characters on the same account.

Albion Online Learning Points

LP can only be used to improve skills or items once you've unlocked Tier 3. For example, you cannot use LP to unlock a Journeyman's Broadsword (a Tier 3 weapon). Instead, once you've unlocked the Journeyman's Broadsword, you can use LP to unlock the Adept's Broadsword (a Tier 4 weapon). However, it's important to note that you cannot solely acquire any skill just through the use of Learning Points. Starting with the Lancelot Midseason Patch in April 2018, you'll always need to collect a minimum of 20% of the total amount of Fame required to unlock the next level.

Using Learning Points wisely can help you achieve your goals faster and save a great deal of time. It's important to keep in mind that LP cannot be retrieved once used, so it's vital to use them carefully and not waste them. By understanding the role of Learning Points in Albion Online, you'll have a better chance of succeeding in the game and reaching your desired level of progress.

Unlocking Nodes on Albion Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking nodes is a critical aspect of advancing Albion Online, and it's essential to understand the requirements and processes involved. To begin with, you need to complete nodes and fill up your Destiny Board by repeating tasks related to the area you want to advance in.

To unlock a node, you can click directly on it to find out the requirements. For instance, if you try to equip an item you haven't unlocked on your Destiny Board, the game will redirect you to the corresponding node. The requirements to unlock a node can vary, but they typically involve crafting a specific item and achieving a set amount of fame. Once you've crafted the item and achieved the required fame, you can unlock the next level.

In the case of Tier 4 skills, the fame requirements for the next level are split into two segments. The first part is 20% of your total fame, after which you can spend your Learning Points. The second part is the remaining 80%, which you must fulfill to meet the total fame requirement. After completing the first segment, you have the option to continue collecting fame or use your Learning Points to skip the remaining fame requirement. Learning Points are a valuable resource that can significantly speed up your progress.

It's important to note that you don't need to decide immediately whether to use your Learning Points to progress faster after completing the first half of the requirement. If you continue to collect fame, the required Learning Points will decrease, allowing you to save them more efficiently.

In conclusion, understanding how to unlock nodes and the importance of Learning Points is crucial to making progress in Albion Online. With this guide, you should be well-equipped to navigate the Destiny Board and advance your character effectively.

Unsure about how to progress in the game? You can do it rather quickly with Albion Online Silver. With it players can unlock new tiers on the Destiny Board, purchase better gear, and gather high-quality resources. Moreover, Albion Online's Learning Points (LP) system is a valuable resource that can significantly speed up character progression. Purchasing Albion Online Silver can help players acquire premium status, which generates 30 LP per day for the character, allowing them to use LP to unlock higher tiers and upgrade their skills and equipment. Additionally, after purchasing 30 days of premium status for the first time, players receive an extra 200 LP as a reward, helping them progress even faster.

Albion Online Nodes

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Understanding the Sctions of the Destiny Board in Albion Online

Albion Online's Destiny Board is a comprehensive skill tree that encompasses all aspects of the game. To make the most out of this feature, it's crucial to understand its different sections and how they function.

Adventurer Path

The Adventurer Path is the long middle line of the Destiny Board. It's unique because all fame gained within the game goes towards the progression of the Adventurer Tier. You can passively unlock higher tiers by playing the game, but completing tasks that reward a high amount of fame can speed up your progress. A higher Adventurer level allows you to ride better mounts, build greater buildings, and wear stronger accessories.

Combat Area and Reaver Series

To the left of the Adventurer Path is the Combat area, where you can progress by slaying foes while using the weapon and armor you want to improve. There are no restrictions, so you can combine any weapon with any armor. In the middle of the Combat area is the Reaver series, which enhances your character's overall damage and defense against creatures in Albion. Each new Reaver tier you unlock allows you to join a better expedition.

Farming and Gathering

In the bottom half of the Destiny Board is the Farming skill tree, which you can improve on your private island or guild farm plot. By mastering different types of Gathering, you can equip higher-level gathering tools and unlock armor specially designed to help you gather more resources more quickly and safely.


Finally, the Crafting section of the Destiny Board is where you can progress by crafting more and stronger items. As every item in Albion Online is player-made, crafting is a crucial aspect of the game. By progressing in this section, you can craft Epic gear with increased quality to outperform your enemies in combat or competitors on the auction house.

In conclusion, understanding the different sections of the Destiny Board is vital to make the most out of Albion Online. By progressing in each section, you can become a well-rounded player and achieve success in all aspects of the game.

Albion Online Crafting

The Power of Artifact Equipment in Albion Online

Albion Online offers a wide range of equipment, but not all gear is created equal. As a player, it's essential to understand the difference between Normal Equipment and Artifact Equipment. While most gear requires no special requirements to be crafted, Artifact Items are the exception.

Artifact weapons and armors are the most powerful equipment in Albion Online, with unique abilities on their E spell and overall increased item power. However, crafting Artifact Items requires a correlating Artifact, a rare and expensive resource that is only obtainable by striking down powerful PvE Bosses.

For those who want to try their luck, there's an alternative way to obtain Artifact Equipment - by melding Artifact fragments into a single functioning Artifact at an Artifact Foundry. These fragments can also be looted from PvE Bosses, but it requires a bit of luck and patience.

It's important to note that while Artifact Equipment offers significant benefits, they also come with a higher risk. Their rarity and value make them prime targets for other players looking to steal or loot them. So, it's essential to keep your wits about you and ensure that your Artifact Equipment is well-protected. Also read our beginner's guide to Albion Online to get a good hold at the game.


Mastering the Destiny Board, understanding Learning Points, unlocking nodes, and comprehending the Destiny Board sections are vital aspects of Albion Online. The Destiny Board provides a clear outline of player progress, highlighting the upcoming tasks that unlock new skills, better equipment, or superior resources. Learning Points help to progress faster on the Destiny Board by wisely using them, and unlocking nodes are achieved by completing nodes and repeating tasks. Understanding the mechanics of these features will help players progress more efficiently, ultimately creating a unique and successful adventure in Albion Online.

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