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Albion Online Economy Guide

Like any other game, in-game currency plays a vital role in helping a player make all the progress and upgradation of the game. Here, in Albion Online, Silver is the primary currency or the main currency that you can use to level up your gameplay and enjoy a smooth experience. Silver is very essential for various kinds of purposes and needs during the gameplay because it unlocks various features of the game. The importance of silver cannot be overstated.

As it is very important and crucial in overall game making the gameplay and features more accessible, it is very important to know and understand the use of silver and how we can utilize it in a more efficient way and avoid losing it or spending it in a wrong way. Here are a few quick and useful tips and tricks you can use to make profit and progress in your game and understand the better use of the money in Albion online. 

Repairing Your Items

During the combat and after every combat, your player’s performance will deteriorate, and repairing them is the only way to perform well during the battles. You can keep an eye on your character’s health and performance to keep it upgraded. Here, you can use silver coins to upgrade the efficiency and the performance of your player.

Not just your character, but you can also repair all the items in your inventory that are damaged by the attacks of the enemies. The amount of silver that will be used for the repairing of your item will depend on the amount of damage it has taken. If it has taken a less amount of damage then the cost of silver would be low but if it has taken a heavy amount of damage then it will cost a heavy amount of silver. However, there are a few key points that you need to remember.

  • Keep a continuous check on all the items in your inventory.

  • Remaining durability of an item can be seen through the colored circle.

  • Green means, in a good condition.

  • Yellow means, in a moderate condition.

  • Red means the poor condition and urgently needed to be repaired.


Crafting is one of the most valuable and time-consuming, yet interesting thing in Albion online that plays an important role in the progress of your game. You can craft materials, items, and goods of different categories and choices to sell and move further in your game.

Choose the crafting profession, gather all the resources, and go to the crafting stations to craft the items. Crafting stations are in cities allowing players to craft various items and get profited from them. It is time-consuming and demands a higher amount of concentration and patience. You will also need to learn about the recipe that is required to craft an item. There are a few important tips and tricks that you should keep in your mind while crafting to be a good crafter.

  • Find and craft items that are popular and high in demand because they guarantee the buyers and you will earn more money from them.

  • Calculate all the costs that is being involved in crafting an item because any item that yields little to no profit is of no use.

  • Import the materials that are required for crafting an item and also study the crafted item.

Albion Online Crafting

Buying And Selling Items On The Marketplace

Buying and selling are important and crucial aspects of Albion Online. It is very important to know and understand about trading with goods to level up our gameplay and proceed further in our game. It is based on “Demand & Supply” where you have to keep an eye on the most demanded resource, items, or goods to gain the maximum benefit in all the purchases.

Buying items, resources, and services in Albion Online demand the use of primary currency (Silver). There are various and multiple sellers of the same item you’re looking for so it’s very important to look for all the providers and compare all of them before making any purchase. The marketplace allows the players to surf and find a variety of goods and services that they can use in their game. Also, the marketplace charges 6% of fees on all the transactions that you make while making any purchase. It is just like deducting tax.

You can search for the item in the marketplace and apply filters according to the item’s rarity, condition, profit, and many other requirements. Here are some of the quick and short points to help you access the marketplace and make a purchase.

  • Click on the marketplace icon in the game’s menu

  • Search for the item you want to buy by tapping its name in the search bar.

  • Apply filters like, the rarity of the item, type, and many other parameters you want.

  • Check the price for the item.

  • Click on the “Buy” option if you have enough silver coins and complete your purchase.

Albion Online Marketplace

Buying and Upgrading Islands

Here, you’ll also get an option to buy and upgrade your private Island. You can use your Island for your personal use or you can share it with other players. You can use your Island to gather resources and build structures. But before buying an Island, you must join a Guild first or create your own because only Guild members have that access to buy an Island and use it. To buy an Island, you’ll need a specific amount of silver coins depending on the size and location of the Island you’re choosing. So, joining a guild is a must.

Also, you’ll be needed to upgrade the level of your Island. Upgrading your Island will again need a specific amount of silver coins depending on the type of upgrade it is. To upgrade an Island, you won’t just need silver coins but also some of the resources for the building and upgradation. As you upgrade your Island, you’ll get access to new structures and resources which will help you proceed further in your game. However, it is very important to keep in mind that you must be having a 30-day premium account while making a purchase for an Island. Though you won’t have to keep the premium membership active after that. 

Try choosing the location of your Island where you’ll find yourself playing the most because it will turn out very easy for you to access your Island and visit it whenever you want. Keep your eye on improving your Island to use its potential. An Island will fetch you very much progress in your game as it avails you of many options and resources. There are also some other buildings you can try purchasing to progress further.

Here's a quick guide on how you can purchase an Island:

  • Go to any major city such as Caerleon, Lymhurst, or Fort Sterling.

  • Locate the Marketplace.

  • Look for Islands that are on sale.

  • Look at its details.

  • If the Island matches your requirements, click on the “Buy” button to purchase it.

For purchasing any island, you are required to spend in-game currency, Albion Online Silver. If you are falling short of the silvers, the best way to get them is for real money from any popular and reputed selller like MMOPixel.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchase Albion Online Silver at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer 24x7 chat support and quickest delivery with various denomination options to choose from. 

Paying Taxes

While owning a private Island allows you to gather and collect resources while building structures, there’s also a responsibility that comes along which includes paying taxes for the Island you own. Paying taxes is very essential part of owning an Island if you want to maintain the ownership of your Island. You can pay the taxes using silver coins. You can also use gold coins for paying taxes which is another currency for premium users that you can get either by spending real money or participating in in-game activities.

Something that you need to keep in your mind is that if you don’t pay the taxes, you’ll lose the ownership of your Island and you won’t be able to access it until you make the payment and pay for the taxes. It will be listed on sale for other users if you lose your ownership of your Island. Keep paying taxes to maintain ownership.

Albion Online Taxes

Some Other Uses of the Economy

However, all the big and important uses of the in-game currency have already been discussed above but there are a few more things that you can do with your currency to progress further in your game and make complete use of the game’s economy.

  • Purchasing premium status: You can use silver or gold coins to unlock the premium membership which will offer you even more exciting benefits including faster skill progression.

  • Faction points: Faction points can be counted as a type of currency in-game that can be earned by doing faction-related activities like killing mobs which will help you in buying faction-related rewards.

  • Challenge points: Challenge points can be earned easily by completing daily challenges and missions. Challenge points can be used further to buy cosmetic items.

  • Learning points: Learning points can be earned by accumulating Fame in a particular skill tree. Learning points help the players in progressing their skills efficiently.


In order to progress further in your game and perform all the activities, currency plays a vital role. Albion Online is a player-driven currency means everything is being sold and purchased from player to player so it becomes very important to understand its importance and use.

With all the above-mentioned points, you can start your game by understanding the working of the currency which will help you in your gameplay and competing with other players. It requires a lot of patience to deal with money whether it is buying resources or buying and upgrading your personal Island and by the above tips, you can get a start with spending and investing your money. Happy Gaming!

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