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Albion Online Equipment Guide

Albion Online is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is most popular among gamers and teens nowadays. Albion Online has an economy in which its players carry on the economy. One of the most important features of the game is the types of equipment as types of equipment play a very important role in determining the strength and the abilities of a player. In this article, we will be providing you with a guide for Albion Online Equipments, so that your gameplay can be improved. 

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Understanding the Equipment Tiers

Equipment tiers are a very important concept of Albion Online, there are a total of eight equipment tiers in the game starting from tier one and going to tier eight. As the level of each tier increases we can witness a significant increase in the power and rarity of equipment. For leveling up from one tier to another tier a player is required to gather better resources and also craft better gears. 

As the player keeps on progressing in the game he will be required to use high-tier pieces of equipment and more advanced and complex recipes for crafting items, High Tier Equipment requires some amount of money because high-tier equipment is purchased from other players in exchange for money.

For each tier of equipment we have a different level of items, like let's take the example of tier four in which you will be given a halberd, longbow, etc, and for tier 8 the player will be given items like black hands, siege bows, etc. The Equipment that players obtain at a high level is known as high-tier equipment. High Tier equipment comes with great power and powerful stats and sometimes they may come with some extra bonuses. 

A player should know that in all situations high-tier equipment won’t work. So what tier of equipment will be required at a particular place should be determined by the players for example if a player is using the Equipment of tier 8 in a fight of tier 6 or 7 it may be counted as inappropriate because for each tier of fight the equipment of that tier only are considered best.

Instated crafting high-tier equipment There is also one other way for equipping the high-tier equipment which is by participating in the content of high level which includes the Avalon dungeons, castle sieges, etc. Summing up, understanding equipment tiers is very important for a player to get progress in Albion Online. Players should always consider crafting and obtaining the highest-tier equipment which they can afford. 

Albion Online Equipment

Specialization in Equipment 

Equipment specialization is a very important aspect of the game, Specilaisation helps in improving the combat skills of the player and making the player efficient, there are some types of specializations that help in Albion online we will be discussing all of them with a brief introduction to each.

Specialization in Weapons

In Albion, online players can specifically specialize any weapon for a specific type of damage that it causes. For Example, if we look at the swords in the game these are slashing weapons that cause a lot of damage with a single slash, swords are capable of giving damage to a single player and also to a lot of players in a single attack, if we look at maces we can determine that maces are single hit type of weapons which can not give damage to more than one player at a time. So now we can understand how important specializing in one single weapon is an important task for those who want to increase the output of their damage.

Specialization in Armors

Armors in Albion online have different roles according to the types, a player can use armor for defending himself and a player can also use armor for increasing his mobility, for example, if the player is using the plate armor it means that the player is striving to defend himself from the attacks of the enemy as plate armor plays an important role in defending the player and can last for a longer period in battles on the other hand if a player is using the leather armor this means the players main goal is not to defend himself but it is to attack the enemy and as the leather armor help in giving damage and also the player can be more mobile if he wears it. 

Artifact Specialization

Artifacts refer to the special items of Albion Online that provide special abilities and bonuses. For each artifact in the game, there are different strengths and weaknesses. For example, if we look at the Hallion jacket it provides the player with a shield that helps in dealing with damage, this ability of the Hallion jacket makes it best in case of defending a player with damages caused by bursts and any other types of damage also.

So choosing the right type of specialization for a player is a very important task as it helps in increasing the effectiveness of your character. All the players should note that they can change their specialization in equipment whenever they want by using gears different from the previous one. In this way, players can adapt to all types of situations and also try any type of playstyle which they want to try without creating a new player.

Equipment Enchantment In Albion Online

Enchanting the equipment is also another aspect of the Albion online equipment system, when a player enchants its equipment it provides him with a bonus to the gears, which makes the equipment more powerful in battle and combat. For enchanting any equipment a player is required to have enchantment runes, these are used to add enchantments to the gear, you can get runes by trading it in the marketplace or you can also obtain it by rescuing it from a place. 

In Albion Online we can observe that there are two types of enchantments, the first one is defensive which means we can enchant our armor and resistance also, the second type of enchantment is for attacking which includes offensive types which provide speed and damage. Let's discuss some enchantments for a better understanding of how are enchantments exactly differentiated:

  1. Fortifying: This enchantment helps in adding additional armor to the gear

  2. Dazing: This enchantment increase the chances of shocking the enemy with attacks

  3. Lifesteal: This enchantment heals the player for the damage he has faced in the fight

When a player enchants his equipment it makes him more effective in combat situations, you should also note that the cost of enchanting the equipment is high so a player should be careful while investing his money in enchantments, he should choose wisely which gear is to be enchanted and what enchantment will be best for it, the enchantment should be chosen wisely according to the playstyle of player.

Summing up, enchanting gears is a great way to increase their effectiveness of them and make them powerful for combats in Albion Online, Players should keep the cost of enchanting in mind and should make their choices wisely.

Albion Online Equipment Enchantment

Equipments Set Online

It refers to the set of gears that work together and provide the player with specific enchantments and advantages, There are several types of equipment sets in Albion Online, each designed for a specific role or playstyle. Some most common Set of Equipments found in Albion Online are:


This set is for the players who play the role of healer and supporters together while playing the game, this set provides the bonuses on healing and defense, which implies that this set is for those kind of players who want to stay alive and help their teammates by healing them.


This set is especially for the kind of players who love to play as attackers. This helps in attacking and increases the speed of attacks, which makes this appropriate for those whose playstyle is attacking type.


This set is for the players whose playstyle is to keep an eye on the enemy and kill it when get the chance.

These were some examples of Equipment sets, there are a lot many which are made for different types of playstyles of players.


So this was all about the Albion Online Equiments we started with the topic of introduction to Albion online then we moved forward to the topic of understanding how the equipment work where we gave you a brief introduction about the topic then moving forward we discussed the specialization of types of equipment in which we discussed what all equipment can be specialized and how where we discussed briefly about specialization of weapons, specialization of armors and at last the artifact specialization. Then the second last topic we discussed was the enchantments in equipment and at last we discussed the set of equipment and how they are effective where we discussed three major sets which are Royal, Hellion and at last Stalker.

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