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Albion Online Fame Farming Guide

Albion Online is a very grossing and interesting Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game comprises a very large world open for the players where the players explore the whole world, gather resources for their survival in the game, build the colonies for their survival, and be protected, players can also engage in PVP battles in Albion online. One of the key elements of Albion Online is the idea of fame, which is crucial for the tracking of a player’s progress in the game and achievements of the player.

There are many ways to earn fame in Albion Online, you can earn fame by engaging yourself in the gathering of resources for crafting items, crafting items, engaging in PvP battles, and also by completing the targets or the quests. Fame is a very important factor for growth in Albion Online, Fame unlocks many abilities for a player such as high-level types of equipment and abilities for combat, and the player can explore more areas with fame. Fame can be earned by players by following the traditional approach also but if you want to grow rapidly in the game and earn fame at a high rate then you have to follow fame farming, it helps us to earn maximum fame in minimum time. In this article, we will be discussing the guide to earning maximum fame in the minimum period. 

Best Ways to Earn Fame in Albion Online

There are many ways to earn fame in Albion online we will be discussing every way and will give you a detailed brief about them.

Collecting Resources

A player can earn fame by gathering resources in Albion Online such as wood, ore, and fiber also. The amount of fame also depends upon the tier of the resource you are using for earning fame. If you are wondering where you have to gather the resources then you can do so in the open world.

Crafting items

A player can earn fame with the help of crafting tools, weapons, and armor for their safety. The amount of fame a player will gain is solely dependent on what tier of the item he is crafting. Crafting of items can be done at the crafting stations present all over the map. You can craft items for your island also.

Albion Online Crafting

Completing Quests

For earning fame you can also choose the path of completing the quests from the REF (royal expeditionary forces) or you can do the same from faction missions. This quest can comprise any tasks related to the game such as gathering resources, delivering items from one place to another, or killing any mob.

Hunting Mobs

A player can earn fame by killing the mobs in the whole open world or on expeditions or dungeons. The amount of fame the player will get will depend on which tie of mob he has killed, the killing of a high-tier mob will result in more fame. Killing of mobs also includes the PvP battles fought, PvP battles will also result in increased fame.

Farming Expeditions

Your participation in farming expeditions will also help you to get fame, participating in expeditions can be done solo or you can also join the group expeditions. In farming expeditions, you will be expected to gather resources, kill mobs, and also deliver items.

Farming Dungeons

Dungeons refer to the diversity of challenges in which you can participate they range from solving tricky puzzles, escaping the challenging traps, and fighting the most powerful bosses of the game. Participating in these dungeons will help you to earn a lot of fame.


Fishing is also a source of earning fame, catching normal fish will not give you much fame but if you by any chance get a rare fish on the hook then you can earn a lot more fame than that catching a normal fish.

Breed Animals

Making the animals breed can also help you to earn fame, if you breed a high-tier animal then you will earn high fame. 

Albion Online Animal Breeding

Guide to Fame Farming in Albion Online

Now we will give a guide about earning fame in Albion Online as earlier we told you about all the possible ways to earn fame in the game.

Select your farming method

There are many ways of farming in Albion online for earning fame, the choice of your method of farming will depend upon your playing style and the preferences you have, some of the most popular methods of farming are: 

For Solo Farming you can consider methods such as expeditions on which you will travel alone other than that you can also consider killing various mobs and if not that then you can just simply gather resources.

For fame farming in a group, you should consider participating in group expeditions with your teams or you can also participate in dungeon runs.

For PvP fame farming the only option you have is having PvP battles and earning fame and loot also.

Choose your build

What you build in Albion Online plays an important role in identifying how efficient you are in combat situations and your resource-gathering ability. You should build according to the type of farming you are choosing and always consider maximizing the output and the ability to survive. 

For solo farming, you can build anything which has a high level of mobility and is self-sustained, an example of a build with high mobility and self-sustainment is Bloodletter.

For group farming you should consider a build that helps in healing and can have crowd control abilities, an example of such a build is the Holy Healer Build.

For PvP farming you should consider a build that has great potential to deal with burst damage and mobility, example of a build with burst damage is a dual sword build.

Choosing the farming location

The choice of location plays an important role in determining the quality and the quantity of the resources which you will find in that area, location also determines the type of resources which will be found and the mobs you will encounter, as some locations have more dangerous mobs than other and terrain of the place varies from one location to the other so choosing the right location becomes a crucial area to be looked upon.

For solo farming, we recommend you choose to Tie 5 or Tier 6 for your solo expedition, as these places are full of resources and various types of resources are available, and the mobs which you will find in this area are not that difficult to tackle with and can be fought easily in solo PvP battles it also has solo dungeons which will help you to gather fame.

For group farming, we recommend you choose tier 6 or tie 7 expeditions of the group, Tier 6 and Tier 7 are the areas with high resource density and you will also find group dungeons here which will help you to increase your fame.

For PvP farming, red and black zones are the best because these are the areas with the highest player activity and you will also find loot here in big amounts.

Maximizing the efficiency 

Fame farming efficiency can be increased by following some of the basic points such as:

  1. Using the food and the potions which are suitable for you for increasing sustainability and the stats. 

  2. You should consider using the gathering gears which will help you in increasing the resource gathering ability called resource yield and also it will increase the speed of gathering resources. 

  3. You should always have a mount with you so that you can travel faster from one place to another by mounting animals majorly horses.

  4. Always participate in events that are specially organized for fame farming.

  5. Use Silver, the in-game currency to your advantage. Make in-game purchases to get an edge over other players.

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Selling fame

You might find this one a little odd but yes it is true that you can earn more fame by selling it, you can convert your fame to silver which is the currency used in the entire game so you can invest that silver in buying better gear for you or you can also invest in your settlement. You should make it a habit to sell fame and get it converted to silver coins because it will not only help you to become a better version but also in case of any PvP battle you die then all your fame will be lost and can not be restored but if it is converted in silver then it can be restored.


So this was all about how you can do fame farming in Albion online, we started with a slight introduction to the topic where we discussed the importance of fame farming and defined it, then we discussed the various methods of earning fame in the game we told you about 8 efficient ways of earning fame after that we gave you a guide to fame farming in Albion online where we discussed the 5 major points i.e selecting the farming method, choosing the build, choosing the location, maximizing efficiency and at the last how to earn more fame by selling it.

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