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Albion Online Solo Play Guide

It's been a while since the inception of the Albion Online game. Players from all around the world are enthusiastically exploring the realms of the game. The Fantasy world is full of adventures and mysteries where you gather resources and craft items. Some take the usual route of forming a group to increase their chances of survival and wandering around the mystical land with their friends, but some adventurers want to go SOLO. 

For those who are from the second category of players, we will be discussing how to play solo in Albion Online. In this guide, we will inform you about the challenges that you will be facing when playing solo, and tell you the ways to tackle them. If you want to start your solo journey or you have already started with but struggling now, read the entire article, to better understand the solo part of the game.

Most of the content of Albion Online requires Group play but there is some very interesting content that can be played solo. With the following tips, we hope you would enjoy the game a lot rather than struggle with it. Let's begin then…

Choose a Versatile Build

When playing solo, the very first thing you need to focus is the build that you are going to choose. Since you will be without the help of others, you would want to have a build that can perform multiple tasks without breaking a sweat. In Albion Online you will be faced with multiple challenges like - resource gathering and crafting, fighting enemies and monsters, defending yourself against other players, and many more. So, do you have any build in mind that can perform all these tasks for you? If not, then here are some good builds that can do multiple jobs for you.

Nature Staff/Cursed Staff: These are weapons that can provide both healing and damage. Without someone to heal you, you are on your own to fight and heal yourself at the same time, and what better weapon than Nature Staff and Cursed Staff that can do both jobs for you? With these, you can sustain yourself while fighting mobs or other players.

Bloodletter/Assassin Hood: A combination of these two will provide you with the options of greater mobility and high burst damage on a single opponent in a PvP fight. It's up to you whether you stay and defeat an enemy or run in case they prove stronger than what you've imagined. The invisibility from Assassin Hood is useful for stealthy getaways.

Greataxe/Mercenary Jacket: If looking for high defense and causing bleeding damage through AoE, then the Greataxe is the axe weapon you need. A powerful weapon to knock down even the toughest of opponents, combined with the healing power of Mercenary Jacket gives you good sustain and AoE damage for mobs.

Albion Online Build

Focus on Gathering and Crafting

Resource gathering and crafting is the fun part of the game, for those who hate fighting obviously!! But seriously, it could not be very attractive but it's very very important for solo players. Start small and then gradually level up the gears that are required for gathering and harvesting. Focus on getting valuable resources that could help you get a good amount of silver in the market. But remember it's a cyclic process - you harvest something good, sell it to get silver, and buy new and advanced gears, harvest something more valuable, sell them for a much better price, buy new gears, and so on. If you already have advanced weapons then you can invest those silvers in crafting, but if you are struggling with a low amount of silvers to start gathering in the first place, then MMOPixel is here to help you.

To boost your gathering skills, buy Albion Online Silver from MMOPixel for a headstart. Purchase from us comes with 24x7 chat support and quickest delivery.

The gathering is required to get the silver, but after that, it is also important that you invest it wisely. We advice you to use these silvers in crafting. Crafted gear is very useful for solo players, so work on leveling up refining, crafting, and stonecutting.

Albion Online Gathering

Avoid High-Risk Zones

This a very obvious advice for solo players. When you are alone, the chances of being attacked by hostile players are quite high, and you would not want that. Solo players should avoid the Black Zone and other high-risk PvP areas as much as possible. This is because you can't hold off such players on your own, especially not the lower-grade weapons.

In a Solo journey, your only hope of survival is when you have expensive weapons that can ward off hostile players, but till that time comes, try not to venture into those areas and stick to the Yellow and Blue zones, where the chances of you being attacked are comparably low. If you wish to go to high-risk zones, make sure you have weapons that when lost or stolen by other players, do not affect your gameplay. Our advice is to gradually build up your strength and gain experience and once you are done with that, you can venture into the red zones that can offer you better rewards.

Farm Silver and Fame

As a solo player, you need to fund your activities and gear through farming silver and fame. Some good ways to acquire silver and fame include:

Mob Farming: Find a suitable cluster of mobs in a yellow or blue zone and repeatedly kill them to gain fame, silver drops, and loot. Dungeons also provide good mob farming spots.

Expeditions: Solo expeditions are a great way to gain fame and loot without too much risk. Start with T2-T5 expeditions before moving on to higher tiers as you become more powerful.

Transport Goods: Buy goods from one city and transport them to another city to sell at a higher price. Look for routes where there is a shortage of certain resources to maximize your profits. But be careful of gankers along the road.

Market Flipping: Watch the market for goods that have a large buy and sell price difference. Buy the goods from sellers and resell them at a higher price for silver profit. You need to have a substantial amount of silver to start market flipping.

Albion Online Silver

Staying Nimble

As a solo player, it's important to stay nimble as you cannot rely on guildmates for help. Here are some tips:

Avoid Overloading: Don't carry loads of valuable goods or gear so you can make a quick escape if needed. Only bring what you need for specific activities.

Use Stealth: Equip invisibility potions or skills like Assassin Hood to avoid enemies or escape from danger. Stay off roads when traveling to avoid detection.

Be Ready to Run: Don't overcommit to fights you cannot win. Be ready to run at a moment's notice if you get outnumbered. It is better to run and live to fight another day.

Vary Your Routine: Don't follow a predictable pattern. Change up where and when you gather resources or farm mobs. Crafty gankers may try to anticipate where you go and ambush you.


Playing solo is fun, especially with the right guidance. In this article, we have provided you with the tips and tricks that you can apply to get the best results in Solo Play in Albion Online. Solo players in Albion Online need to choose versatile builds, focus on gathering/crafting, avoid high-risk areas, gain silver/fame through farming, trading, etc., and stay nimble to enjoy success in this sandbox MMORPG. With time and experience, solo players can thrive and progress in the world of Albion. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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