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Albion Online Trading Guide

Albion Online is a very popular MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online game) game that has been popular among gamers since the year it was launched i.e. 2017. One of the best things you can find in Albion Online is trading your items with the people in the game by engaging yourself with them, you can trade many items such as silver which is the currency used in the game overall. So in this article, we will be discussing the guide for trading in Albion online, we will be offering you the best trading tips to make your trades easier and more efficient. 

Understanding the market of Albion Online

For trading in the Albion Online market, it becomes essential for you to understand how this market works, so the whole marketplace of Albion Online is controlled by its players only, which means that the price of items depends on the demand of the players and supply also follows the same.

For a better understanding of the market players have to identify the type of economy for this player have to find out which items are in demand and which items are in the state of oversupply, players have to keep an eye on the prices of these items also. As a player, you can choose the Albion online data project for your help as it helps in the analysis of the market and introduces you to all historical data of the market and the latest trends which are being followed in the market.

For making a profit in a market a player has to identify what all items are in high demand in the game for identifying those items players have to be active in in-game chats, forums, and social media of Albion Online and see what all items are in popularity and are being requested. Items that generally remain in high demand are row resources such as wood and ore, food items, treasure maps, and many more items. You have to be an active player to identify them.

Players should also keep an eye on the regional differences in the game which means that if an item is popular in a particular region then it is not important that it has to be popular in every region of the game, as every region may have its own different economy. For example, if food items are in high demand in one area then it may or may not be true that it is popular in other regions also. So we have to be careful about this also.

Lastly for understanding the market, you should consider checking for updates in the game and market. Changes in the game’s marketplace can affect a lot to the economy of the game so a player who is always updated has an advantage over others, once you are aware of these changes you can make your changes accordingly. 

Albion Online Market

Items to trade in Albion Online

Albion Online has an economy that is carried by players, so there are many items that can be traded in Albion Online so here are those with their importance: 

Raw resources

These are the most essential components for crafting anything in the game, a player can gather these resources by themselves but these can be traded with other players in the game also and as you can buy them it is obvious that you can also sell them for silver coins or anything else in trade, wood ore, and fiber are the most demanded raw resources in the game.


Food is a very important component of survival be it in real life or albion online so it becomes a high-demand item to trade in the game, although you can farm food items such as carrots, potatoes, and many more items and sell them in the market place but if you are not willing to do so then the option for trading it with other players is always open.


Mounts are also a very important part of the game as there is no other way of traveling from one place to another fast so trading mounts with players in the game becomes essential so that you can mount animals like horses and Oxs for traveling fast from one place to another. 

Weapons and armor

Weapons and armors are always in demand because a player always wishes to make their character strongest in defense by having the best armor and the best attack with the help of the best-attacking weapons, You can either craft weapons and armor in the game with the resources present with you or you can consider trading it with players.

Rare Resources

As the name says these resources are rare and are difficult to find by mining or by any other way of gathering them so it makes them automatically very expensive and valuable for players, you can either gather these resources by investing your time or either you can trade these resources with players and then sell it in the market or any other player after adding your profit to it for earning extra money.

Treasure Maps

Treasure maps are a unique commodity that can not be found easily in the game so it makes them very valuable for any player in the game but if someone is looking to trade it for some silver coins then you can consider taking it as it is a very unique item to be found easily. 

Albion Online Treasure Maps

Guide for trading in Albion Online

So as we gave a brief introduction about the game and we have understood how the market works so now its time to learn how you can become an efficient trader, here are some tips and guides to trading in Albion Online. The first and foremost thing to do is get enough Silver for jumping into the the Albion Online Market. If you are falling short of Silver, get enough of them by purchasing for real money.

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Get Started with the trading process

For starting with the trading procedure of Albion Online you need to have some silver with you, for earning there are many ways some of which are by farming, gathering resources, and also crafting items. These all activities will help you to earn some amount of silver which you can use for your future trading processes. Once you have earned some silver you can now head to the marketplace for trading.

Selling crafted items is also a way by which you can earn silver coins. It is a very popular way of trading. Crafted items such as armor, weapons, and also mounts can be traded with other players or in the marketplace if required and they make a great deal indeed. For crafting these items you will be required to gather some resources and make them once made, they will be a great deal for trading.

Identifying Portable Trades

For identifying portable trades you have to look at the historical data of the trades and see how the prices have changed in the economy and what all prices have fluctuated over time which all items have been in high demand and which were in high supply, for all this you will require a lot of research so it becomes a very important element.

Another way of finding an effective trade is looking for an item that is not in demand in one area and is high in demand in some other area so you can buy the item from the region where the item is at a low price this will help you to earn between the gap of trading.

Risk Management

Trading is always a risky process and in Albion, Online trading is a risky process so appropriately managing that risk becomes an important element.

The first way you can follow is by diversifying your portfolio, which means you don’t have to invest all your silver into trading one item you should spend it with all calculations that your essential needs get fulfilled first, so spreading your silver in buying many items is one way by which you can manage the risk.

The second way you can follow for risk management is setting the stop-loss orders, stop-loss order means to sell an item if the price of that item reduces below a certain point, By setting stop-loss orders you can ensure that you don’t bear any losses and this will limit your loss.


So this was all about the guide to trading in Albion Online, we first started with the introduction to the topic where we learned about the importance of trading and trading effectively, then we discussed how the market of Albion Online works and how you can get maximum output from it, then we discussed all the items which can be traded in the game starting from raw resources, food, mounts, weapons and armors, rare resources and ending the list with treasure maps.

Moving forward we gave you the three steps for the trading guide and how you can get the best trade by following three tips first one was getting started with training, then how you have to identify the best portable trades, and the last importance and how to manage risk.

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