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Best Ways to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy XI 2022
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Best Ways to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy XI 2022

It has been a long time for Final Fantasy XI, but it is still shining and running like it is amongst the latest games out there. After all those years, still, the grind for farming and earning Gil has always been the same. Even in 2022, Final Fantasy XI fans are searching for new farming methods to earn Gil but some of them find it difficult to do so.

Gil is the main currency of the game and no matter how well equipped you are, there will always be a need for Gils to get goods, equipment, weapons, and so on. Don’t worry, here we some of the Best Ways to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy XI 2022 to help you earn a decent in-game currency. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into the details.

Best Farming Techniques

FFXI Gil Farming by Sparks of Eminence

Most of the farming techniques are inconsistent but earn a lot if the arrow hits the spot. But here we have a consistent technique and earn a decent amount of Gil, while also having open doors for all players.

In the Sparks of Eminence, you don’t have to go for the purchase at your bazaar or do anything like that. You will simply have to sell stuff to the Non-Playable Characters and in return, you will get a decent amount of Gil instantly.

In 2022, this strategy isn’t as efficient as it used to be with the limitation of spending 100k sparks weekly. You can use this efficiently in combination with other FFXI Gil Farming Techniques to earn amazing amounts of Gil.

So, this works like that;

  • You get Sparks of Eminence in the game

  • Then, you buy Acheron Shields with these Sparks. Each Acheron Shield cost around 2.755k Sparks and you can convert from Records of Eminence NPC

  • After that, you sell these to Merchant NPC for around 27k Gil each.

  • After some Calculations, you will know that all of these after conversion will make around 100k Gil.

FFXI Gil Farming by Ambuscade

As of now, Ambuscade is the best method to Farm Gil in FFXI but in consistency, it is not matched to Sparks of Eminence. From the battle contests, you can get great valuable items through Ambuscade like Abysses, Dynamis, and Assault.

Most of the time you will find other players here to farm that good old hallmark. Then, they will use the hallmark to get progression items that are valuable in the game. You can use these valuable items to upgrade the Empyrean, Relic, and Mythic Weapons.

Well, this technique does require a lot of luck and a bit of maintenance on the way, but the whole thing revolves around that fighting system which rotates monthly, and with each rotation, things get pretty wild. If you are well around 99 levels and have good gear, you can think about this farming technique in FFXI.

FFXI Gil Farming by Odyssey

Players in FFXI Open chests through the Skeleton Keys for quick gain, but it is a bit tricky if you are a beginner in-game. So, instead of being like other players to open Chests through Skeleton Keys, you can craft these keys yourself and then sell them to players.

You can farm Gils through the business of these Skeleton Keys because players require them urgently.

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FFXI Gil Farming by Domain Invasion

For new players who reached level 99, the most reasonable way to Farm Gils in FFXI is through Domain Invasion. You can make easy Gils with this technique but require a bit of investment upfront.

So, in this technique, you need to purchase some gear that can work with the current job of players in-game. You can get the items like Fern, Pellucit Stones, Eschaixir (plus 2), Taupe, and even Wyrn Ash to sell them for a profit and gain Gils. By doing this again and again on daily basis, you can get a quick profit

FFXI Gil Farming by Dynamis Currency Farming

If you are looking for the easiest method to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy XI, then Dynamis Currency Farming is your best bet. This Farming Technique is related to relic weapon-making which is commonly bought and in large quantities.

The only problem here is that time is valuable and you are bound to do it within a specific limit. To do this, you will first have to get all the extensions of time available and then farm relic weapon currency, which is available from their respective zones.

FFXI Gil Farming by Unity Accolades

There are Unity-dependent Eminence Objectives Records that you can complete to earn Gils in-game. If you are new to the game itself and grinding your way to the top, then this method is worth a shot.

In this method, you can fight the NMS of Level 75 Unity to get the most unity out of them by using the Unity Accolades to earn some Sparks and other items. You can further convert the Unity Accolades to some Sparks to get Gils in return. This is not that much profitable, but worth it because you are not that geared up as a beginner.

FFXI Gil Farming by Alexandrite

Two things will always be in demand when talking about Final Fantasy XI. One of them is Alexandrite and the other one is Android. You can use both of these things to farm a good amount of Gils in FFXI. The only thing you need is patience and investment of your precious time.

You will have to do Salvage here and clear it in 15 to 20 minutes if you have good gear alongside you. For this time, you can earn around one to two pouches plus, and a further twenty to forty come out of the stack.

So, for the investment of 20 minutes, you can earn around a minimum of 600 guilds on each run. In this way, you can farm a lot of in-game money.

Final Verdict

Gils is the main currency in Final Fantasy XI, as you need them for literally everything. There are surely a lot of ways to Farm Gils, either through exchanging some materials, salvaging, or other means, but the best methods are those that are tried and tested. Here in this article, we compiled the Best Ways to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy XI 2022 without you having to worry about testing each method individually.

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