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Calventus Lost Ark - Defeat the Guardian!

The encounter against Calventus is full of interesting and problematic fighting mechanics. Facing it, either solo or in a team, is a tough challenge. In this struggle, this Guardian of the darkness will perform several powerful attacks, both direct and AoE, so you need to keep your distance as well as approach it when you can strike it. In this Calventus Lost Ark Guide, we’ll cover everything about it. 

What is Lost Ark Calventus Guardian Raid?

Calventus is a level 3 Guardian Raid you can challenge in Lost Ark. This Guardian is, basically, a dragon with high mobility that provides some stacking Armor Debuff with its attacks. Calventus delivers attacks from the air and heavy strikes that can kill you with one hit. 

Calventus has two phases. The first phase may be considered the normal state. Around 5 minutes after the fight begins or when the Guardian moves to a different area of the map, it will modify existing attacks and add new ones. Defeating Calventus involves memorizing its attack patterns. You also should prevent Calventus from absorbing Dark Orbs. 

This boss drops several Tier 2 accessories, ability stones, and upgrade materials, as well as Engraving Books, Runes, and Cards. 

How to Unlock Calventus Guardian Raid?

Calventus flying in Lost Ark

Just like other Guardian Raids, to access Calventus Raid, you need to unlock it by progressing in the main storyline in Lost Ark. Immediately afterward, you need to complete the main story in the York continent to acquire the appropriate gear. Then you must defeat all the level 1 and level 2 raid bosses. Finally, you need to reach item level 880 to enter this challenge. 

Calventus Guardian General Patterns

Calventus performs both direct and AoE attacks, most of which are very powerful. The attacks of the second phase are more dangerous than the ones of the first phase, but still, you need to be aware of any AoE attack the Guardian delivers. 

Backward Jump

Calventus jumps backward to adopt a better angle to attack. This movement won’t deal you any damage, but be careful of its follow-up attacks.


Calventus's Charge attack in Lost Ark

The Guardian glows blue and rears back up a few steps. Then, it will charge straight towards where it is facing. To avoid charge, just step aside from the attack path.  

Big Impact

Calventus's Big Impact attack in Lost Ark

Calventus flies away until it disappears from the screen. After a few seconds, it will appear surprisingly and slam the ground with its body, dealing a huge amount of damage. As soon as you see Calventus fly up and vanish from the area, run away and dodge when it appears violently. 

Dark Rain

Calventus's Dark Rain attack in Lost Ark

Dark Rain is very similar to the attack above. In this case, when Calventus slams the ground, it will unleash several waves of Dark Rain. The Dark Rain closes in on the impact area of the Guardian. If you’re fast, you can run away and escape from the impact of the Dark Rain. If you’re not, wait until the last rain impact and move out immediately before the last attack. 

Hovering Slam

Calventus's Hovering Slam attack in Lost Ark

The Guardian lifts for a brief moment and then slams back down against the ground. It will be a quick light on the ground indicating where Calventus will land. It deals huge damage and knocks everybody in front of it. Just stay away from the Guardian when you see it starts to fly to avoid its tough attack.

Orb Explosion

Calventus's Orb Explosion attack in Lost Ark

Calventus fires one shot toward any player who is in front of it. When this black orb touches the ground, it explodes and destroys everything in a small area. If Calventus is enraged, the damage and explosion’s radius are bigger.


Calventus's Slam attack in Lost Ark

This is a simple slam attack that Calventus delivers at a player in front of it. At the beginning of the animation, Calventus raises its claws. When you see this, just step aside and dodge the slam.

Tail Swipe

Calventus's Tail Swipe attack in Lost Ark

Calventus delivers a Tail Swipe attack behind it that can knock you. This is a simple slam attack but deals a decent amount of damage, so be aware of its tail. There is a safe spot to the left and right of the Guardian’s tail. Move to one of these points when you see the initial tail slam and stay away from the swipe area.  

Special Interactions and Patterns

It’s time for some special interactions you can use when you head directly to Calventus. This way, you can inflict huge additional damage in your attempt to hurt the Guardian. 

Counterable Charge

Calventus's Counterable Charge attack in Lost Ark

You can counterattack Calventus during its charge attack. Just like other Raid bosses, this Guardian will glow blue at the beginning of the charge animation. This is the time to use a counter skill while you’re in front of the Guardian and deal additional damage. If your timing is perfect, the charge and the Tail Whip attack will be interrupted, and you’ll stagger the Guardian for a few seconds.  

Just be careful when the animation ends, because Calventus will unleash an AoE attack that knocks up you on the hit. Wait for a second before minding the gap and attacking Calventus.  

Dark Orbs

Calventus's Dark Orbs attack in Lost Ark

When the Guardian enters phase two, Calventus will summon multiple black orbs around it. These orb attacks will move towards Calventus. If they touch the Guardian, Calventus will absorb them. If the boss absorbs 4 orbs, it enrages. 

To prevent this, you need to destroy the orbs as soon as possible. If Calventus gets enraged, the orbs summoned will start to chase the nearby player. They will explode, dealing great damage and applying Armor Debuff.  


Calventus's recovery in Lost Ark

You can incapacitate Calventus by providing enough Stagger damage. When it recovers from incapacitation for the first time, it unleashes a dark rain around it. Keep your distance and/or stay away from the Guardian when it recovers. 

How to Beat Calventus?

Calventus is a very mobile boss, so it’s very difficult to damage it continuously. Following, you’ll find some tips and the recommended combat items you should consider to defeat this target. 

Tips for Calventus Guardian Raid 

Sacred Charm item description in Lost Ark

  • Use light element skills. Calventus takes 10% more damage from light element skills. 

  • Destroy all the orbs. As soon as you see the black orbs spawn in the field, you should manage and destroy them.

  • Party up with a Paladin. Use a class with cleansing abilities to cleanse the armor and Windfury debuff after three stacks.

  • Stay away from its mouth. Since Calventus can summon and spew energy out of its mouth, it’s better if you step aside from its jaws. 

  • Bring Panacea. These potions will help you against the armor debuffs. 

  • Flares. These elements will display the location of the Guardian if it rises into the air and flies away to another part of the map. 

  • Sacred Charm. This item removes one random debuff from a nearby party member. 

  • HP Potions. Use an HP potion when your health is below half. 

  • Whirlwind grenades. These are great for stagger Calventus. When you do this, the orb counter will reset and its attacks will no longer be that menacing. 

Calventus Rewards

Calventus Guardian Raid main menu in Lost Ark

Once you defeat Calventus, you may receive some of the following rewards:

  • Destruction Stone;

  • Guardian Stone;

  • Life Leapstone;

  • Ephemeral Monarch Necklace;

  • Ephemeral Monarch Earrings;

  • Ephemeral Pulverizer Earrings;

  • Ephemeral Monarch Ring;

  • Ephemeral Pulverizer Ring;

  • Tier 2 Epic Ability Stone;

  • Calventus Card;

  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe;

  • Epic Class Engraving Recipe;

  • Rare Skill Rune.

Final Thoughts

We’ve arrived at the end of this Calventus Guardian Raid Guide, warrior. We hope we have helped you with this fight by providing you with effective battle mechanics. 

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