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Dark and Darker Solo Playing Guide

Despite the fact that players may only play the demo version, Dark and Darker has grown to be a very well-liked fantasy dungeon-crawling FPS. The game is expected to hit the stores in the fourth quarter of 2023. Before the official release, there might be a few test versions, though. This implies that players will have several opportunities to try out the game. If playing Dark and Darker solo is more appealing than playing with mates, you should consider this Dark and Darker Solo Guide!


This fantasy first-person shooter is similar to more well-known games like Escape from Tarkov in that it requires players to access zones or places in order to gather a tonne of take-home stuff. You would run into many difficulties trying to get out of the dungeons, losing everything you have in the process. Other gamers might want to kill you and steal your loot in addition to traps and dangerous NPCs.

Three-person teams or lone players can both play Dark and Darker. There are a tonne of maps accessible to explore if you prefer to travel alone. There are a variety of classes that players can employ for solo runs, however some are more appropriate than others.

Is there a Solo mode in Dark and Darker?

Since the playtest in February 2023, there has been a dedicated (experimental) solo queuing option. You are led deep within a goblin cave by this. Everyone in the dungeon is a solo, therefore you can only form alliances with other players you encounter there. This not only drastically evens the playing field but also changes the meta for solo queues since you no longer have to deal with up to three people at once. As a result, classes like the Ranger, Rogue, and Barbarian have an increased opportunity to excel on their own.

Dark and Darker Solo

Best Dungeon to choose for Solo Play

Make absolutely sure to grind in the best area if solo play is what you're after. For the current version of the game, the greatest place to farm is in the Goblins Cave. There aren't many PvP battles because most encounters are spent battling obnoxious goblins. Players should maintain vigilance, though, since aggressive players may still show up.

Best classes to choose for Solo Play

In Dark and Darker, almost all classes are playable single, but some perform significantly better. These jobs have excellent utility and survivability together with good damage-dealing potential. For this Fantasy RPG FPS game, the top solo classes are as follows:


Although this huge fighter is clumsy and slow, their high HP and tankiness make up for these drawbacks. Although being a strong class already qualifies it for solo play, their capacity to do devastating damage propels them to the top of the list. Barbarian has a lot of health bonuses that can make them even beefier, which is helpful if your playstyle is plunging head-on into battles with aggression.


Rangers may be regarded as an A-tier class when it comes to team play, but they really stand out while going solo. It can take out targets from a distance, is quick, and has strong utility abilities. The likelihood of death is reduced by eliminating opponents from a secure distance. You have an advantage over other players in a survival game because of your speedy installation of traps and campfires. Players should be aware that using this class in melee combat will guarantee that they return home empty-handed.


When it comes to team play, the rogue class is at the bottom of the list, but when it comes to solo runs, it is at the top. Rogues thrive at eliminating opponents covertly, which is simpler to do when no one else is watching their back. They are also incredibly quick on their feet and agile, which allows them to do a tonne of damage without getting struck. When to fight and when to flee are entirely up to you as a Rogue. It should be mentioned that this class is better suited for players with more experience.

Dark and Darker Rogue

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The Ideal Solo class

The Fighter is a class that performs well in both team mode and solo play. All of the metrics for this class are balanced. They offer a respectable attack and defense, making them ideal for rookies and novice solo players. The Fighter is ideal for learning the ropes if you're new to the game and like to play alone. The fundamental criticism of this class is that it lacks any areas of excellence, which guarantees that it will ultimately lose out to other jobs that can scale far better.

Combat tips to consider during Solo Play

Avoid going up against other players directly if you wish to fight them, especially duos and trios. Instead, make an effort to gain a competitive advantage by using stealth and traps. A few tactical pointers for solo PvP battles are included below:

  • Let the skeletons and zombies handle the heavy work. It can be highly helpful to wait if you observe other players who haven't yet noticed you, especially if they're close to AI opponents. Don't attack till they are already hurt.

  • Use stealth. To conceal yourself in the dark, either use an invisibility skill or switch off the lights. These techniques work for both emergency retreats and surprise attacks.

  • Apply traps. Set up a bear trap or make advantage of existing traps, like wall spikes. then make an effort to entice your opponent there.

  • Camp in a well-known area. Although sometimes not very honorable, camping at a specific location can result in a high death toll. Wait until a player is reviving a teammate at an Altar of Sacrifice, for instance, and attack from behind.

Tips to consider when playing Solo

Move Slowly

Move slowly. To avoid setting off traps or unintentionally running into problems, don't move too quickly. Enemies can quickly surround lone players. It's always a good idea to move slowly, eliminating foes one at a time, and checking each room or corridor before entering. Use the walk input (holding the shift button) to produce less noise since you obviously want to be aware of surrounding players before they get aware of you.

Utilize the Death Swarm

It's occasionally preferable to suffer Death Swarm damage rather than definite death if you're not quite certain of your capacity to defeat other players. You can be quickly taken out by a skilled player or squad, but Death Swarm damage is gradual. Try hiding in the red zone if other players are pursuing you because it is possible that they will turn around and move to the center of the map. Once the threat has gone, leave the area and, if necessary, take care of yourself.

Keep an Exit Plan in mind

Having adequate space to retreat is frequently helpful, whether you're battling an AI or a human. It's a smart move to attack, flee, and then attack again, especially if you're a Rogue. You should always be prepared to go since it would be horrible to turn around and rush into a crowd. Before you go, clear a hallway, turn out the lights, and make a note of where it is.

Exploit the PvE predictability

Combat in solo PvE is far more difficult. Fortunately, Dark and Darker monsters lack intelligence, thus their attack patterns are constant. You'll be able to memorise the most effective attacks. Also, because you are the sole target, you have the opportunity to constantly lure people into traps like floor spikes. After defeating the monster, proceed to the safe side of the spikes, where you can wait for the AI to stumble into the trap. Are they still alive? Repeat!

Additional Tips to keep in mind

  • Observe your surroundings carefully. To avoid being taken off guard, make sure to pay attention to the sounds and other people's footfalls.

  • Use caution when moving. Avoid making loud noises that can draw attention. Consider taking off your shoes to lessen the sound of your footsteps or steer clear of breakable pots.

  • Practice with your preferred class & continue. If you have experience with a class, you will be able to take advantage of many of the subtleties in different playstyles.

  • Don't Stress Too Much About Dying. While looting and escaping the dungeon are the preferred outcomes, dying in solo games is acceptable if you're after EPX points.


Being up against pairs and three-player teams can be extremely scary while playing Dark and Darker alone. But, playing as a lone warrior may still be beneficial and a lot of fun with the appropriate planning and approach. We are confident that after reading this guide, playing solo won't be as challenging as it was previously. This brings the Dark and Darker Solo Guide to a close.

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