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Dark and Darker Barbarian Beginner's Guide

One of the 6 classes that can be used in Dark and Darker's various alpha playtests is the Barbarian, at least for the time being. As for the Barbarian's "role" within the game, it is what someone who is familiar with the Barbarian class from any other game would certainly anticipate. The Barbarian is a bruiser-type character who has extremely slow mobility and interaction speeds but, in exchange, has a large maximum HP and damage.

Having by far the most health of any class and the only class that has a talent that restores health after defeating a player, the well-played Barbarian is a dangerous threat both in groups and alone. Below is our guide on the Barbarian class in Dark and Darker.

Barbarian class Overview

The Barbarian is an expert with two-handed weapons and axes. Using large, heavy weapons increases your damage, so even though you fight slowly, one or two well-placed hits to an opponent's head will be enough to wipe out their health bar.


  • Strong, deals the harshest blows of any game class.

  • Good for both team and solo gameplay.

  • Can destroy chests and doors.

  • More HP compared to other classes.


  • Extremely slow, both in terms of movement and attack.

  • It may be difficult to catch players eluding you or it may be possible for speedier classes to outperform you.

Dark and Darker Barbarian

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Best Perks for the Barbarian Class

The Barbarian simply doesn't care, although some classes, like the Rogue, could gain from careful planning of ambushes. Players will want to choose their perks to benefit from this because the Barbarian manner of playing involves smashing apart doors and brazenly walking down hallways while slicing everything in their path. Due to their huge health levels, Barbarians and Fighters frequently take the lead in groups.


If a player is not wearing chest armor, Savage deals 10% more damage. This is a simple choice if you're playing with a group that has a cleric available to restore any health that was lost during a brawl, but it also works well in solo gameplay even if you're just using your standard equipment.

Axe Specialisation

Your attacks will deal an extra 10 raw damage if you're wielding an axe. As a result, barbarians are frequently forced to use axes because swords cannot provide the same worth until the High Roller dungeon. That also means that your beginning weapon, the Battle Axe, deals the highest base damage in the game—45 damage—per swing.


Use caution when playing around with the Carnage Perk. After each kill, Carnage boosts your strength by 10 for 7 seconds. With the capability to cleave, this can swiftly transform the Barbarian into a nightmare that clears rooms, but careful preparation and execution are required to maximize its effect. In conclusion, eliminate the smaller foes first.

Morale Boost/Smash

Morale Boost will regain 12% health after slaying a player if you're concentrating on PvP. You should really be able to out-damage everyone else on the map as long as you land your swings, but this won't happen until you kill an opposing player. Smash will let you swiftly smash down the majority of the game's wooden doors with a swing of your weapon, making movement exceedingly quick.

Dark and Darker Barbarian Guide

Best Skills for the Barbarian Class

Because the Barbarian comes to life in PvP, you'll want to use particular skills to increase your PvP damage.

War cry-Party

A fantastic skill that can significantly unjustly disadvantage your opponents in most encounters. Since the 25% HP bonus only lasts for seven seconds, use this skill as soon as the battle starts. This is wasted if you use it before your party can get closer.

Reckless Assault

Reckless Attack, which negates 75% of your opponent's armor for your next strike, is a Barbarian's go-to move. Even the strongest warriors in the dungeon are effectively neutralized by this, and even in the heat of battle, you can tell whether your opponent is wearing a lot of armor.


For a "brief duration," rage significantly improves your strength, but it's more than enough to win most battles. The 20% defense reduction it causes while it's active is, at best, a trivial point; just attack them until you can stop worrying about them hitting you.

Best Gear for the Barbarian class

It goes without saying that you should arm your Barbarian with the strongest axe you can find in order to maximize the effects of Axe Specialization, put some leather on, and approach the dungeons. Aim for Strength (for health & attack damage) and Will (for some raw magic resistance) when it comes to stats. Barbarians can kill the majority of rogues, but regardless matter how bad the wizard nerf was, wizards will fast become your enemy.

Best Weapons for the Barbarian class

Barbarians generally don't have access to a vast array of weapons, but they do have considerable options. The Bardiche, Felling Axe, Hatchet, Huntsman's Axe, & Zweihander are the weapons that gamers appear to favor the most when considering base damage, move sets, as well as hitboxes for each weapon.


The Bardiche is similar to the Battle Axe the Barbarian starts out with, but it features a third strike in its combo rather than simply two, a larger range, and a faster overall attack speed. Axe specialists ought to be aware that it's classified as a Polearm rather than an axe.

Felling Axe

Felling Axe: Although it may not seem like much, a skilled player with a low miss rate can use the Felling Axe to great effect. The Felling Axe's recovery animation following a missed stroke is excruciatingly long. But, if the strike succeeds, the interval between that & the following swing is startlingly short.

Horseman's Axe

It also involves the Hatchet, however, the Horseman's Axe is deserving of the top rank more because it is only an improved variant of the Hatchet overall. The Barbarian's only real choice for a one-handed axe is this one. It works well against opponents who strike quickly and will catch them off guard if they anticipate a Barbarian with sluggish, evident moves to their typical attacks.


Fans of the War Maul might wonder why it has been replaced by the Zweihander; there is only one explanation: the Zwei has greater vertical swings. The War Maul is the Barbarian's most powerful weapon, but in exchange, each of its attacks consist of these broad horizontal swings that invariably seem to hit the hallway walls despite rarely connecting. The Zweihander, in contrast, has a secondary attack that instantly launches a two-hit combination and is speedier and less likely to hit barriers.

Dark and Darker Barbarian Weapons

The Barbarian as a Solo class

The Goblin Cave is a challenging location for a beginner to handle because the goblins and other opponents hit quite hard in Dark and Darker's new solo queue. In spite of this, we still believe that the Barbarian is one of the greatest classes for solo play. This is mostly due to the dread that Savage Roar instills in other players as well as its incredible damage output.

The Barbarian is perhaps one of the better classes to attempt the new solo mode encounter, the Cave Troll, fully on your lonesome without assistance from other players in flight. Use a large, powerful weapon with a long reach to employ the Roar to lower the boss' armor. We haven't yet succeeded in taking down this boss by ourselves using any of the other classes, so you will still need to be swift to pull it off.

Tips and Tricks to consider as a Barbarian

These are some basic tips for the Barbarian class that any player choosing it would likely wish to know:

  • Do not approach, engage with, or put down anything as a barbarian. Assign it to a teammate with a faster reaction time to put or smash it open instead.

  • The Barbarian plays in a sort of "do-or-die" style where they go into a fight head-on and use their inherent strength and health to outperform their foe.

  • The combat systems in Dark and Darker are difficult and require some getting used to. It will take some getting used to because The Barbarian's swings, in particular, are deceiving in how far they go or where they hit.

  • Don't try to save Savage Roar for PvP fights; use it frequently against NPC foes.

  • Although the Barbarian moves slowly by nature, a lot of players also overlook the holster choice.

  • Gaining proficiency with the throwing axes as a Barbarian, provides for a superb surprise weapon because no one actually anticipates a Barbarian using one.

  • Barbarians need to be the most cautious with friendly fire of any class. A Rogue teammate of a Barbarian can be instantly killed by one poorly timed attack against an NPC.

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And that's pretty much everything a player in Dark and Darker could need to know about a Barbarian class. The Barbarian has a slight learning curve at first, but players who stick with it will come to love PvP moments where they can completely change the course of the game.

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