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Diablo IV Guide Best Build for Necromancer Class

The Necromancer is one of Diablo 4's most formidable classes. It can create a tiny force of heavily equipped skeletons in addition to casting spells and applying crippling debuffs to foes. As you mainly depend on the skeletons to carry out your orders, this is probably one of the most straightforward classes to play properly.

Instead of deploying these minions, you might choose to use your enemies' blood and bodies against them in horrifying ways if you prefer a more active playstyle. The Necromancer is incredibly versatile, with the ability to deal significant single-target and AoE damage. You should keep this in mind when designing your own builds because the only thing missing from it is a straightforward escape.

How to create an amazing Necromancer build?

The fundamental component of any Necromancer construct is the skeleton. Prioritize your investments in Skeleton Warrior Mastery & Skeleton Mage Mastery. When it comes to fundamental abilities, Bone Splinters excels at making foes vulnerable, which increases their resistance to harm from you as well as your skeletons by 20%.

Skeletons may provide protection for you against enemies if you decide to take the solo route, and based on how you decide to specialize your skeletons, they may serve as a line of defense for you against bosses. For the Skeletal Warriors & Mages, you may select from three distinct specialized trees, each of which has its unique advantages. You must experiment with this if you want to decide how to handle World Events in Sanctuary.

Debuffs are crucial to the Necromancer as well. It is quite beneficial to use talents like Iron Maiden to maximize the damage that they will sustain. It will significantly impact your total damage yield to take this ability along with Amplify Damage.

As previously stated, necromancers have the option of forgoing their dependable skeletons. In this situation, you should construct a sorcerer-like character and combine Corpse Explosion with debuffs like Decrepify and Iron Maiden. Additionally, acquiring Enhanced Blood Surge would increase your survivability a little. Even while the Necromancer endures more damage than the Sorcerer, it isn't nearly as tough as the Barbarian & has fewer escape routes than the Rogue.

Diablo 4  Necromancer Build

How to utilize the most effective Necromancer build in Diablo IV?

In Diablo 4, the Necromancer class's primary goal is to employ death as its main weapon and do damage far away. It may use Blood, Bone, or Shadow spells to gradually wear down adversaries and raise skeletal hordes. Necromancer is actually appropriate for both single and multiplayer gameplay. Regarding the Necromancers, you have a choice as to whether you want to take part in the battle alongside your minions or remain in the background and help them. 

This Necromancer build has the advantage of giving the player a lot of flexibility in terms of how they deliver damage. Keep a close watch on the minions' numbers & raise additional Skeletons if any perish in combat to ensure that they are supported. Curses, spells, and long-ranged attacks like Bone Splinters and Bone Spear are other options for supporting them. Alternately, you can approach close to your opponents with the Necromancer and employ abilities like Reap to deal a tonne of melee injury to them. Enemies are put on the defensive by curses & spells such as Corpse Explosion and Decreptify, making it simple for you as well as your minions to take advantage of them. 

The best aspects of the Diablo 4 necromancer build

In Diablo 4, completing Side Dungeons will award Aspects. These are skill and ability adjustments or enhancements that make this build much more powerful. The top characteristics for the Corpse Explosion Necromancer build are listed below, along with the dungeons you must clear to obtain them:

Blighted Aspect

Following the Shadowblight Key Passive has dealt foes 10 times of damage, you inflict 50% more damage for six seconds.

Aspect of Reanimation

After 10 seconds, the skeletons' damage increases by up to 20% while they are still living.

Unyielding Commander's Aspect

 Your minions' attack speed increases by 70% when Army of the Dead gets active and their damage is decreased by 90%.

Flesh-Rending Aspect

 Gain 10 Essence whenever decomposing creates a corpse.

The aspect of Shared Misery

There is a thirty percent likelihood that the crowd-control impact will extend to an additional adversary when you strike a crowd-controlled foe.

Legendary Gear may appear with Aspects currently equipped, but you need to equip one to use it. You can also obtain Legendary Gear as an arbitrary loot drop. If you come across a Legendary item while wandering that has one of the aforementioned Aspects, be sure to equip it right immediately!

Best Attributes for Necromancer Build for Diablo 4

In the endgame, Farming Legendary Gear will consume a lot of your time, but while leveling, you might have to settle for some rares. In light of this, you should keep an eye out for rares that increase particular Attributes that support the Diablo 4 Necromancer build.

As it increases ability damage by 0.1% every point, Intelligence is a particularly crucial Attribute for this build. Having 100 Intelligence, every one of your abilities will deal 10% more damage, indicating a significant improvement.

Willpower is crucial for the Corpse Explosion Necromancer because it increases resource generation, which is necessary for producing enough Essence to keep casting Blight. The creation of resources is boosted by about 0.03% for every degree of Willpower. Even while it may seem small now, it will soon add up significantly. You can give yourself a headstart by buying Gold, the in-game currency and using them to upgrade your skills and gear.

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The best gems for a Diablo 4 necromancer build

In Diablo 4, several gear components will include gem sockets that you may fill with gems to add more passive benefits. If a gem is placed inside a piece of jewelry, armor, or a weapon, its impact will vary.

It is advised you utilize Amethysts in the weapons to increase your harm over time. In this build, Blight, Decompose, and Corpse Explosion each deliver damage over the course of time. Amethysts in weaponry gem sockets may boost this damage by up to 8%.

Use rubies to increase the optimum life of your armor. Necromancers may appear fairly vulnerable to opponent attacks, but the additional Life provided by Rubies will be helpful if you unexpectedly run out of minions to take the blows. Find diamonds to fill empty gem sockets for your jewelry. Diamonds boost your immunity to every threat when used in jewelry, offering you more protection from whatever your adversaries may throw at you.

Diablo 4  Necromancer Build

Best Minions for the Necromancer build in Diablo IV

The Book of the Dead system, which lets you spawn minions to create a potent little army, is another special feature available to the Necromancer class. Mages, Warriors, and Golems comprise the three sections of the Book of the Dead screen. In this construct, Skeletal Warriors & Mages are used, but their capacity to call upon Golems has been traded for a passive benefit.

Employ the Raise Skeleton ability to acquire Warriors and Mages. Due to the fact that this will occupy a spot on the skill bar. We choose the Reaper variation under the Skeletal Warriors tab. We've chosen their second node, giving Reapers an opportunity of fifteen percent to create a corpse with every strike. It is clear to choose this option because it is the only one in the Warriors tab that works well with the Corpse Explosion Necromancer setup.

We selected the Shadow version of the Skeletal Mages tab. They are able to discharge an additional Shadow bolt on every fifth strike thanks to our choice of their second node. This enables you to benefit from all passives that increase Shadow damage since minion attacks will now also be affected. Although Bone Mages can choose to create a corpse after they die, we found that the effect was little and that Shadow Mages worked better with this construct.


Diablo IV is a game of skill and patience, so make sure you give time to improve your skills. The Necromancer class also requires you to invest time to learn all the skills and play efficiently. Debuffs are crucial to the Necromancer as well. It is quite beneficial to use talents such as Iron Maiden to maximize the damage that they will sustain from you as well as the Army of the undead. It will significantly impact your damage output to take this ability along with Amplify Damage. The guide is now complete.

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