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Diablo IV Guide to Completing The Heretic Side Quest

Welcome to Diablo IV, where side quests are an integral part of the immersive gameplay experience. Among these captivating side quests, "The Heretic" stands out as a thrilling adventure that invites players to embark on a quest to unravel the enigmatic secrets of a heretic cult. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions on successfully completing "The Heretic" side quest, enabling you to reap the maximum rewards in the world of Diablo IV.

Obtaining the Quest

To embark on the captivating journey of "The Heretic" side quest, begin by immersing yourself in the vibrant town of Tristram. Take the time to explore its bustling streets and interact with the diverse townspeople who inhabit this vivid world. As you traverse the town, be attentive to your surroundings and keep a keen eye out for non-player characters (NPCs) marked with an exclamation mark hovering above their heads. This visual cue signifies that they have a quest to offer.

Your focus should be on locating a specific NPC named Brother Malachi, a key figure in initiating "The Heretic" side quest. Brother Malachi can typically be found in close proximity to the grand cathedral that graces the heart of Tristram. Engage in a conversation with him, and through this interaction, you will be given the opportunity to accept the quest. Brother Malachi, driven by his unwavering faith and a burning desire to uncover the truth behind the heretic cult, will entrust you with the task of delving into their mysterious world.

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Investigating the Cult

After accepting the quest from Brother Malachi, a whole new chapter of intrigue and danger unfolds before you. Brother Malachi, recognizing your bravery and determination, becomes a wellspring of invaluable information regarding the heretic cult. He imparts crucial details about their clandestine activities, rituals, and their hidden lair.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, your path leads you to the heart of the mystery which is the cult's secret hideout concealed within the nearby catacombs. These ancient underground tunnels and chambers bear witness to the esoteric practices of the heretics. However, be forewarned, for the catacombs are a treacherous domain, teeming with perilous foes and cunning traps.

As you embark on your journey into the depths of the catacombs, proceed with utmost caution. Each step forward unravels the secrets and threats that lie in wait. Engage in battles against monstrous creatures and devoted cultists who guard the heretic's domain with fervour. Harness the unique abilities and skills of your character, utilising weapons and armour to overcome the opposition that seeks to impede your progress.

Diablo 4 The Heretic Side Quest

Clearing the Catacombs

As you venture deeper into the mysterious catacombs, prepare yourself for thrilling encounters with a diverse array of monstrous creatures and zealous cultists. Engage in pulse-pounding combat, leveraging the unique abilities and skills of your character to conquer these formidable foes. Harness the power of devastating spells, unleash swift and precise sword strikes, or rain arrows upon your enemies with unparalleled precision—it's all within your grasp.

To ensure your victory, it's essential to equip yourself with top-notch gear and equipment. Enhance your character's strength, agility, and resilience by acquiring powerful weapons, sturdy armour, and magical artefacts. With each step, consider the strategic advantages that various equipment options can provide. Perhaps an enchanted sword capable of piercing through the supernatural defences of the cultists or a mystical amulet that bolsters your spellcasting prowess will tip the scales in your favour.

Throughout your exploration of the catacombs, keep a watchful eye for hidden rooms and secret compartments that may reveal themselves to the keen and observant adventurer. Uncover these concealed spaces to unveil additional clues, lore fragments, or even valuable rewards that enhance your journey. You might stumble upon ancient tomes that unveil the cult's sinister rituals, uncover long-lost artefacts with untold powers, or discover secret passages leading to even deeper and more treacherous sections of the catacombs.

For those seeking an extra edge in their quest, Diablo IV offers a range of in-game purchases that can elevate your gameplay experience. Consider the possibility of acquiring exclusive equipment or consumables that provide temporary buffs, granting you an advantage against the formidable foes lurking within the catacombs. These optional purchases can supplement your existing resources, accelerate your progress, or offer cosmetic enhancements that allow you to stand out as a legendary hero on your journey to unravel the secrets of the heretic cult.

Finding the Cult Leader

Within the cult's inner sanctum, an aura of malevolence permeates the air. Prepare yourself for a daunting trial, as the enemies you encounter in this sacred space possess heightened strength and unwavering devotion to their cause. These adversaries, carefully selected by the cult leader, are the fiercest and most formidable the cult has to offer.

Enter this unhallowed chamber with both caution and courage, for here you shall face the ultimate challenge—the cult leader. This formidable antagonist, shrouded in darkness and steeped in forbidden power, stands as the embodiment of the heretic cult's fanaticism. Engage in a battle that will test your skills, resilience, and strategic acumen to the utmost limit.

Employ every tactic at your disposal, utilising your character's unique abilities, and wielding your arsenal of weapons and spells with precision. Adapt swiftly to the cult leader's relentless onslaught, evading their devastating attacks and seizing the opportune moments to strike. Remain resolute in the face of their cunning tactics and mystic prowess.

Victory against the cult leader serves as a pivotal moment in your quest, signifying not only the defeat of a powerful adversary but also the unravelling of the cult's darkest secrets. With each blow struck, you inch closer to bringing light to the shadows that have shrouded the heretic cult's nefarious deeds.

Diablo 4 The Heretic Side Quest Guide

Gathering Evidence

Having emerged victorious in your battle against the cult leader, you find yourself standing amidst the aftermath of the intense confrontation within the inner sanctum. Now is the time to meticulously scour every corner of this sacred space, for it holds valuable clues and evidence that can shed light on the heretic cult's hidden activities.

Engage your keen investigative instincts as you meticulously search the inner sanctum. Examine every nook and cranny, meticulously sifting through the remnants of the cult's presence. Delve into ancient documents, meticulously peruse cryptic texts, and carefully study the inscriptions etched upon the walls. Each piece of evidence serves as a precious puzzle piece, contributing to your understanding of the heretic cult's motives, rituals, and nefarious deeds.

Pay particular attention to any interactive objects or artifacts that may reveal deeper insights into the cult's practices. Uncover hidden compartments within ancient bookshelves, decipher coded messages scrawled upon aged parchments, or unravel the mysteries of intricately crafted reliquaries. Each discovery brings you closer to unravelling the tangled web woven by the heretic cult.

Return to Brother Malachi

Armed with the hard-earned evidence you've collected, retrace your steps back to Tristram, the bustling town where your journey began. Seek out Brother Malachi, the devout individual who entrusted you with the task of uncovering the truth behind the heretic cult. Present him with the fruits of your investigation, eager to share the revelations you've unearthed.

Engage in a meaningful dialogue with Brother Malachi, sharing the evidence you've gathered and recounting the harrowing battles you've faced within the catacombs. As you reveal the secrets hidden within the inner sanctum, a new chapter of the heretic cult's history unfolds before you. Brother Malachi, deeply grateful for your unwavering dedication, rewards you generously for your invaluable contribution to the cause of justice and enlightenment.

Follow-up Quests (Optional)

Completion of "The Heretic" side quest marks a significant milestone in your journey, but it may also serve as a springboard to further adventures. Brother Malachi's gratitude and the knowledge you've gained from your investigation may unlock new avenues of exploration and additional quests that delve deeper into the heretic cult's enigmatic world.

Pay close attention to the information shared by Brother Malachi during your dialogue. His words might serve as a compass, guiding you towards new quests that unveil the secrets of the heretic cult or unearthing other captivating storylines within the expansive realm of Diablo IV. Embrace the opportunity to embark on these optional follow-up quests, for they offer further immersion, challenges, and rewards that expand the rich tapestry of your Diablo IV adventure.


Congratulations, Nephalem! With this comprehensive guide at your side, you are well-equipped to triumphantly complete "The Heretic'' side quest in Diablo IV. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure as you embark on a perilous journey through the treacherous catacombs, putting your skills and wits against challenging enemies and unravelling the enigmatic secrets woven within the heretic cult's dark tapestry.

Embrace the power of dialogue, engaging in meaningful conversations with the non-player characters you encounter. NPCs hold valuable information, lore fragments, and rewards that can deepen your understanding of the Diablo IV world. Immerse yourself in these interactions, absorbing the rich narrative tapestry that weaves the game's immersive experience together.

Now, Nephalem, armed with this guide, may your journey through "The Heretic" side quest be filled with excitement, discovery, and triumph. Embrace the challenges, relish in the victories, and let your indomitable spirit illuminate the path as you carve your legacy in the world of Diablo IV. Good luck, adventurer, and may the blessings of Sanctuary guide your way!

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